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Star Wars TK: Ahsoka IV

(This takes place at an indeterminate time during the Clone Wars.)
Star Wars TK: Mandalore Mirth


Uncover the plot. Stop the enemies. Save the Duchess. It had sounded so simple the way she had been debriefed, thought Ahsoka Tano as she crept through the forestry woodlands of the planet Mandalore. At her side was Master Luminara, the Mirialan Jedi General. She was a stern and dutiful Jedi, handy to have in a fight, but Ahsoka wouldn't exactly have described her as entertaining company. Her skill with her green lightsaber and her flexibility in combat was renowned, and Ahsoka supposed that would matter more than an entertaining disposition in the battle to come, and there would be a battle – she could feel it in her bones.

Master Luminara slunk ahead of her, occasionally gesturing with a finger for the Padawan to follow. Luminara wore her flowing black and brown Jedi robes with their ornate markings along with her signature dark headdress. She followed the traditional facial markings of her people, and accentuated this serious look with black lips and black fingernails. With her pale lime-green skin, she was almost camouflaged in these shrubby woods, making Ahsoka feel very conspicuous about her orange skin. Ahsoka wore her usual brown and black outfit - a skin-tight uniform with high boots, and her familiar brown gauntlets, so at least she was well-suited for combat.

They had been trekking for hours now, as they searched for the elusive Death Watch camp. Death Watch were a band of Mandalorian extremists, who despised the pacifistic Duchess Satine and sought to dispose of her. Needless to say, the Jedi were not about the let that happen. The Mandalorians and Jedi had fought against each other since the days of the Old Republic, and Ahsoka had heard many a tale of their prowess in battle. She was as excited to meet them in combat as she was nervous. Ahsoka was planning a few witty one-liners to use during combat when a hand gesture from Master Luminara stopped her in her tracks.

They both stopped, as they listened carefully. All Ahsoka could hear was the rustling leaves or the calls of wild beasts, but clearly Master Luminara had heard something as she suddenly made a beeline north.

After a few minutes of walking, just when Ahsoka was somewhat doubting the perceptions of Master Luminara, they came across the outskirts of a large clearing in the forest. They could see a group of Mandalorians gathered around a captured, screaming woman and laughing amongst themselves. The Jedi quickly hid themselves to avoid being seen, as they silently observe the jeering crowd of Mandalorians soldiers. Duchess Satine had mentioned sending envoys into the forests to try to negotiate with the extremists, but from the sounds of things, the negotiations for this female envoy had gone poorly. Their view was obstructed, but there was no mistaking the forced laughter that came bellowing from the envoy’s lips. It was a frantic laughter born out of sensitivity and cruelty.

There was a loud, hard voice bellowing a speech, and the Jedi paused to listen.

“The Duchess sends one of her whimpering dogs to us, desiring a ceasefire! Is it the Mandalorian way to surrender like some meek Kath-pup?” the speaker shouted, and the crowd roared like a heard of Bomba beasts.

Ahsoka scampered up a nearby tree to try to get a better look, ignoring the cautions of Master Luminara.

From her vantage spot, Ahsoka was able to see more clearly what was happening now. A horde of Mandalorian soldiers were clustered around the screeching woman in the centre who was clearly the missing envoy. The insignia on her chest made that rather clear, as well as her dignified attire, or what remained of it, anyway. The brown-haired envoy, with her hair tied back in a ponytail looked like a mess as she lay in what appeared to be a set of makeshift wooden stocks. Her arms are bound above her head, and her boots had been ripped off, and her black stockings seemed to be in tatters, showing off a great deal of bare skin. Theyalso appeared to be covered by some kind of syrupy amber substance. The cause of this shredded footwear was growling alongside her.

Positioned at the squawking envoy’s feet was a Kath hound, which licked the syrup off her feet as the helpless brown-haired envoy in the stocks howled with laughter. The Mandalorians standing around teased and taunted her, obviously enjoying the spectacle. The Kath hound was about the size of a large dog, fur-covered, only it had two toes on each of their four cloven hooves. Its tongue seemed longer and more bristly than the average dog’s tongue too, as it slurped and lapped at the ticklish meal in front of it.

“Will we surrender? No! We are not spineless cowards who are not fit for the Mandalorian name! We are the Death Watch, descendants of the true warrior faith all Mandalorians once knew.”

“What is happening to that poor woman?” Master Luminara muttered, as the woman’s shrieks of mirth grew louder still.

“Tickling,” Ahsoka answered, the word sending a shiver down her spine. She could see patches of the envoy’s bright pink soles where the syrupy substance has been licked away, and they looked like they are becoming more sensitive by the second.

“Should we fear weaklings like this?” the Mandalorian speaker said, pointing to the envoy again as the Kath hound lapped at her twitching toes. A great roar of “no!” came from the group.

“We will not abandon our heritage. Our people were warriors. Strong. Feared! Now we're ruled by the New Mandalorians who think that being a pacifist is a good thing. They've given away our honor and tradition for peace. Duchess Satine and her corrupt leadership are crushing our souls, destroying our identity. And we shall fight for what is right! And we shall show them what happens to weaklings!" the Mandalorian speaker bellowed again, as he stroked his pet.

The captive envoy continued to scream hysterically as her feet are mercilessly tickled by the Kath hound's long, moist tongue. Her wiggling feet thrash about wildly in what little space the stocks allow her, and her soles wereflushed bright red beneath the translucent syrup, but this gluttonous Kath hound was relentless and ever-hungry, so it did not stop licking them for a moment.

Ahsoka shuddered as she observed the Kath hound slowly lap away every inch of the syrupy substances from the envoy’s soles. She wondered how long the envoy must have been there; judging from the empty vials of honey on the ground, it has been a while.

“We should save her!” Ahsoka whispered harshly to Master Luminara, as she imagined being in the envoy’s position, to have her own super sensitive soles licked clean ever so slowly by that merciless tongue.

“You must be patient, Padawan… it would be too great a risk,” Luminara whispered back. Ahsoka turned away from the Jedi and watched as the Kath hound finished lapping the last drops of honey. The envoy’s solesgleamed with moisture as she panted desperately for breath. Then one of them produced a small glass vial containing more of the syrupy liquid!

"NOOOOOOOOO! PLEASE, NO MORE!" the envoy begged as she saw its contents, thrashing her feet helplessly in the stocks as the group of Mandalorians laughed sadistically amongst themselves.

The speaker poured the substance all over the envoy's glistening feet, snickering as the liquid slowly trickleddown, coating every inch of her soles and flowing in between her squirming toes.

“My Kath hound is as hungry… as hungry as I am vengeance,” the Mandalorian speaker smirked, as freshtears streaked the envoy’s face, and her whole body quivered wildly with uncontrollable laughter. Ahsoka, who had been in many a ticklish situation before, was acutely aware of what that envoy must have been going through, and decided she had seen enough. She knew what Anakin would do in her situation.

“I’m saving her,” she said stubbornly, as she unclipped her lightsaber from her belt.

“Padawan, wait!”

Ahsoka charged onto the field, lightsaber in hand. A quick force push shattered the flimsy stockade as the tortured woman kicked at the Kath hound and rolled away. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Luminara run out to meet the Mandalorians, burning blade in hand, but it wasn’t till she took a step into their camp and stepped on an electrifying stun-mine that she realized her folly.


Mirialan Jedi Master Luminara blinked, and slowly and groggily awakened from her involuntary slumber. As her blue eyes slowly adjusted to her surroundings, her first sights were far from encouraging. She found herself in what appeared to be a sparsely decorated tent, with boxes and cases scattered about intermittently. There were no windows and no furnishings except for the single chair Luminara sat in, plus a stool, and the room was clearly not designed for comfort.

The Jedi’s subsequent revelations only increased her trepidation of her situation.

Luminara’s arms were cuffed behind her back and attached to some kind of stake in the ground. Her body was tied to a stiff plastisteel chair with her nylon-clad feet elevated in front of her. With her ankles tied together, and her shoes removed and tossed to the side, Master Luminara definitely had a bad feeling about this. She tested her bonds, but they were tied securely, with the typical Mandalorian attention to detail.

There was a Mandalorian trooper in the room with her, but the second he saw Luminara stirring he swiftly exited the room. “Doubtless, off to prepare my welcoming party,” Luminara said aloud, with a cough. She closed her mouth as she realized she had just spoken – that wasn’t like her. Her mind felt so cloudy… like she was swimming in the clouds. She blinked and tried to clear her mind, as she tried to meditate, but it felt her heart was pounding too loudly in her chest for her to concentrate. She noticed the IV that was injecting a clear blue fluid into her arm. That would explain why the Jedi Master felt so… empty. Whatever it was the Mandalorians were pumping into her body, it was making her mind fuzzy and hazy, and she could hardly feel the force. Luminara closed her eyes, but every time she tried to focus herself, it all just seemed to slip away from her, like trying to remember a dream you had half-forgotten.

“Ahhh, it seems our guest has awoken. Did you enjoy your nap, Jedi?”

Master Luminara’s eyes snapped open, glaring at the Mandalorian who stood before her. It was a steely-eyed Mandalorian with flaming red hair. Her freckled face and sharp features might have been attractive in a certain light, but in her grey and blue Mandalorian armour she looked formidable and foreboding. An emblem on her armour marked her position as Lieutenant. Luminara remember her mission briefing – this had to be Bo Katan Kryze, a fanatic to the Mandalorian cause. There would be no negotiating with this one.

She took a deep breath as she tried to centre herself, hard as it was feeling so numb to her omnipresent companion, The Force.

"I want to know what you were doing here. And you shall tell me,” the Mandalorian said. It was not a question.

“I won’t tell you anything that could put lives at risk,” Luminara said indignantly. “A Jedi would rather die than give information to murderers like you.”

Bo shrugged. “You’ll change your mind. I had our resident chemist whip up something for you two Jedi.” Two Jedi? Ahsoka… Luminara did not doubt she could withstand any torture these Mandalorians could inflict on her, but the idea of young Ahsoka being tormented by these monsters…

“And she stirred up quite the stims cocktail for you two girls – Truth serum to loosen your tongues, tranquilizers to block the Force, and a whole host of other goodies,” Bo Katan said, with a wide grin.

“We’re not afraid of you. We are Jedi,” Luminara said, inhaling slowly. There was no death, there was the Force. She would not allow herself to betray the Republic, no matter what stims they pumped into her body.

“Jedi have their breaking point… and without the Force… you’re only human – or Mirialan, in your case,” Bo Katan said, as she took a seat on the stool in front of Luminara’s nylon-covered feet.

Luminara wiggled her toes nervously as she noticed the predatory look on Bo Katan’s face –the Mandalorian was staring hungrily at her soles. Her feet were well-shaped, soft but very large and a lighter-shade of yellowish green than the rest of her body. She painted her nails black, to match her fingernails as per Mirialian tradition. She had no idea why the Mandalorian was looking so intensely at her feet, or why even her boots had been removed, but she quickly got her answer.

The Jedi Master was unable to mask the shudder that went through her body as Bo Katan reached out andtraced down the sole lightly with a single gloved finger.

“Ticklish, Jedi?”

Bo Katan’s steely eyes met Luminara’s wide blue eyes, and began tickling even harder – now there was one finger on each sole. Luminara bit her lip as the giggles threatened to break from her lips – she had never imagined being so ticklish, or that she was even ticklish at all. She couldn’t remember the last time someone had touched her in such a way. It didn’t even make sense that she would be so sensitive; surely all the training she did would have desensitized her feet!

“The stims we gave you… one of them amplifies the receptiveness of skin to sensation. But I bet you can feel that, eh?”

Luminara definitely could, as her foggy mind conspired against her, her willpower rapidly eroding as the gloved hands continued their dance along her wiggling, nylon-clad soles. She caught herself grinning once or twice, but even that was shameful for the composed Jedi warrior.

It didn’t take long for cracks to appear in her vaunted Jedi discipline – the gloved fingers just kept probing, probing, probing. Luminara wiggled her long toes furiously to try to take her mind off the sensations, but it didn’t seem to do any good at all. Bo-Katan just kept adding more and more fingers and more and more fuel to the ticklish fire than was growing from embers to an inferno with worrying speed. The pyroclastic sensations came to their melting point as Bo-Katan’s gloved hands began scratching insistently at the top of the heels, right where the heel met the arch. It was like a heap of firewood had been hoisted onto a dying flame, as Luminara closed her eyes and stopped for a moment as her brain started to process the new stimulus; then a shriek, and a burst of explosive laughter erupted from her. Luminara’s voice possessed an older feminine edge which made Bo-Katan smile as she tickled the base of the arches on one foot and then the other. The composed and mature Jedi Master was now nigh-devoid of composure as she threw her head back and roared with helpless laughter. The stimulants had stoked her sensitivity, and Bo-Katan’s masterful fingers had burned away what resistance remained. Bo-Katan tickled faster, and faster, till Luminara felt like her slender soles were aflame with sensations, and then suddenly pulled away, as the Jedi Master panted like she had just been training for hours.

“I bet you’re wondering… why tickling?”

Bo-Katan stood up, rubbing her gloved hands together. She looked at the seated and bound Mirialan Jedi Master with a smile.

"It's a tradition that stretches all the way back to Mandalore the Preserver. Why even Revan and the Jedi Exile, Meetra Surik experienced it. It tests endurance, strength, and one's ability to withstand interrogation... It's an invaluable practice,” Bo-Katan nodded solemnly.


“I bet you’re wondering… why tickling?”

At the opposite end of the Mandalorian camp, in a similarly sparse and spartan hut, Ahsoka Tano lay seated in the same predicament as her Jedi companion. Ahsoka recalled the briefings – the brown-haired Mandalorian warrior who was tickling Ahsoka’s dark stocking-clad feet with a toothbrush in one hand and a feather in the other was called Sooza, Bo-Katan’s right-hand woman. Sooza’s knowledge of stims and poisons gave her a fearsome reputation, and although her grey and black Mandalorian armour looked plain and unassuming, she was one of the most dangerous members of Death Watch. Clone intelligence reports had neglected to mention her love of tickle-torture too, Ahsoka thought, grumbling as the Death Watch interrogator and chemical expert answered her own question.

“Our leaders give us fancy tales of valour and honour and tradition, but it is all nonsense,” Sooza said, dismissively, as she continued to work her pair of tools all over Ahsoka’s flapping, scrunching soles. A toothbrush was bad enough on its own, but combined with a feather, it was like having one foot dipped in scalding water while the other was dipped in freezing water. The juxtaposition of sensations made the torture all the more unbearable. The bristly, devastating circular motions of the toothbrush along the pads of Ahsoka’s tender toes, already made her want to yank her foot out of its socket, but the slithery, slick feather lapping up and down the high arch of her other foot doubled and tripled the ticklish intensity. The overflowing of sensations along Ahsoka’s smooth nylon-clad soles, combined with the stims that were making her head swim, were making the Togruta Jedi practically wet herself with laughter. “They say it’s been around for ages, and blah blah blah, and they’ve only recently ‘reclaimed this part of our heritage’ and yadda yadda yadda,” Sooza said, as she continued to work her tools in effortless tandem – now it was the brush scrubbing Ahsoka’s arches while the feather snaked around the toes. “They use tickling in the trials now because I told them to.”

Ahsoka let out an incoherent squeal, which Sooza interpreted as a response of shock and surprise.

“You doubt me, do you? Understandable…” Sooza said, as she continued her casual tone of voice, as if she and Ahsoka were enjoying a pleasant conversation at a café on Coruscant, instead of Sooza ruthlessly tormenting every inch of Ahsoka’s ticklish stocking-clad soles. “They said it was silly… till I made showed them what tickling could do… I’m the only one here who knows how to make high-quality stims, so getting my way was easy. How are the stims, by the way?” Sooza said, suddenly stopping her tickling of Ahsoka’s feet to check on the flow of stimulants. She fiddled with them for a second, then immediately hopped back to Ahsoka’s sensitive soles, sending the Togruta into a new steady stream of squeaks and squeals.

“I’ve undergone rigorous testing on these stims, so do let me know if you feel dissatisfied with them,” Sooza said, with mock sweetness. “I want super-duper ticklishness! Haha, but something tells me these tootsies were ticklish even before then,” Sooza giggled, as she continued her lethally ticklish wielding of brush and feather. “Has anyone ever told you that you have very ticklish toes?”

“Yehehehehehes!” Ahsoka said, closed her eyes as laugher burbled out of her.

“Let me tell you about my own trial… oh, what a night that was…” Sooza said wistfully, as she dusted the feather along the tops of Ahsoka’s black nylon-clad soles while tapping at the soles with the brush.


“Let me tell you about my own trial… oh, what a night that was…” Bo-Katan said fearfully, as she wiggled her fingers wildly against the arches of both of Luminara’s black stockinged feet at once.

“I still remember my own trial strongly. A hundred pull-ups while my underarms were feathered," Bo-Katan said, suddenly stopping her attack on Luminara's feet for a minute to reach for the Jedi's underarms instead, digging in haphazardly. "If my arms weren't entirely straight, the rep would not be counted. If my feet touched the floor, I'd have to start from zero. Did I mention they were tickling my bare feet at the time too?" Bo-Katan said, suddenly reaching back to tickle Luminara's feet with one hand while teasing her armpit with the other.

"It. Was. Torture. What you're getting is practically light in comparison," Bo-Katan chuckled, as she continued teasing Luminara's two ticklish spots simultaneously. “But they say the trials show a warrior’s true calling. It showed them all my ability to lead. ”

“Whahahat kind of leheheader are you! Leader of muhuhurderers!” Luminara tried to say, but her words only fanned the flames as Bo-Katan tickled her even more ferociously.

“All I want to hear from you, is what are the Republic’s plans. Talk, or laugh.”


“I still remember my own trial strongly. Five hundred sit-ups while my tummy was teased," Sooza explainedjubilantly. “Oh, what a night that was! It really was such fun.” The Mandalorian reached forward to give Ahsoka’s stomach an experimental squeeze, and was delighted by the results. “They say the trials show a warrior’s true calling. It definitely showed me mine – interrogation. I’ve been in this chair enough to know just how to make it unbearable,” Sooza said with a laugh.

“I envy you, Jedi. Getting your limits pushed like this… oh, how I would love to be in your shoes… well, you aren’t wearing shoes, but you get my meaning,” Sooza purred. Ahsoka’s bubbly laughter spouted from her again, like an overflowing fountain.

“It’s a shame you can’t tickle yourself… it’s one of my… fantasies to be tickled by a master of this elusive art. A shame the second best in Death Watch is Bo-Katan, and to be honest, she’s very amateurish. I mean, she doesn’t even remove her gloves, for Mandalore’s sake! And only ever uses her fingers… how boring. Wait, you won’t tell her I said that, will you?” Sooza said with a devilish smile, using the line as an excuse to tickle Ahsoka even harder.

“You won’t, right? Promise me you won’t!” Sooza said, with a cruel glint in her eyes as the tools in her hands flew over Ahsoka’s shaking, quivering soles.

“It really is quite hard to use two such different tools at the same time, you know. You captives are all the same – so ungrateful! I’d say scrubbing with the brush while stroking with the feather is the tickling equivalent of patting your head while rubbing your stomach! Harder than it sounds! But I bet you have no appreciation for that!”

Ahsoka wondered if this mad Mandalorian’s nonsensical ramblings were part of her interrogation strategy, but she was too sweaty and sore to think, and the stims flowing though her veins made her head swim. The relentless flood of sensations blew over her, like a tsunami, as Ahsoka’s laughed and laughed. This Sooza was probably insane, but she was damn good with those tools of hers – she had even discovered how ticklish the gaps between Ahsoka’s toes were, and the bases of those slender, agile toes. Now they were constantlyoverrun by wave after wave of ticklish attacks.

“Now fun as this is, little Jedi, my lieutenant wants to know about the Republic plans, so whenever you’re ready, let’s hear it. Or you just keep laughing that sweet, girly laugh of yours, I honestly don’t mind...”


Though her eyes were stained with tears, Luminara could see that it was nightfall from a rip in the tent. Bo-Katan and a somewhat-less-skilled subordinate had launched a barrage of ticklish attacks on her ticklish soles and body. The blazing, roaring sensations that had rampaged through her ticklish body had never had a chance to cease, and Luminara was grateful for this first true break. They had loaded her up with stims to induce sleep before departing, as they didn’t want the wily Jedi Master escaping, but Luminara was not worried.

As Luminara huffed and puffed for breath, as she felt her mind shutting down from all the stims flowing through her system, she still found the strength for a triumphant smile. She flexed the bonds around her arms and she pulled a hand free. The sweat from her desperate struggles had acted as a lubricant, and the nimble and flexible Jedi had managed to free a hand. She plucked the IV from her arm quickly, and paused, waiting for the Force to come back, pulsing through her body like a warm flame.

“Never underestimate a Jedi.”


Through the maelstrom of sensations, Ahsoka could see that the sun had fallen from a gap in the tent’s door. Sooza had stayed with her the entire day, tormenting every single one of her toes, moving up to harass her mid-section, before going back down to play with Ahsoka’s toes and feet again. Sooza skipped off, the crazy Mandalorian promising her that they would have a lot more fun tomorrow.

Although Ahsoka’s throat burned from all the forced laughter, and her eyes were heavy from her tiring day, she knew not to be disenchanted – it wasn’t over yet. Sooza, for all her chemical knowledge, had made a miscalculation. Maybe it was her age, all the energy she had expanded writhing against her bonds, her Togruta biology, or her midi-chlorian count, but the stims Sooza had injected had lost their bite hours ago. She was far from one hundred percent, but the Force wasn’t blocked off from her entirely. Ahsoka closed her eyes, focused and flicked her fingers – the tube injecting the Force-stopping Stims popped out, and clattered to the floor. Ahsoka smiled. Now she just had to wait for the stims to clear her system.

“Never underestimate a Jedi.”

It was later that evening, when a Mandalorian trooper came to check on the captive Jedi, that Luminara sprang her escape plan. The shrewd Jedi Master closed her eyes and feigned sleep till the trooper walked closer, and then suddenly stood up. She had disposed of the binds trapping her to that accursed chair long ago.

“You will tell me where the other Jedi is,” Luminara said, waving her hand. The mind trick was an invaluable weapon in any Jedi’s arsenal. With any luck, if this Mandalorian hadn’t undergone mental training, he would agree to whatever was being said to them without being able to think for himself. As a Jedi Guardian, Master Luminara had always been more potent in combat-oriented abilities, but she expected she should be able to dominate the mind of some random grunt.

“I will…” the Mandalorian mumbled softly, as if choking, and then suddenly shouted. “Not!” He reached for his communicator. “The Jedi is loose at prison A, repeat, the Jedi is-” The reminder of the Mandalorian’s sentence was muffled by the sound of a heavy, Force-guided, plastisteel container smashing him in the face.

“So we do this the hard way,” Luminara muttered as she pulled a stun-baton from the trooper's belt - much better than those clunky blasters.

The trooper's back-up arrived distressingly quickly, with the typical Mandalorian efficiency that made them so difficult to dispatch. She ducked as a swarm of darts ripped into the wall of the tent behind her. The group of Mandalorians might have been able to keep her pinned down if not for a sudden explosion that tore a wide hole in the tent wall.

Of all people, it was Ahsoka, a pair of blazing lightsabers in hand. She tossed one to Luminara as she force-deflected a series of Darts intended to incapacitate her.

Lightsabers flashing, the two Jedi quickly carved a path outside the camp of horrors, dodging a hail of dart blasters from concealed and hovering Mandalorian snipers. It hurt her pride, but Luminara knew it was a fight they might not win, and she urged the headstrong padawan to retreat, who glared at her angrily yet relented.

"Calm yourself, Padawan... they will get their comeuppance," Luminara said sagely. "Be patient..."

Star Wars TK: Ticklish Investigations

(This takes place at an indeterminate time during the Clone Wars.)


It was a quiet day at the Jedi Temple, and Ahsoka Tano was meditating in the Room of a Thousand Fountains when the clacking of high-heeled shoes drew her attention. No Jedi would be wearing shoes like that. She focused, and peering through the Force, she sensed a familiar presence.

“Senator! What brings you to the Jedi Temple today?”

“You know, it always creeps me out how you Jedi can do that,” Padme Amidala said, with a friendly smile as she entered the room, briefcase in hand.

“Good to see you too,” Ahsoka smiled, opening her eyes at the amiable face of the Senator from Naboo. “You looking for Anakin?”

The close friendship between Anakin and Padme had always seemed a bit fishy to Ahsoka, but she knew Anakin never liked it when she asked about it, so she kept her mouth shut.

“Not today. I’m actually looking for you,” Padme said, her lips pursing into a grim line. “I need your help. And Anakin doesn’t need to know.”

“What’s going on?”

Padme sighed, and popped open her briefcase and handed Ahsoka a datapad.“I’ve received news from an anonymous source that stolen Republic supplies are being held in a warehouse in a slum district. I want us to go check it out.” Padme looked down at the report with disgust. It felt like just the other week they had made a breakthrough by capturing the leader of black-market smugglers, but it seemed like already another gang had filled the void. Stealing donated supplies that were intended to go to the poorest of families in the Outer Rim was dishonourable beyond words.

“Us? Shouldn’t we let Anakin help?”

Padme’s hands curled into fists. “The stolen Republic supplies… it was funds that were supposed to go to outer rim charities. I fund-raised for them. It’s my responsibility to know what kind of monsters would take money meant for starving children.”

Ahsoka sighed. It was no surprised Anakin and Padme were so close – they were stubborn as a rancor. She knew that there would be no changing the Senator’s mind. If Ahsoka declined, there was always a chance Padme would just do this herself, which would only be even more risky. “I’ll help you… you have a plan, right?”

Padme nodded, an enthusiastic smile on her face. “Oh, they won’t know what hit them!”


It had started off so smoothly.

Ahsoka and Padme had met at the shady bar in downtown Coruscant, and they had discussed their plans. Ahsoka wore her wine-red infiltration suit, a skin-tight uniform with high boots and gloves with a white utility belt that was well-suited for combat. Padme’s attire was a fair deal less formal than the attire she tended to don as Queen of Naboo or as a senator. She wore her chestnut brown hair back in a ponytail, which matched the gritty style of the rest of the outfit – dark brown leather boots, light brown slacks with a holstered pistol at her hip, and a turtleneck under a red vest completed her look nicely. If no one looked at her too closely, she could definitely pass as a somewhat inordinately well-dressed bounty hunter. The two of them sat in the corner of the crowded bar, trying to ignore the tone-deaf Bith musicians as they sipped their drinks. Padme had not chosen The Pirata Trio purely for its service and ambience, as it was also where their mark was due to arrive. 

“Here we go, that’s the one,” Padme said, gesturing with her thumb as she looked away so it wasn’t so obvious.

“The man with the long hair and the hat?”

“The woman,” Padme whispered.

Ahsoka stared at the woman who had just walked in. She was pretty, her comely, exotic features clashing with her ragged brown mercenary armour. She had lustrous shoulder-length dark hair and dark red lipstick that would not look out of place on a Coruscant model, which was why the juxtaposition with the grim, dirt-brown and blood-red plate armour was all the more striking. It gave her a menacing, yet graceful air, like the type of natural-born killer who would murder you in the prettiest way possible. She had bad news written all over her.

“Who is she?”

“Intelligence says she goes by the name ‘Sulee’. She’s the head of a gang of smugglers. She has some silly nickname too, but I can’t quite remember what it is.”

“Sulee the silly?” Ahsoka offered.

Padme gave her a quick smile. “Possibly. But the plan is we follow her after she leaves, and see where she leads us.”

Ahsoka nodded. It was a simple enough plan, and simple plans for generally the safest.

Soon enough, Sulee and her associates finished their drinks and exited the bar. Ahsoka and Padme followed close behind, elbowing and barging their way through the overpopulated Coruscant streets as they tried to keep Sulee within sight.

“You really should pass a law in the Senate about overcrowding,” Ahsoka grumbled, as a Trandoshan almost bowled her over with his shoulder.

“You think I haven’t tried?” Padme said, as she glared back at a male Twilek who had ‘accidentally’ touched her butt when he jostled her.  

“Quick, we’re losing her!” Ahsoka said, as the dimunitive Togruta hopped up and saw their quarry ducking into a less-crowded side alley.

The two heroines waded their way through the crowd as quickly as they could, but it was still minutes before they arrived at the dark, dank alleyway. They slowly walked down the alleyway. Ahsoka had her lightsaber unlit, but in her hand. Padme had her blaster drawn.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” Ahsoka said, as she looked up and own. It was quiet. Too quiet.

“You should have a bad feeling about this,” a female voice said, as Ahsoka felt a prick in her neck as trio of tranquilizer darts hit in her neck and back.


“You know, it’s been a while since we last had guests, eh, boys?” Sulee said, inciting jeers and chuckles from her troops. Padme was handcuffed and unarmed, as she slumped on the floor in some remote warehouse that looked like the gang’s base of operations.

“Let me go right now! Do you know who I am?” Padme said, straightening up and trying to sound authoritative. She tried to give Sulee her best steely senate stare.

“I watch the holonets,” Sulee said, looking Padme right in the eyes unflinchingly.” Apologies if you feel like you aren’t given the proper respect, Senator, but my boys are  a bit rough around the edges!” she said, incurring more laughter and snickers from her gang. “And it looks like your Jedi pal won’t be able to save you! We have an understanding with some of the local authorities around here, and they were nice enough to loan us a Neural Disruptor. Ain’t that kind of ‘em?”

That can’t be! Ahsoka wouldn’t get caught... Padme thought, her heart pounding in her chest. Neural Disruptors were devices which had the ability to temporarily sever a Jedi’s connection to the Force, so if what this smuggler said was true…

“Anyway, Senator, I know you’re a busy lil’ lady and so am I, so I’ll cut to the chase,” Sulee said, waving a hand at her subordinates, and Padme felt a nervous pang in her chest as her fears were confirmed as a pair of grubby-looking gang members wheeled in Ahsoka. The young Togruta was defiant the whole way, but with her the disruptive collar around her neck and her wrists bound behind her back, there wasn’t much she could do. “We know the Jedi and Senate work together, and you put one of my neighbours out of business. Don’t get me wrong, she was a scheming vixen, and I’m happy to see her rot in jail, but I’ll be quite happy to take her merchandise off your hands.”

“Go to hell,” Padme spat.

“I have no doubt I’ll be going there at some point, but that’s beside the point,” Sulee smirked, flicking a lock of dark hair out of her face, as her crew snickered sycophantically. “I’ve read about you in the Holo-nets, Senator. It’s only because I respect you that my boys aren’t ripping out your fingernails,” Sulee said, her voice turning deadly serious. “Don’t mistake me for meanin’ you’ll be getting off easy, though. Strap ‘em in!”

Both of them were swiftly bound on a pair of large plasteel tables. They were tied eagle spread into shackles that were built into the tables – Sulee had evidently done this sort of thing before. Padme was expecting the worse as she felt coarse hands roughly pull off her thick combat vest and her high leather boots. The tables were slightly elevated, at around a 45 degree angle, so Padme had full view of her situation as Ahsoka was strapped opposite her . The tables had been placed opposite each other for some reason, as Sulee stood in the middle rubbing her gloved hands together.

“Boys, you know what to do,” Sulee said, spreading her arms wide. Let’s warm them up, shall we?”

Padme wasn’t quite sure what this meant, but as she felt half a dozen smirking smugglers make their way to her, wiggling their fingers. It soon came to her. The rumours she had heard about the new gang leader… They called her The Tickler.

The world exploded with ticklish sensations as fingers flew over Padme’s exposed and trapped body. The way she had been bound was making an unsettling amount of sense. With her limbs spread out like this, it was easier for her six tormentors to leisurely harass her in six different spots as they would not need to be closely bunched together. With her arms taut, and her body strapped snugly to the frame, Padme’s feeble attempts to twist and wiggle free would do little to half their ticklish onslaught.

The smugglers were clearly veterans at this, and Padme shuddered to wonder how many poor damsels in distress had found themselves strapped in this frame.

Two of them, a pair of humans with buzzcuts, were exploiting Padme’s exposed underarms, ten fingers spider-tickling in each one, sometimes teasing the edges before burying back into the centre. The thin material of Padme’s top provided a little resistance, but their strong hands and short fingernails still made their presence vividly felt.

Two more were occupying Padme’s torso. A bearded human with an eyepatch was squeezing all over Padme’s ribs, with an occasional incidental but not accidentally caressing of her breasts. The other smuggler, a green-skinned Twilek, had rolled up Padme’s shirt to allow easier access to her milky-white skin stomach, which he squeezed and tormented happily; smiling as he lustfully admired the sight of Padme’s abs.

The torso tickling made Padme the most indignant, but the foot tickling was by far the worse. Padme had worn tan stockings under her boots, and she swore they intensified the ticklish sensations.  They were tickling a sole each, and she could feel their short stubby fingernails as they scampered all over Padme’s nylon-clad soles quickly as if they were trying to cover the entire foot at once. It wasn’t the most precise approach, but combined with all the sensations from her upper body they were doing a tremendous job of overwhelming her with these mind-numbing ticklish sensations. Equally worse were all the snide comments and whispers she could hear from the men as they snickered at her vulnerability. Their taunts were almost worse than the torment itself.

Padme squeezed her eyes shut, feeling tears begin to form in her eyes as girlish laughter spilled from her lips uncontrollably. She had never imagined being this ticklish, nor that tickling could be this unbearable. She knew she was ticklish, of course, as Anakin sometimes liked to tickle her during their amorous moments, but she had never contemplated being in a situation like this.

Over the din of her own squeals and squeaks as the smugglers discovered more of her sweet spots, Padme could hear the howl of another person’s laughter. Surely that high-pitched laughter couldn’t be coming from Ahsoka! Padme opened her eyes, and to her surprise, Ahsoka seemed to be equally ticklish if not more so. Ahsoka was writhing about energetically against the plasteel table, but the shackles held firm as she swung her head back and forth. She had half a dozen of the smuggler’s gang-tickling her as well, and she also seemed to be regretting her decision to wear a pair of black nylons as Padme’s noticed her feet flapping and wiggling desperately, their toes constantly splaying open and closed, as the smugglers teased them with their rough touches.

"Okay, boys," Sulee said, clapping her gloved hands together. "I think ya'll have tortured them enough."

For a brief fleeting moment, Padme thought her torment might be at an end, but Sulee’s next words destroyed the new hope that had just formed in her heart.

"Let me show you how it’s done," Sulee grinned. "Ya'll stand back and watch a real tickle master."

Sulee made a great show of slowly pulling her gloves off, cracking her knuckles and strolling to Padme’s nylon-clad feet, which had already been reddened and sensitized by the earlier attacks. She had long, manicured, black-painted fingernails.

The room was silent, aside from muttered curses from Ahsoka as they all watched Sulee walk towards Padme, the clacking of her high-heeled boots echoing across the room. 

She stared Padme right in the eyes, and Padme could read the mischievous malice in her striking brown eyes. “Cootchie cootchie coo, Senator.”

Padme’s breath caught in her throat for a minute, as she felt those fingernails hit the smooth, soft soles of her feet, and she was dismayed to discover that Sulee had not been bluffing. She was an expert tickler.

Unlike her keen-but-unskilled assistants, Sulee was intimately aware of how brute speed and force would not necessarily translate to efficacy, as she launched a varying attack that seemed to make Padme’s feet more and more ticklish by the minute. It was clear she had been watching her comrade carefully, as she was zoomed in on all the unbearable spots that Padme had hoped would go undiscovered. Padme’s high, hypersensitive arches bore the brunt of the initial wave of tickling, as Sulee began meticulously mapping the exquisite pair of feet for ticklish hot spots. The deep arches were an obvious spot, and even the two smugglers had noticed how ticklish Padme was there, but it was distressing how quickly Sulee probed and confirmed that the fleshy ball of the foot was another bad spot. It didn’t take long for her to discover how sensitive the tips of Padme’s toes were too, which was a spot Padme thought she had been able to hide as she had always tried to pull her feet away when the hands had gone near there, but it seemed Sulee had noticed even that.

The tickling grew worse and worse, as Padme’s laughter grew more and more frantic as the relentless stroking of red nails on the bottoms of her feet continued. This felt worse than being gang-tickled, Padme realized, as tears of ticklish mirth began to form in the corners of her eyes as she laughed and laughed. The silence in the room as Sulee worked was unnerving, as for five minutes all Padme heard was the sound of her own laughter, which soon she was barely recognizing as her own as it got more high-pitched and ragged as Padme’s soles received more and more ticklish abuse.

Just when Padme thought it might be over, Sulee dug into her mid-section, putting those long nails to work, poking her ribs, squeezing her sides, and darting to her armpits.  Padme was finding it difficult to breathe, for she was laughing so hard. She was dimly aware of Ahsoka shouting at Sulee to stop, but she could barely hear it over her own giggles as sweat clumped on her brow and all over her tired body.

After another eternity, Sulee stopped. “Do you want to talk now?” she said, in a cold whisper that carried across the room.

Padme felt herself whimpering despite herself, and shook her head. Sulee gave a booming laugh, and gave Padme’s side one last squeeze, making her jolt. “I’ll let you think it over while I entertain your friend.”

Sulee slowly made her way to Ahsoka, and Padme experienced an intense feeling of powerlessness as she saw Ahsoka experience the cruel fingernails that had been tickling Padme’s so intensely. Ahsoka’s ticklish feet were subjected to Sulee’s terrible touch, and Padme saw the strong-willed Jedi turn into a giggling wreck as her slender ticklish soles were tormented by an expert’s tantalizing touch. The Togruta wiggled her feet and scrunched her toes in an attempt to hinder her tormentress, but Sulee followed them with laser-like precision and never lost contact as Ahsoka’s laughter grew louder and wilder. Ahsoka’s slender arches seemed as bad as Padme’s, and those orange toes seemed even worse, as Sulee repeated lodged her nails in between Ahsoka’s toes to drive her mad with laughter.

Padme found herself looking away as Sulee tickled and tickled, wondering if this was how Ahsoka felt as she watched Padme suffer under Sulee’s hands. She had to do something… but what could she do? She realized perhaps Sulee had set the table like this on purpose, so she would be forced to watch the torment of her friend and be utterly helpless to stop it… unless she told her what she wanted to know.

But she would just be putting so many more lives in danger! Padme thought, as she watched Sulee move up to Ahsoka’s torso, and Ahsoka’s stomach spasmed like a Twilek belly dancer as Sulee spidered her manicured nails all over the taut, muscular stomach.

She was so lost in thought that she only just realized Sulee had stopped. “Who is going to tell me what I want to know,” she said, in an authoritative voice that sent shivers down Padme’s spine.

After neither of them responded, Sulee laughed. “We welcome a challenge, don’t we, boys? Now here’s the thing… I know of your exploits, Senator, and I know that the Jedi ain’t no slouches in the discipline department. So you’re not going to get tickled, oh no, you’re going to watch your friend get tickled.”

“Let’s start with you, Senator. I wonder if your Jedi pal is gonna save you,” Sulee said, as she gestured to her men. Padme was alarmed as they squirted an adhesive material over her mouth, effectively gagging her. They slipped a blindfold over Padme’s eyes next, and the last thing she saw was Ahsoka biting her lip, her face clearly conflicted

“It’s the Jedi rules or somethin’ to help an innocent in need, ain’t it?” Sulee said, her voice loud “Or are you just gonna watch your friend suffer?”

And suffer Padme did, as she was assaulted by seven pairs of hands, including the expert hands of Sulee. The inability to see attacks coming or even voice her laughter made it even worse. She pulled at her bonds with desperate energy, but she was too firmly tied to move much. She could feel all the hands. The two at the stockinged feet, going right at the spots Sulee had shown to be oh so ticklish, two at the midsection, scrabbling their fingers all over her ribs and sides, and two digging right into her armpits. Sulee was at Padme’s neck, grazing everywhere from the ears to the collarbones. Padme could smell Sulee’s musky perfume, and she could definitely feel her distinctive sharp fingernails. The gang members also snuck in a few gropes whenever their leader didn’t seem to be looking, and Padme constantly felt a disproportionate amount of hands trying to tickle her butt or ‘accidentally’ grazing her breasts while they were tickling her armpits or ribs, though it was hard to find the energy to be indigant when you were being tickled silly.

Then Sulee began to speak and taunt her, which was the worst of all.

“Awww, poor you, poor ticklish Senator. I bet you wish your friend would save you. She could save you, if she wanted to, but it looks like she don’t care. She’s happy to sit back and enjoy the show as we tickle, tickle, tickle. She must be enjoying watching you get tickled, she’s not saying anything. What’s that you’re grunting? I can’t hear you! Tickle her harder, boys! She’s trying to tell us something! Maybe she’s asking her friend to talk to us!”

Padme was lost in a haze of ticklish sensations. Ahsoka was shouting something again, but Padme could barely hear anything over the sound of her pounding heart and frantic laughter. The taunts and mocking comments came from the boys tickling her; so many that Padme couldn’t have kept them all straight even if she could pay attention. She was acutely aware of Sulee and her fiendish fingernails as they flitted from spot to spot. It seemed like wherever they touched she just magically grew in ticklishness, as Sulee worked her way from Padme’s collarbones, spending some time in the armpits, playing with the bellybutton for a while, tweaking Padme’s knees, and then going right at her soles furiously again.

“Hey Jedi, do you mind if we all tickle your friend’s pretty feet?” Sulee said, as Padme whined into her gag as she felt the tickling stop momentarily as footsteps clustered around her soles. She felt them bend her toes back, stretching the soles out.

Ahsoka said something with a lot of emotion, but Padme wasn’t quite able to make out what she said, as her head was still spinning. She knew the result of Ahsoka’s words though, as she felt the full force of the gang tickling strike her helpless, hyperticklish feet.

“Cootchie, cootchie coo, Senator! Who’s got ticklish tootsies, is it you?” Sulee teased. Despite all the fingers crawling over her feet at the moment, Padme was still painfully aware of Sulee’s ferocious touch – she could feel them as they spidered the balls of her feet in just the way she couldn’t stand it. It was all too much, Padme thought, continuing to roar indignant laughter into her gag, as the innumerable fingers continued to rove over every inch of her soles in unpredictable patterns.

Then just as quickly as the tempest of sensations had begun, Padme heard the sound of a loud clap, and the storm of tickling fingers dissipated, leaving her sweaty and panting as she desperately tried to catch her breath whilst only breathing through her nose.  Sulee reached over and stroked Padme’s face lightly with her long fingernails.

"Don't worry," she said. "We'll be back.  We won’t leave you alone too long."

She felt the blindfold and her makeshift gag being cleared away, and Padme panted, grateful she could finally exhale properly. Padme huffed and puffed, dreading that moment already. She wasn't sure she could survive another attack like that. She slowly blinked her eyes and saw the horror and worry plastered on Ahsoka’s face opposite her, still strapped to her table.

“You know, your friend begged, and begged,” Sulee said, as she examined Padme’s blindfold which was stained with tears and smudged eyeliner. “She wanted to desperately to save you, but she swore she didn’t know anything.” Sulee handed the blindfold to one of her goons, and he went over to Ahsoka and slipped it on. The Togruta tried to bit him, but soon they had her blinded and gagged just the way Padme had been, moments before.

“She’s a good friend… are you going to let her suffer the way you did?” Sulee said, turning her back to Padme and slowly walking to the bound Jedi, flexing and wiggling her talon-like fingernails.

Padme realized that being tickle tortured had been unbearable, but the real horrific side was being forced to watch as your friend received tickling punishment in your place, and being utterly powerless to stop it.

It was a horrible spectacle to observe, as Sulee and her villainous scum ruthlessly gang tickled the poor young Jedi. Sulee would call out her taunts loudly, just for Padme to hear. Padme was transfixed at the sight of her poor, ticklish friend. She just couldn’t look away, the same way you couldn’t look away from a landspeeder crash. And Ahsoka was so ticklish – it really didn’t look like she was able to stand it at all. The blindfold made her even more vulnerable, as the six grunts and Sulee worked all over Ahsoka’s sensitive body. She shrieked and howled into the gag, and pulled vigorously on the nefarious bondage, but there was no escape. Sulee was right at her collarbones and neck, taunting and mocking her the way she had done to Padme, but now the senator realized the words were not for Ahsoka, but for her. A pair of Trandoshans were squeezing and kneading Ahsoka’s sides and ribs. Another was squeezing her knee caps, and the remainder were focusing the assault on Ahsoka’s wiggling, black-nylon clad soles. They had identified Ahsoka’s toes as being a particularly soft spot for her, so they firmly held them back and manually spread her toes, so there would be no hiding her ticklishness there.

Padme couldn’t bear to watch, as every ticklish nook and cranny along Ahsoka’s ticklish toes were meticulously tormented by cruel fingers.

“Stop, stop, stop! I’ll talk! Just leave her alone!” Padme cried.

“Hear that, Jedi? Maybe your friend wants to free you. Or maybe she’s just getting all our hopes up,” Sulee said sinisterly, continuing to tickle under Ahsoka’s chin and along her ears. “I’m waiting, Senator. Your friend is waiting too.”

Padme was ashamed to say she gave them everything they wanted. Or at least that was what she appeared to do. She diverted funds from her accounts, and played the part of the submissive female. Many a senate foe had fallen for this ruse, and it seemed even Sulee was gullible enough to believe she had won. The InterGalactic Bank Clan and many other holonet banking systems did not have this, but Padme had taken the liberty of adding a distress code to her account – all she had to do was input a different password (the account would still transfer the credits) and a coded distress call would be sent to a destination of her choosing.

Sulee nodded as she confirmed the transfer of funds with her technical supervisor. “Good. We’ll drop you gals off after we’ve gone off-world. Pleasure doing business with you, Senator.”

Oh, the pleasure will be all mine… Padme thought, as she bowed her and continued to feign humility.


Sure enough, in less than one standard hour, Anakin Skywalker and a squadron of Clone Troopers had struck the facility with the force an atomic blast.

As Padme watched a swearing, snarling Sulee get hauled off by a pair of Clone Troopers, Padme pondered making a request to the senate to invoke special disciplinary laws. She had just the ‘rehabilitation’ method in mind. She imagined Sulee, stripped off her grubby armour, and strapped in just the way Padme had been… The proud, headstrong smuggler reduced to a mewling kitten as Padme discovered each and every one of her spots… the thought brought a smile to her face.                                                   

She should mention it to Ahsoka. Something told her she would like the idea.

Star Wars TK: Lessons in Laughter

(This takes place during the episode “The Academy” during the Clone Wars.)


The Royal Academy of Government was a New Mandalorian leadership academy that was located in the New Mandalorian capital city of Sundari on the planet Mandalore. It was where the young leaders of tomorrow were single-mindedly focused on improving themselves so they could best serve their government. At least that was what they said in the commercials.

In truth, the young adults who made up the student population of the Royal Academy of Government were just like youngsters everywhere. Some were motivated, some were less so. Some were serious, some were less so. Soniee and Lagos were two students who at this particular moment, as Jedi representative Ahsoka Tano entered the lecture hall, in full Jedi raiment, were not feeling especially inclined to focus on academic pursuits.

“Ahsoka Tano… she seems awfully serious, doesn’t she?” Lagos said, playing with her blonde ponytail as she watched the Togruta pontificate passionately on the stage.

“She’s a Jedi – what do you expect?” her friend Soniee replied, as she half-listened to Ahsoka’s lecture, playing with her datapad on her lap.

“I mean, she’s talking about tradition, and integrity, and holding onto your ideals…” Lagos said, selectively pulling out words from Ahsoka’s speech. “That’s a sign, isn’t it? Remember our little tradition here at the academy? How we greet all our new tutors?”

“She’s a Jedi. I’d rather not have my head cut off with a lightsaber, thank you,” Soniee said dryly.

“She handed in her lightsaber, remember? No weapons!” Lagos insisted, her blue eyes sparklingly with enthusiasm.  

Soniee tapped her chin for a moment, as she pondered her friend’s offer. She stealthily turned on her personal display visor, and set the scanner to detect the density of nerve clusters. Soniee had always been a tinkerer, and she loved inventing her own algorithms and finding new functionality out of her devices. This particular display visor had been installed with software that allowed its user to detect where nerves were most clumped together… also known as sensitivity. Soniee fixed her eyes on Ahsoka, still orating on stage, and was delighted to see a stream of sensitivity hot-spots being recognized on her visor. The visor recognized hot-spots by high-lighting them in red, moderate spots in yellow, and unreceptive spots in blue, and Soniee was surprised by how much red there was on this ‘dignified Jedi representative’. The underarms were definitely going to be a fun spot to play with. The sides and ribs were yellow, but the redness of the navel made up for it.

“What have we got? Are her feet any fun?” Lagos whispered. Soniee mentally rolled her eyes – Lagos always had a fixation on feet. Many a sleepover with her that had started amiably with pedicures (Soniee invariably chose more conservative colours, like red and white, while Lagos always chose bolder ones, like emerald-green and gold) but ended in desperate tickle fights.

“Hold on…” Soniee hissed, as she waited to get a clear shot; the thick Jedi boots Ahsoka wore were preventing her from getting an accurate reading.

 After waiting patiently, the opportunity came, as Ahsoka sat down in her seat at the front of the class and crossed her legs. It was a little thing, as her shoe came loose and slipped off her foot. It only lasted a brief second as Ahsoka quickly slipped her nylon-clad foot back into the shoe, but Soniee’s sensors were afforded an invaluable, unobstructed view of her new tutor’s sole. 

The visor hummed as it quickly analyzed the data. There was a wide grin on Soniee’s face, as she saw the entire foot light up like a shimmering Sundari sunset. Almost the entire sole blazed like a ruby, with white-red nodes that glowed brightest around the base of the toes and in between them. The crimson lines that trailed all over the arches, especially the white fault lines along the centre of the arch were breathtaking too. Soniee would never have imagined a Jedi would have such ticklish feet, or indeed, that a Jedi could even be ticklish. She passed the visor over to Lagos and saw her friend’s jaw drop.

“We have to get her. It’s practically a civic duty!” Lagos exclaimed.

“We do. But we need to discuss this first. Meet you in the engineering labs after class…”


The long-standing tradition at The Royal Academy of Government, was of course, a thorough tickling of any new tutors by their students. Mandalorian culture dictates that strength and dedication were the most important traits for any warrior to have, and legend has it, the noble tradition of testing the perseverance of new additions via ordeal by tickle-torment was instigated by Mandalore the Preserver himself. Of course, Soniee was doubtful that it hadn’t been a handful of tickle-loving students who had simply invented the story and perhaps the entire legend was a mere fable, but she was happy to go along with it.

The various devices around the Engineering hall had gotten a lot of mileage out of the years, as the turnover was high in such a prestigious faculty. Usually, there were up to a dozen eager volunteers willing to participate in the trial, depending on the attractiveness of the new tutor. Soniee fondly remembered a comely, purple-skinned Zeltron tutor, with deep crimson skin and dark blue hair, which had summoned a crowd of almost thirty students.

The best part was, she had been quite enthusiastic to the idea, though perhaps she may have misunderstood what they meant by “making her laugh”. The Zeltrons were famed for their gullibility, after all. They had really given her a proper Mandalorian welcome, strapping her eagle-spread to an examination table and gang-tickling her for a full night.

There wasn’t a spot on her svelte, flexible body that was not astonishingly ticklish, and they had all had an absolute ball playing with her throughout the night. Soniee fondly remembered having a foot to herself, which was one of the perks of being the one to design the bondage table (the others fought over the remaining ticklish spots, and neck, armpits, ribs, sides, stomach, thighs, knees and feet saw little rest over the entire evening). She could still remember watching the red-skinned foot with its painted blue toes, painted the same bold blue as her hair, splay and curl agilely as they fought frantically to escape Soniee’s tickling touch. She had been so much fun to play with, as they teased her entire body with feathers, brushes, and a whole host of other devious devices.

They had even convinced her that she would have to do it again once a month – Zeltrons really would buy anything!

Soniee was sorry to say that the poor Zeltron tutor had resigned after half a year, due to her students constantly tickling her in class. Soniee remembered a particular memorable lesson on anatomy where a handful of males decided to demonstrate the Babinski reflex on their lovely tutor’s soles repeatedly, to the amusement and merriment of the rest of the class.

“Thinking about all the good times we had in this room?” Lagos asked, recognizing the nostalgic look in Soniee’s green eyes.

“Yeah. Remember the Zeltron tutor we had a few years back?”

“Oh yeah. Super-ticklish feet. Good times,” Lagos nodded, with a chuckle.

“Is that all you remember?” Soniee said, with a laugh. “Where’s the rest of the guys?”

“I think they’ve chickened out. Jedi are scary, remember?”

“More for us, then.”

“That’s the spirit, though I’m calling dibs on the tootsies. Did you see those black nylons she was wearing today?”

“Oh, Lagos. I’m trying to think about how we’re going to get her in the first place.”

“Tickle her so much she can’t focus? If her feet are as ticklish as your sensors say…” Lagos said, wiggling her fingers enthusiastically. “Oooh, we could use the phony exercise machine! Remember that time we got that arrogant fitness tutor into that?”

Soniee smiled at the memory. The fitness instructor had been a tough-nosed Chiss woman, with the fierce red eyes and blue-skin of her people. She evidently took a lot of pride in her toned physique, and as such, it was easy to goad her into a ‘demonstration’ of her physical prowess on a press-up bench that had been subtly altered by Soniee’s own hand. Instead of honing the muscles around the shoulders and arms, this bench would hone its user’s abs – namely by having them laugh hysterically. The headstrong instructor quickly lay down on the bench, oblivious to the impending danger, and as soon as she lifted her hands to push the bar, metal clamps sprang from the framework to snare her ankles and wrists. The scariest of the instructor had summoned a smaller crowd, but a few hours into the tickling, Soniee, Lagos, and two other students had turned the snarling Chiss into a blubbering housecat. Lagos had taken a special delight in stripping off the tutor’s sports shoes and tickling those blue soles with her sharp nails till they were nice and red, while Soniee had enjoyed taunting and teasing the muscular instructor at her impotence. The look of despair in the Chiss’s red eyes was worth a million creds as she realized despite her muscles and strength, she would not be able to pull down her arms to ward off Soniee’s fingernails from creeping into her armpits.   

Soniee sighed, as she knew such a machine would not work on a Jedi like Ahsoka Tano. “It wouldn’t work, Lagos. Jedi.”

“Killjoy,” Lagos said, sticking out her tongue. “What about those robo-stocks? Remember Miss High-and-mighty from last year?”

Soniee should have guessed Lagos would have brought up those stocks. Miss High-and-Mighty was a derogative nickname the class had given to a Tholothian tutor who was nigh-universally despised because of her condescending attitude. The Tholothian woman was breathtakingly beautiful with her dark skin and indigo eyes, seemingly ageless, and always immaculately dressed, but her fashion sense was interpreted as vanity by the many female students of the class (Soniee privately wondered how big a factor jealousy was in the equation). And the girls had delighted in taking her down a peg. They had tricked her into the robo-stocks chair, on the pretence of it being some kind of massage table, but as soon as she settled in, little robotic claws pulled back each of her brown toes as larger claws pulled her arms behind her head.

At that point, the vengeful women of the class tore into her ticklish body with a righteous fury that can only be seen when women are tickling other women. The gang-tickling had been merciless, with several of the girls even high-fiving when they successfully tickled the haughty instructor to tears. The tutor had always worn expensive designer high-heels and synthetic nylons of the highest quality, so the female students (especially Lagos) took a special delight in stroking and teasing the soft tootsies which clearly received regular pedicures. Soniee had even been devious enough to install some automated ticklers so their haggard instructor would not get a moment of peace while the girls went to bed. The way the tutor begged as Soniee calibrated four small mechanical arms tipped with narrow, drill-like plastic points probed all over her immobile soles had been a beautiful sight to behold. It was only narrowly overshone by the way she swore and shouted after Soniee finished setting the automated ticklers in place: The first one was slotted into place under the ball of her foot, the second one set just above the heel, the third just below her big toe on the opposite foot and then the fourth zeroed in around the very centre.

As Soniee finished putting them all in place and turning them on, she was pleased to see that although the stroking area was limited, it still seemed extremely effective as the instructor turned into a howling wreck.

Sadly, it had the same problems as the first.

“She’s a Jedi. It just wouldn’t work,” Soniee said, shaking her head.

“Kill. Joy. So what do you propose then?” Lagos asked, crossing her arms.

“I don’t know… don’t we have Ysalamiri down by the wildlife preserve?”

“Those force-repelling lizards? I’ve always thought the idea that they can somehow block the force was a myth. They’re just lizards… how would they even know how to do such a thing?”

“When you put it that way, maybe we should put more faith in good ol’ machines,” Soniee said, rubbing her hands together. “I’ll look into some force cage designs and see what I can do.”


“Wow, thanks for coming! You got our holonet message?” A pair of grinning students said as they greeted Ahsoka outside the engineering labs. “I’m Lagos by the way,” said the blonde with the brilliant blue eyes. “And this is Soniee,” she gestured to the green-eyed brunette.  

“The Jedi council always appreciates a bit of mingling with the locals. When you mentioned this traditional ritual, I just had to come along and check it out,” Ahsoka said, with a friendly smile. The message she had received had been rather vague, and initially the Togruta had been wary, but now that she was here and face-to-face with these two girls, she felt reassured. She sensed playfulness, mixed with a bit of nervousness as if they had something planned, but Ahsoka sensed these two were trustworthy and would not attempt to do her serious harm.

“We were really curious about how a Jedi would fare against one of the most ancient Mandalorian traditions – the ordeal,” Lagos gushed, as she clapped her hands together excitedly.

“Well, the Jedi always like to be a part of the communities they join,” Ahsoka said, hoping the students wouldn’t notice she wasn’t quite sure what an ordeal was. Was it like a deal?

Ahsoka followed the students who lead her into a lit room, where she was greeted by a mechanized stockade waiting for her. There were tools laid out on trays alongside it – there was a toothbrush, paintbrushes, q-tips, yarn, massage vibrators, and all kinds of stuff.  Ahsoka still didn't put the pieces together until she saw the feathers, long firm ones and short fluffy ones.

“Such a distinguished Jedi like yourself wouldn’t be afraid of a little tickling, right?” Lagos grinned. Just looking at all the tickly tools was enough to made Ahsoka’s toes curl in her boots, as Ahsoka remembered her ticklish encounter at the hands of her competitive roommate.

“So this is the Mandalorian ordeal, eh?” Ahsoka said, as she picked up a feather with the Force and spun it in the air. “Doesn’t seem very manly.”

“I understand it used to be done with spikes and blasters and things, but this is much less messy,” Soniee shrugged.

“And you didn’t answer us – are you ticklish?” Lagos added, grinning cheekily.

“Not especially,” Ahsoka answered. That wasn’t technically a lie… From a certain point of view, it was definitely true – Ahsoka probably wasn’t especially ticklish compared to the most ticklish beings in the entire universe.   

“Then you should be able to beat our challenge with ease! Have a seat, Ahsoka!”

Ahsoka crossed her arms, unsure if she wanted to voluntarily sign up for tickle torture. “Hold on, why should I?”

Lagos and Soniee looked at each other, clearly having not expected the question. “Ummm, because traditions and stuff? Respect for culture?”

Ahsoka smirked. “Tell you what, I’ll accept your little challenge. But if I can take…” she paused, looking at the clock in the corner of the room. “Thirty standard minutes, then I get to tickle you two for as long as I want.” Tickling Barriss and her Mirialan soles had been very fun, and Ahsoka was eager to experience that again.

The girls discussed with each other briefly before nodding, and they all shook hands on it.

Ahsoka was quickly seated in the metal stockade, hoping she had not bit off more than she could chew. The girls hadn’t mentioned what would happen if she gave up within thirty minutes…  but then again, she could always use the Force to get her out of trouble, right?

Apparently not; as Ahsoka’s high Jedi boots were pulled off and she was strapped into the stockade, she felt her connection to the force nullify as she realized too late that the stockade seemed to have the same Force-suppressing signature as Force Cages. The girls finished tying Ahsoka’s arms high above her head and stepped back to admire their handiwork.

Ahsoka Tano had her pretty, black nylon-clad soles sticking out of two holes at the foot of the stockade, with a fair distance between the two feet so they could not reach each other – Ahsoka wouldn’t even be able to hide one ticklish foot behind the other. The way her legs were spread, Ahsoka’s thighs would also be easily tormented, as well as the entire mid-section. The armpits would be bad too, with the way her taut arms were tired.

As Ahsoka tested her bonds, it became clear that although the students had done a good job with the Force-nullifying shackles, they had been remiss in binding Ahsoka’s body tightly enough. The agile and slender Togruta knew that if she really wanted to, she would be able to wiggle her way out of her constraints in seconds, but did she really want to? Ahsoka remembered the ticklish ministrations she had received at the hands of Barriss, and she chided herself for her lack of endurance. Perhaps this would be exactly the training she needed. Peering at her tormentresses through the Force, Ahsoka sensed no malice or ill will, though perhaps the blonde girl was enjoying herself a bit too much. Ahsoka knew she had the power to break free at any point anyway, so why not go along with things?

“Thirty minutes, girls,” Ahsoka challenged. “And then you’re all mine. Better make your time count! Jedi don’t break easily!”

“Yeah, it should be easy for you, not like you’re ticklish or anything, right?” Lagos said with an air of sarcasm as she picked up a pair of feathers, one fluffy and one stiff, and strolled towards Ahsoka’s feet. Ahsoka’s first instinct was curiosity. She had never been tickled by feathers before. Would she even be feather ticklish?

Ahsoka got her answer sharply as the two feathers quickly made their impact felt on her stocked feet. There was a shocked gasp at the lightness of the sensations as the feathers chose their mark, and giggles quickly burst from the Togruta’s mouth unbidden as the feathers danced over her soles.

“Remind me, what did you say about not being ticklish?” Lagos giggled, as she twirled the feathers along the pair of soles with the air of an expert featherer. She had driven many a tutor to hysterics with these feathers, and none of them had scored as highly as Ahsoka on Soniee’s sensitivity monitor either. Lagos already found herself captivated by the desperate dance of Ahsoka’s flailing feet as they twisted right and left to try to avoid the feathers, the ankles exploring its entire limit of movement as they writhed about in reaction to feathering. This was too fun, and they were just getting started.

Soniee has started on Ahsoka’s torso too, and she was brandishing a devilish tool of her own design – to a casual observer, they might have merely looked like gloves, but Soniee’s gloves were the ultimate tickling tool in her capable hands. The gloves had plastic fingertips with plastic segment which vibrated with terribly ticklish intent when they were activated. The vibrations intensified tickling sensations, and were absolutely unbearable when used around the armpits or belly-button, at least according to Lagos’s post-experiment testimony (Soniee and Lagos had an unspoken agreement that all tickling devices would be tested on both of them in turn, with Soniee tickling the upperbody while Lagos covered the feet – that way they could ensure their tools would be useful on all body parts). The buzzing fingertips were definitely effective too, as they scampered all over Ahsoka’s sides, ribs and stomach. Soniee sometimes wouldn’t even need to wiggle her fingers, she would merely place her hands on a ticklish spot and let the machine do the work for her, allowing her to focus on watching the way Ahsoka would writhe and snort with laughter and frantically try to pull away from the vibrating sensations.

Ahsoka was having a hard time deciding which tickled more, as the buzzing fingertips pillaged into her stomach as the feathers danced all over her soles. Her sangfroid was leaving her, as bubbly laugher began spilling from her mouth despite her vaunted Jedi discipline – it just tickled too much. These girls were a lot better at this than Ahsoka would have assumed, definitely much more proficient than Barriss had even been.

Lagos was using the fluffy feather to likely dust all over the entire length of the sole, while she devoted the stiff feather to more precise exploration as she teased one spot intensively at a time, alternating which foot got which feather as she went along. The high, structured arches of the nylon-wearing Jedi proved to be especially sensitive to strokes from the stiff feather, so after discovering this, Lagos spent several minutes stroking the sharp tip of the stiff feather up and down Ahsoka’s arches slowly and methodically, randomly throwing in quick strokes every so often to throw her off even more. She feathered with laser-like precision, following Ahsoka’s feet whenever they tried to move away from the feathers. It was bad, but at least she hadn’t discovered how vulnerable Ahsoka’s toes were…

Soniee on the other hand, had definitely discovered Ahsoka’s armpits being a goldmine of ticklish reactions, as she buzzed one finger in each armpit, then two, then five, and then ten fingers wiggling inside one underarm. It kept changing, never letting her get used to the sensations, and Ahsoka’s predicative powers were paltry in the confines of this Force Cage.

She shuddered for a second as Soniee and her vibrating fingertips began grabbing at her ribcage, making the Togruta guffaw and twist her head from side-to-side. Lagos was beginning to probe Ahsoka’s toes with her feathers too – the fluffy feather teased the tips of Ahsoka’s toes, while the stiff one swept along the bases of the toes. The Togruta’s laughter was a steady stream of girlish giggles now, and it had only been about ten minutes, but Ahsoka wasn’t about to give up. She really wanted to push her limits.

“Is that all you got? The fi-hi-inest young minds on the planet, and you cahahant do better than this?” Ahsoka said, playfully taunting them. It actually tickled very much, but she wasn’t about to give them the satisfaction.

She knew how ticklish she was around her toes, especially in between them, so she decided she had to try to build up some stamina there. Ahsoka grit her teeth and voluntarily spread her red toes as wide as they could go, giving her captors unfettered access to those horrendously ticklish undersides. Ahsoka’s toes began to twitch furiously as she quickly felt a pair of feathers, one on each foot, twirling and running in between her toes. It was unspeakably difficult to resist the urge to curl her toes as such a ticklish spot was feathered like this, and it took all her focus to keep those toes open.  Lagos also began targeting one foot at a time, holding the foot steady with one hand while she wielded the feather masterfully with the other, hitting all the hot spots on the heel, arch, ball of the foot, and especially the toes. Every time Lagos worked on a foot, the other one would clench and unclench its toes as it strained to try to reach its feathered twin. They were held too far apart to reach, but every once in a while, Lagos would giggle at Ahsoka’s attempts to protect her ticklish foot and she would brush the tips of the toes as they reached over to desperately try to stop her tickling. The toes would flinch and the foot would recoil back each time she teased them with a strike from the feather, but soon enough, the tickling Lagos was inflicting on the ticklish foot would always prompt the foot to try again.

“I think she’s daring us, Soniee,” Lagos giggled, as she stood up and moved to the side, manning Ahsoka’s right foot. “Let’s both give these toosies a tickling she’ll never forget!”

“Both?” Ahsoka’s heart pounded excitedly in her chest as she felt Soniee give a last buzzing tickle on her ticklish tummy before walking down to sit in front of her left foot. Ahsoka keenly remembered how devastatingly effective those vibrating gloves had been on her upperbody. She looked down at the gloves with their humming plastic fingernails on each finger, and imagined them being raked down her soles… it sent chills down her spine.

Ahsoka only had a moment to brace herself as she felt a ten-fingered explosion of sensation on her helpless left, nylon-clad foot. The nails were sharp, and they buzzed horribly, sending shockwaves of ticklish sensations swarming through her body. The fingertips were a sharp, stampede of sensations and the ten fingers covered so much of her soles with their onslaught; because Soniee was using all ten of her fingers on just the one foot, it was easy to cover all of Ahsoka’s sweet spots at once – the arches, the toes, to the fleshy area of the foot just beneath the balls of my feet, were never left unharassed by those buzzing fingernails.

“She’s so ticklish! Cootchie cootchie coo, ticklish Jedi! Ahsoka Tano? More like Tickle Toes Tano!” They teased, the mockery embarrassing Ahsoka further as she tore away from the sight of her ticklish soles to look up at the clock. Three more minutes, she could make it!

The girls, noticing that time was not on their side, ramped up on the intensity. Feathers and fingers invaded the undersides of Ahsoka’s toes, Lagos having quickly divulged information to Soniee of Ahsoka’s sensitivity in that region. Ahsoka’s orange toes were grazed and tormented by twenty fingers and feathers as they tried to get her to give up, but Ahsoka dug deep into her Jedi discipline and held on. It was close, and she threw her head and howled louder than she had ever laughed before when Lagos discarded her feathers and they both tore into Ahsoka’s soft soles with fingernails. They would attack one foot at a time, with one hand pulling the toes back while the other three would scribble wildly over the sole so Ahsoka had to contend with no less than thirty fingers (of which there were usually twenty of those vibrating fingertips).

Ahsoka didn’t know how she lasted the final three minutes, without begging for them to stop and without freeing herself, but she felt the girls stop.

The girls unstrapped her, shaking their heads in disbelief.

“You’re the most ticklish girl we’ve ever had in one of these chairs… how did you hold out?”

“The only true answers come from yourself,” Ahsoka said with a smile.

“Oh, don’t give us one of those vague platitudes!” Lagos moaned, rolling her eyes.

“I’m serious. You guys will have all night to think about it…” Ahsoka said, as she wiggled her fingers and all the ticklish utensils flew in the air, hovering over the girls like a swarm of bees. She made a pulling motion and claimed Soniee’s vibrating fingertips and slipped them on.

“Go easy on us!” the girls squeaked, as they were suddenly pulled into the air, their boots flying off, and revealing their nylon-clad soles.

“Just remember… there is no emotion, there is peace,” Ahsoka said, as like the orchestra of a grandiose concert, she began directing tickling tools to ticklish areas.

“Whahahahat does thahahaht even mehehehan!”   

“A few hours and you’ll work it out,” Ahsoka giggled, as she gave an experimental stroke with the buzzing fingertips on Lagos’s feet, and then Soniee’s, as she delighted in how effective it was. “Cootchie cootchie coo…”

Star Wars TK: Ticklish Trials – The Padawan Games

(This takes place at an indeterminate time before Ahsoka joins Anakin)


Throughout the galaxy, the Jedi had the reputation for being just, but more often than not such words of praise were accompanied by comments decreeing the Jedi as prudish, sanctimonious, stick-in-the-muds whose holier-than-thou attitudes could become grating quickly.

Much of this stereotype held true in the illustrious Jedi Temple on Coruscant, and there were many who were fully dedicated to meditation and other spiritual or scholarly pursuits. There were many inveterate Jedi who singularly focused on such disciplines… that was not to say the Jedi Temple never found time for lighter, recreational activities…

Some of these recreational activities were frowned upon by more traditional Jedi, but one activity which had the near unanimous approval of the Jedi was the annual Padawan Games.

The Padawan Games were didactic in nature, as they were designed to instruct Jedi how to hone their senses and skills in a friendly-yet-competitive setting. Through the competition, which included both academic and physical elements, students would work together in small groups to improve their teamwork and interpersonal skills. It was worth a considerable amount of prestige to be declared victor, as the winners would be held up as exemplars for the rest of the group to emulate.

The idea was a good one – what better way to motivate youngsters than with a competition against their peers? Yet as a famous Jedi Master once noted: “The path to the dark side is paved with good intentions.”  

Padawan Barriss Offee was a talented, young Jedi, but perhaps one whose desires to win the Padawan Games were a bit more than would be considered healthy. The young Mirialan was pretty, with her olive skin, blue eyes and sleek dark hair, as well as elegant traditional Mirialan tattoos across the bridge of her nose and face.

However, Padawan could also be a bit impulsive at times, which was a trait frowned upon by some Jedi Masters. It was on one of these impulses that led Barriss, noticing that her roommate Ahsoka Tano’s team was neck-a-neck with hers for first in the competition standing, to decide that she knew the perfect way to tire out her foe and secure victory for her team.

Barriss knew just the way to do it. Violence would definitely be too extreme – she didn’t really want to hurt her roommate, after all. She just wanted to increase her odds of victory using the terrain and her knowledge of her foe to her advantage, just the way Masters Fisto and Shaak-Ti instructed during their lectures on fighting strategy.

She already had the perfect compromise in hand. A few weeks ago, she had stumbled upon a rather embarrassing weakness of the tomboyish Togruta.  They had an early morning training exercise, and Ahsoka, exhausted from the training the night before, stubbornly refuse to rouse from her slumber no matter how Barriss (who had been assigned her partner for this exercise) shook her or shouted at her. Barriss had tried almost anything she could think of, but Ahsoka still lay there, snoozing in her bed and wound around her covers as she refused to wake up till she was good and ready.

Barriss noticed that one of Ahsoka’s legs was poking out of the bed, and an idea popped into her head as she stared at that small, white-stockinged foot. Barriss reached out a hand and experimentally traced a finger down the sole. She was delighted to see the way Ahsoka squealed, and immediately pulled her leg into the safety of the covers. It sure seemed like maybe someone was ticklish...

Ahsoka was still pretending to be asleep and refusing to get up, so it was easy for Barriss to get into position. The Mirialan pulled back the covers to reveal Ahsoka’s slender, small feet, and sat on Ahsoka’s ankles so that the Togruta would not be able to tug her feet free easily.

With Ahsoka’s feet trapped firmly between Barriss’s legs, she began wiggling all ten of her fingernails on the soles, and the Togruta suddenly jolted upright as if she had been electrified.

“Dohohohohont tihihihickle!” Ahsoka squeaked, twisting and turning to try and free her ankles as Barriss gleefully played with her flapping, wiggling feet.

“Are you done sleeping yet, Ahsoka?” Barriss said, amused by the way Ahsoka’s feet would dance and splay at every scrape and tease from her own slender fingers.

“Yehehehehes! Yehehehes! Gohohohosh nahahahat there! Bahahaha Bahahaharriss!” Ahsoka howled, shaking her head back and forth.

"What's that?" Barriss asked, faux-innocently, as she continued to wiggle her index finger right on that spot under the big toe on the right foot she had just discovered was super-ticklish.  "I think I found a soft spot!"

"Yehehehes! Yesshihihihi! Nowhohohoho stahahap!" Ahsoka said, her face turned redder and redder by the moment.

“Are you feeling awake now?” Barriss asked, buying for time as she continued tunnelling under the toes to see if they were hiding secret super-ticklish spots too.

“Gahahaha, yehehehes!” Ahsoka shrieked, as she felt Barriss continue playing with every one of her frantically wiggling toes.

“These toes of yours are just so ticklish, Ahsoka.  They should call you 'Tickle Toes Tano'!” Barriss giggled, as Ahsoka avidly argued against this nickname, but that only lead to Barriss tickling her even harder.

It was right when Barriss tried to slip her fingers between Ahsoka’s scrunching toes that the Togruta suddenly found a secret reserve of energy and somehow slipped her feet free. Immediately, the red-faced Padawan flew out of bed, grabbed Barriss around the waist and started tickling under her ribs with a ticklish vengeance.

Ahsoka had lifted up Barriss’s Jedi robes and blown several raspberries on the Mirialan’s ticklish tummy before Barriss was able to muster the energy to tickle back, by slipping her agile fingers under Ahsoka’s arm to assault the Togruta’s armpits. Any thoughts of using the Force was dashed to pieces by tingly tickling which sapped all concentration.

Then there was a frantic tickle fight, which climaxed with both Padawans simultaneously making a grasp for their opponent's ankles, and tickling savagely at their foe’s ticklish soles. Barriss’s olive feet were nearly as ticklish as Ahsoka’s, but neither refused to back down as they giggled hysterically and tried to out-tickle each other. Ahsoka discovered how sensitive Barriss’s long, deep arches were, which evened the playing ground as Barriss was already acutely aware of just how ticklish the Togruta’s big toes were. It was unfortunate that they were unable to see who would have been able to hold out longer, as their little duel was broken up by a Jedi Master who had to check on why they were late for the morning training - the soundproofed chambers had prevented their raucous laughter from waking up the others.

It was a fond memory of Barriss’s, and the Mirialan looked forward to tickling her roommate silly again – she even had a proper justification for it! She was going to win that competition!

Besides, it wasn’t really cheating… Jedi were encouraged to think outside the box, and the way Barriss figured it, all she was doing was hanging out with her roommate a bit. Surely that wasn’t against the rules! Besides, if she was really bothering Ahsoka, the red-skinned Togruta could surely just ignore her, right?

That went without saying. What this was, was an example of excellent tactics, Barriss thought gleefully, as she prepared her trap.


Ahsoka Tano yawned widely, as she opened the door to the room she and Barriss shared. The young Padawan was exhausted from her practices today. Some of the instructors had been especially hard on her due to her obstreperous personality, but Ahsoka knew she had impressed them with her tenacity as well as her skills. All she needed was a good night’s sleep and she was sure she would perform excellently in the finale of the Padawan Games tomorrow. She closed her eyes, and collapsed on her bed, sighing contently.

“Had a long day, Ahsoka?”

Ahsoka’s eyes snapped open, as she suddenly became aware of her roommate Barriss, leaning along the wall and watching her with a mischievous smirk on her face.

“Woah, I didn’t sense you at all! Have you been practicing your Force Stealthing?” Ahsoka said, sitting up. It was true – Barriss definitely had a talent for masking her presence. Ahsoka had never even noticed she had been in the room!

“A little bit, been practicing some other things too,” Barriss said as she stepped closer to Ahsoka, who was half-lying down on her bed. “Want me to show you?”

“Ehhhh, maybe tomorrow,” Ahsoka said, stifling a yawn. “I’m really bushwhacked,” she said, as she settled back into a sleeping position. “Gotta get some sleep for the games tomorrow.”

“Yeah, that’s kinda what I wanted to talk to you about. I’ve been thinking about how my team can beat yours tomorrow.”

“Oh? And how are you going to do that?” Ahsoka asked sleepily, as she plumped her pillow.

“Observe,” Barriss said, as she closed her eyes and motioned with her hands. Ahsoka yelped in surprise as she felt herself levitate in the air momentarily, as her bedsheets spun and wrapped around the shocked Togruta’s body, winding around her several times till she was cocooned by her own blankets. Barriss had taken care to focus her Force manipulations to ensure that Ahsoka’s feet remained un-coocooned, and she immediately plopped herself on top of those squirming and kicking feet.

“Tickle Toes Tano might not get much sleep tonight,” Barriss chuckled, as Ahsoka shouted indignantly as her feet were introduced to Barriss’s fingernails, which she had been growing long just for this occasion. It was the exact same position Barriss had used last time she had tickled Ahsoka, so she knew just how effective it was – only this time with Ahsoka’s arms trapped in the blanket-cocoon, escape was all but impossible. Ahsoka could have extricated herself with the Force, but Barriss’s tickling of her tender, stockinged soles was highly disruptive and the young Togruta found concentration difficult.

Barriss knew just how ticklish Ahsoka was on her feet, so she knew that as long as she even teased the feet a little bit, Ahsoka would be unable to muster up the power to knock Barriss loose. She knew that she had all the time in the world, so Barriss decided she would take the time to play with every inch of Ahsoka’s slender red soles.  

Barriss started with the tops of the foot, also known as the insteps. It was a spot she hadn’t gotten to tickle much last time, and she was delighted to find Ahsoka was highly sensitive there. She lightly scratched her nails in circles around the insteps, drifting low to tease along the ankles and up towards the toes. She took care to avoid teasing the toes directly though – she was saving those for later, as she knew she would spend a lot of time there. Ahsoka’s reactions to the instep tickling was adorable, she scrunched up her face and wiggled about like an Lthorian Arrak snake. The Togruta would point her toes forward as if doing so would help her best avoid being tickled, but Barriss found the gesture cuter than anything else. After a few minutes tantalizing the tops of the feet, Barriss could notice Ahsoka’s laughter audibly decreasing and her reserve of Force strength increasing, so she had to change tactics.

Looking at the defiance in Ahsoka’s bright blue eyes, as the Togruta was biting the corner of her mouth as she tried to hold her laughter in, Barriss altered her approach, and lightly skittered her nails along the sides of her feet.  

The sudden stimulation of a different spot on Ahsoka’s sensitive feet sent her feet flapping and wiggling again, as Barriss giggled whilst scratching the outer sides of her smooth Togruta feet. The white stockings Ahsoka always wore just made it even easier for Barriss’s long fingernails to dance and sweep along the sensitive appendages. Barriss watched Ahsoka’s feet twist right and left, hiding behind one another, but Ahsoka’s agile, monkey-like feet could only delay the inevitable tickling assault. Through the Force, Barriss could sense Ahsoka’s resistance crumbling once more as Barriss’s fingernails snuck in-between Ahsoka’s feet to probe the inner sides of the scrunching, panicking feet.

Ahsoka’s response to her incredibly ticklish inner sides being scratched was to pound her head back against her bed as a stream of incoherent syllables burbled from her mouth.

“You’re laughing so much already, Ahsoka! And we’ve barely even started! Hope this isn’t tiring you out or anything, hehe,” Barriss said, much to Ahsoka’s chagrin. Ahsoka had to admit, her roommate’s ploy was working, as the forced laughter from her chest was hurting her stomach like an intense abdomen workout. She was spending a lot of energy in her fruitless bids at freedom too.

“Stahahahahap Bahahaharriss!” Ahsoka said, trying to appeal to her roommate’s sense of fair play and competition, but her words were interposed with frantic giggles that made them imcomprehensible. Barriss just giggled at Ahsoka’s spiel, as she gave the sides of Ahsoka’s slender feet one last tickle.

“We’re just getting started, Ahsoka! Now let’s start working on your soles and go from there…”

The rest of the night rolled by in the blink of eye, and Ahsoka could not have said if it had been thirty minutes or thirty hours, as Barriss and her razor-sharp fingernails meticulously tickled every inch of Ahsoka’s sensitive, stockinged soles. Barriss systematically worked her way up the sole, starting with the heel, especially the base of the heel where Ahsoka discovered was quite a soft spot for her. Next up was the arches, which Barriss scratched and dug into manically with her nails like she digging for buried treasure. The ball of the foot, especially the soft, fleshy centre just beneath the balls was next, as Ahsoka wept tears of forced laughter.  For the grand finale, Barriss systematically worked every cubic centimetre from the base of the toes to the tips of toes, taking the time to search the toe webbing, pads, sides, and undersides of the toes for every spot that could make Ahsoka convulse with extreme laughter. She found many such spots peppered around the toes, as Tickle Toes Tano lived up to her moniker.

“Gosh, isn’t this fun?” Barriss said, as she pulled back the toes of one foot at a time so she could hold the foot steady while she tormented the poor, ticklish toes. “Thanks for letting me play with your feet like this, Ahsoka!” Ahsoka somehow mustered up the energy to groan despite the tantalizing of her toes to express her discontent, but Barriss simply giggled and focused her tickle attacks on Ahsoka’s big toes, making the Togruta splutter with more boyish laughter.

“It’s so much fun, I just have to do it again!” Barriss exclaimed delightedly, and to Ahsoka’s horror, the whole process begun itself again, with the slow teasing on the tops of her feet. The sheer dread of her toes being tickled again made even these light tinkling tickles much more effective than they should have been, as Ahsoka laughed and laughed and laughed.

As several hours passed, Barriss finally relented her tickling attack. “Well, this has been fun, but it’s time for bed. Big day tomorrow!” Ahsoka was relieved, as she panted and gasped for air. This had been more intensive than any workout she had ever experienced, and she was grateful for a break.

“I know you don’t want me to stop, so I brought some friends for you to play with!” Barriss grinned, as she reached into her bag and pulled out several electric toothbrushes. The Jedi generally eschewed technology, but they still understood the importance of dental hygiene, and handed out such toothbrushes freely to all Padawans. Ahsoka had the revelation that perhaps a restful night would not be on the agenda, as Barriss forcibly stuffed a rag into her mouth as a makeshift gag. “Don’t want your laughter keeping me up,” Barriss winked.

The toothbrushes were swiftly tied to strategic tickle-spots – feet, stomach, underarms, sides, all the fun spots. Then Barriss settled into her own comfortable bed, and she fell asleep to the backdrop of Tickle Toes Tano’s muffled mirth.       

“Sleep tight, Ahsoka…” Barriss said with a chuckle, as she dreamed of laughter and victory. 


Barriss Offee felt herself swelling up with pride as she took in the sights from the front of the spacious assembly hall in the Jedi Temple. The assembly hall was reserved for big events, and today, the members of the winning team would take turns giving speeches of their experiences. Barriss’s team had pulled off quite the upset, defeating the Tano Team due to unexpected fumbles from the young Togruta. Barriss hoped her friend would have no hard feelings… Barriss was plenty ticklish herself, and if Ahsoka had shown more initiative Ahsoka should have been the one tickling her! She only had herself to blame! Thinking of her roommate, Barriss scoured the seated audience as she waited for her turn to speak – it seemed Ahsoka was not present. Probably upset about losing, Barriss thought. Ahsoka had always been a bit of a sore loser, Barriss reflected,

Barriss heard the announcer say her name and she stood up, patted her best pair of Jedi robes for any stray particles of dust that may have clung to it, and made her way to the raised podium in front of the hall. She made her way to the podium, taking in at the room’s tiered seats and amphitheatre layout, as who knows when she would be looking from this angle again. She kneeled in the customary, respectful Jedi Padawan position, and prepared to recite her speech.

“Masters, Knights, fellow Padawans, and friends, thank you for your support,” Barriss said with a exuberant smile, as she was greeted by gentle applause. She sensed some movement going on under the podium, but dismissed it as nerve.

“Our victory was hard-fought, but we… really have so many… people to thank,” Barriss stuttered as she felt a shiver down her spine as she felt her soft-soled slippers suddenly plop off her feet. She turned back her head a fraction, and brazen as anything, there was Tickle Toes Tano, lurking just where Barriss’s de-shod feet lie, grinning. It seemed the Togruta had ticklish comeuppance on her mind, and she definitely had picked the right place to do it. Barriss tried to contain the jolt as she felt Ahsoka’s fingers, just two, lightly stroke their way down Barriss’s sensitive arches, where she had always been horrendously ticklish.

She imagined bursting into laughter with all these Jedi Masters watching – she would be a Padawan forever! She could already imagine on the lectures on composure and the importance on decorum she would receive. No, she had to grind it out! Her speech was short!

“I couldn’t do it without my wonderful teammates, who all shouldered our b-burdens together,” Barriss said, desperately wishing her teammates could share her burdens right now – Ahsoka was drawing figure eights on her arches, taking her time to loop around and around as she drove Barriss’s toes into a wiggling frenzy. Barriss had to push it from her mind, and focus on her speech…

“Our ma-ha-masters who taught us so much,” Barriss only just caught herself, as Ahsoka continued to tease Barriss’s stockinged soles with light attacks, and unexpectedly brushing the sides of the foot had almost resulted in giggling. Barriss wondered if they was a way to tickle someone through the Force. She definitely needed to ask a Master about it at some point – perhaps Shaak Ti or Aayla Secura might know about it?

Her lapse in focus almost cost her, as Ahsoka suddenly dug her nails under Barriss’s twitching toes, but thankfully Barriss was able to cover up the snort of laughter with a cough.

“And we definitely need to thank the Padawan Games organizers for letting us have so much fun with training!” Barriss smiled genially, wanting to do so much more, as Ahsoka continued her assault on Barriss’s scrunching toes. Ahsoka would focus her attack one foot at a time, ambushing toes and arches in a two-pronged attack that was intense enough that Barriss simply couldn't stop her face from temporarily tightening in a ticklish grin every time Ahsoka switched feet.

The fingers continued their slow probing slower now. Barriss turned her head back slightly and saw the blasé confidence on Ahsoka’s face, as if she had nothing to be afraid of and could take her time sliding her fingers up and down Barriss stocking-clad soles as the tickled Jedi tried to keep up her façade of composure. There was nothing Barriss could do but choke down the laughter. She considered calling Ahsoka out, but she feared if she did so, Ahsoka would come forth with her story about her own tickle torment the night before.

“We learned about the i-importance of fair play, and honesty,” Barriss recited, and immediately gulped as she felt the fingers suddenly intensified their assault, making quick, random movements in an attempt to catch her off guard. It seemed Ahsoka had taken more than a little offence to that last line, and Barriss very nearly let out an audible laugh as the fingers slid down her soles from toe to heel rapidly. It seemed Ahsoka had only been teasing at first, but now she was trying to break Tarriss’s resolve as she dug into Barriss’s smooth, ticklish soles wildly.

“We learned… that you must be strong, dedicated…  and c-calm!” Barriss said, desperately wishing she could be the exact attributes she had just described. Barriss’s frightfully ticklish feet  were twitching as if they were dancing. She kept trying to reflexively cover weaknesses by curling and flexing her stockinged soles, but all that seemed to do was encourage Ahsoka to tickle ever harder and seek out other areas.

“But the most important thihing is to be wihihilling to learn!” Barriss said, barely surppresing the laughter as she felt Ahsoka dig into Barriss’s slender arches with two fingers on each sole, right in the base of the arches. Ahsoka had definitely learned from her lesson. Barriss could hear some hushed whispers in the room, but she knew she had to keep going. Final stretch now!

“This challenge will definitely prepare us to be better Jedi in the future, and we will not let any of you down,” Barriss said quickly, embarrassingly aware that she had just said her entire sentence in a single rush of breath, speaking faster so as to try and get this speech over.

Barriss tried to call upon her Jedi mediation to try to focus, but Ahsoka had become very well acquainted with her own ticklish spots these past few weeks, and the devious Togruta knew every ticklish spot on her feet, hopping from one to another without mercy, sometimes soft and teasing, other times harder and more intense, but always in a way that pushed every button and stoked her ticklishness higher and higher.

She didn’t know how much she could take, but right when Barriss was finishing thanking all the individual masters, she heard a barely-audible humming sound, a familiar buzzing sound that reminded her of last night.

The toothbrushes, Barriss thought, in horror, as she suddenly felt the stimulating bristles brush against the arches of both feet at once, and dash her composure to pieces. Silent laughter, then a squeak, then heavy, hysterical laugher came billowing from her lips as she desperatedly yanked her feet back, chuckling like a madwoman.

Hearing mocking snickers and whispers from the audience, Barriss turned her head back to stare angrily at her tormentor with the intention of bringing her to the stage for all to see, but the podium was empty.


“You knew about it the whole time, didn’t you, Master Ti?” Aayla Secura asked, as Shaak Ti sat in the in the room of a thousand fountains, eyes closed as she meditating in a lotus position.

“Knew about what, Aayla? That Padawan Barriss only won the Games because of her little trick?” Shaak Ti said, opening an eye.

“Yes, and that Padawan Ahsoka would plot to get even.”

“Every Master in that hall could sense what was happening there. And no one chose to act. Sometimes it is better to let seeds grow on their own.”

“Revenge… is not something we should encourage, Master Ti. That’s what that was?”

“Is that how you saw it? I saw two young minds being pitted against each other… testing each other’s will and making them both stronger for it… some would say that is the true spirit of the Padawan Games.”

“But tickling?”

“Nowhere in the Jedi Code does it say a Jedi cannot be cunning, or Jedi cannot use guile, or trickery to achieve their goals. Such open-minded thinking should be encouraged.”

“Are you sure about this?” Aayla asked, crossing her arms.

Shaak Ti stood up, and made a finger-wiggling gesture towards the blue-skinned Twilek. Aayla gasped, as she suddenly felt like a hundred feathers were dancing all over her flesh, her stomach, her underarms, her neck, her nose, ears, even her lekku. She immediately burst into giggles, and clapped her hand over her mouth to silence her involuntary laughter.

“Padawan Barriss did a remarkable job holding out as long as she did, wouldn’t you say?” Shaak Ti said, gesturing towards Aayla’s booted feet this time, and the Twilek began hopping from foot to foot, giggling as she felt like feathers was twirling all over her soles and toes.

“I think we should keep a close eye on those two for a while… they may have potential…” 

Star Wars TK: Ahsoka I
Commission for :iconmorfe22:

Always been a huge fan of the 'under the desk' tickling trope, so hope I pulled it off here! Enjoy!

Star Wars TK: Endor Endeavour

(This story takes place during Episode VI: Return of the Jedi where Leia has been taken to the ewok village after the ill-fated speeder chase.)


It was a sweltering afternoon on the forest moon of Endor, as Princess Leia walked across the forest floor alongside her new ewok allies. 

The ewoks were not the most technologically-advanced race, but Leia had a newfound respect and admiration for their surprising guile and ingenuity. The traps she and the ewoks had set up around the village would be devastating against the Empire with their plodding AT-ATs. It was further evidence that one should not judge based on first impressions. The ewoks had shown a surprisingly high level of sophistication in artistry, especially the way they had supplied the wayward Princess with a new attire to allow her to blend in more with the forest setting. She wore a humble brown smock, with white sleeves, along with a loose dress that exposed much of her legs, but there was no time for modesty when open warfare was hours away. The ewoks had even fashioned crude stockings made from the silk of the Endorian giant spider along with strappy sandals made from vines and wood.

The ewoks were a primitive people, but Leia had no doubt their aid could be the turning point in their fight against the empire. They did have their fair share of peculiar traditions, however, and as their guest Leia did not want to openly balk at their time-honoured customs, even if she privately considered them nonsense. One of these traditions involved making a sacrifice towards a giant tree shrine in the deep forest, clicks away from the main ewok village. Leia understood the ewoks believed it would bring good fortune in battle, but the idea of spending too much exposed in the open, even with a handful of ewoks there to guard her, did not strike her as an especially wise stratagem.   

Despite Leia’s concerns, the ewoks, especially Wicket, were adamant that the offering would bless them in the battle to come, and so it was decided that the offering would commence. Leia tried to push the niggling doubts from her mind. Maybe things would go off without a hitch…

Needless to say, things did not go off without a hitch.

Right when Leia was placing a garland of wild flowers in the shrine in front of the massive tree, she heard the ominous click of a blaster. Leia turned, and she was face-to-face with a biker scout trooper, whose blaster was so close to Leia’s face that she could kiss the blackened muzzle.

“Who's back there?” the scout’s partner barked, and Leia was surprised to hear the voice was distinctly feminine. She heard the scampering of footsteps as the ewoks fled into the tangly underbrush. She didn’t blame them – their clubs would be no use against the powerful blasters the two scouts were wielding.

“Didn’t expect to see a human here, who are you?” said the first scout, the one whose blaster was jabbing Leia in the throat. Leia was surprised to hear that she was female as well. It was rare to see so many female troopers, though Leia reasoned for an operation like this they may have dug deep into their conscripts.

“You were asked a question, girlie,” ordered the second scout, as she dismounted her bike.

“Kerry Altira,” Leia said, giving the first name that came to mind.

“And what are you doing here, Kerry Altira?” the first scout probed.

“If that is really is your name,” the second scout added, dismissively.

“I’m just a settler in the forest, please don’t hurt me!” Leia said, doing her best impression of a doe-eyed, innocent young girl.

A tense moment passed as the two scouts looked at each other, and exchanged a hushed conversation.

“Command would want us to kill her – she might be a rebel,” Jessica ‘Jess’ Kilvaari, the taller of the two scouts murmured. Jess had no qualms about the Empire. She was a trooper for the creds, and knew the Empire preferred soldiers who followed orders and didn’t ask too many questions.

“We’re just going to gun down some defenceless girl? That’s not what I signed up for, Jess,” Claire Vane hissed. Depending on who you asked, Claire was a fool who swallowed the Empire’s propaganda like a lustful twilek, or a true believer in the ideals of the Empire. Claire’s idealism and naiveté made her partner roll her eyes at times, but Jess was grateful for her company and did respect her moral fibre, though she didn’t always agree with it.

Jess chewed on her lip and tossed a pair of stun-cuffs to the ‘settler’. “Put those on. Now,” she snapped. She tightened the handcuffs and then quickly frisked their captive, discovering a little military-grade blaster tucked away in her belt.

“You mind explaining this, ‘settler’?” Jess asked, waving the blaster in the girl’s face. The girl stared back defiantly.

“It’s my blaster! I have to be able to protect myself!”

“Well, that does make sense,” Claire considered. “There’s all kinds of beasts in this forest.”

“This is a military-grade weapon, Claire,” Jess said, with a sigh. “Please try not to be so gullible. This is suspicious as frick.”

“Fine, can you tell us you got this?” Claire asked their handcuffed captive.

“I… bought it. The ewoks sold it to me,” the girl stuttered.

“Suspicious as frick,” Jess repeated. “Like those savages would even know how to trade.”

“What are we going to do with her, Jess? I know she’s a bit fishy, but we aren’t just going to shoot her, are we? She might be innocent…” Claire said, in a quiet voice.

Jess chewed her lip again as she lowered her blaster and tugged at her helmet to buy some time to think. “It’s bloody too hot to think,” Jess said, as she removed the white scouting helmet, and a cascade of short, sweaty brown hair fell loose.

“Good idea…” Claire agreed, as she removed her regulation-issue helmet as well, revealing her short blonde hair and bright blue eyes. “Should we just let her go?”

“Yes, please!” the captive added hopefully.

Jess sighed, and pointed at the woman and told her to shut up. She didn’t want to say Claire was a dumb blonde at times, but she did feel that Claire embodied the stereotype at times.

“I don’t buy her story at all. And I’m wondering if her story will hold up under… duress.”

“You have an evil idea, don’t you?” Claire said, with a chuckle.

“Damn right I do.”


“Gotta love nature, eh?” Jess said, as she shoved a handcuffed Leia forward to a clearing after a short ride on their bikes (embarrassingly, they had tied Leia to the back of the bike like a bag of oats to prevent her from escaping).

Leia’s mouth gaped as she stared at the pit of writhing vegetation and vines. Leia was reminded of a localized, forest-y Sarlacc that she had seen recently, only of a smaller scale as she saw the gaping maw and swaying tentacles. It was not nearly as large – the mini-Sarlacc’s mouth was only the size of a manhole.

“Ever seen a Sarlacc before, ‘settler’?” Jess asked. “If you’re from here, like you claim, you must know all about this things. You should know what happens next, right?”

Leia bit her lip as she looked at the tentacle-vines worming along the ground and the teeth of the beast – they were blunted, unlike the razor-sharp teeth of the Sarlacc she had seen inhabiting the Great Pit of Carkoon on Tatooine. Leia wisely kept her mouth shut as to not reveal her ignorance.

“We were prepped on all the local wildlife here,” Claire said, by way of explanation. “This creature has a really nifty way of attracting prey.”

On that note, the two scouts frogmarched Leia in front of the gaping hole of the forest Sarlacc and using hooks and some strong rope, they pulled off Leia’s shoes as they prepared to push her into the pit. 

"You sure don't have the feet of a settler," Jess said, commenting on Leia's glossy, transparent toenail polish as the scout gave her a shove and and pushed her into the pit, ignoring Leia's shrieks as dozens of vines slithered all over her legs and feet. Leia’s wrists were still bound together by the stun-cuffs, and the stun-cuffs were tied to a rope which trailed over her head, hooked to a tree. The rope lead back to the bike, securely tied as Leia felt her body slowly sag into the wet and humid maw of the Sarlacc, though the way she was tied she was only engulfed up to her knees.

Leia’s mind was reeling. Were they feeding her to the beast? It was then when she felt the slippery vines begin to slide across her feet, and she figured why they took off her shoes. She yelped and giggled at the sensations – many were slick with dew and condensation, and almost felt like tongues as they swirled about Leia’s legs and stocking-clad feet with severe ticklish ramifications. She had definitely been unaware being eaten by Sarlacci would feel this way!

“The Sarlacc takes its time to digest its prey… and it likes to play with its meals…” Jess said, her voice turning sinister. “So feel like telling us what you were really doing there? Who are you, really?”

Leia shook her head, as more and more giggles spilled from her mouth. It seemed like anything she would say would only incriminate her further, so she did the only thing available to her that wasn’t incriminating – laugh. And laughing was easy as the Sarlacc’s vine-tips slithered up and down her legs, tantalizing all the sensitive flesh along her legs.

“Have it your way, then,” Jess laughed, as she took a seat on her bike to drink in the show.

Leia wanted very much to defy her captor, but she had to admit the tendrils of the Endor Sarlacc were even bit as lethal on her ticklish soles as anything she had ever experienced. They lacked the dexterity and craftiness of some foes she had brushed with in her adventures, but they more than made up with numbers and persistence.

The vines of the Sarlacc swarmed all over her skin with their pointed tips, slipping and sliding all over all the flesh they could reach. It felt like there were dozens of tiny serpents rampaging across Leia’s slender feet and shapely legs.

Leia closed her eyes and trembled as she felt herself spout with laughter at the frenzy of vines along her soles, as their pointed tips pressed into the soft skin of her stockinged soles.  The vines were roving over every inch of her soles, slipping into the sensitive spaces between her toes, brushing along the sides of her feet, and sweeping along the insteps, leaving no tickle-spot untouched.  There was no room to escape as the Sarlacc’s jaw tightened and held Leia’s legs firmly in their slimy clutches.

"Lehehehet me gohohoho!" Leia howled, straining to pull her legs free as the tendrils slid around the exceptionally ticklish spot in the centre of her arch, and credit to the Sarlacc’s intelligence, its tendrils immediately focus on this exact same spot on Leia’s other squirming foot, bringing forth a fresh frantic peal of laughter. Leia grit her teeth and threw her head back and forth as she felt like dozens of slick tongues were slurping all over her soles. The only slight consolation to her dire tickle dilemma was the fact her toes were free to squirm and wiggle as much as her confinements within the Sarlacc’s jaw allowed. She had been tickled more than enough times to learn how much she despised having her soles bound in place by toe-ties and such, as she had many super-ticklish spots like the gaps between her toes that could really use the protection of curled toes.

Of course, maintaining the concentration to keep her defences mustered was another matter entirely. Keeping her toes clamped shut was easier said than done as dozens of tendrils slithered across every tantalizingly ticklish spot on her sole – it was akin to resisting the urge to blink as something flew near your face. Leia’s soles were aflame with electrical sensations, and every unexpected flick or stroke would threaten to send her toes spasming and splaying, open to tendrils slipping into all those ticklish nooks and crannies that had just exposed themselves. Often it wouldn’t even be her worst spots that would lead this to happen, but the unexpected attack on an only moderately ticklish spot, such as when a tentacle licked along her ankle, the sides of her feet, or made a wide arc along the tops of her insteps.

And every time Leia conjured the strength to shut her toes again, the tendrils which had been happily teasing the webbing of her toe-stems would spend the next few moments teasing the tips of her toes in an attempt to ‘re-open’ access to the undersides once more – more than once this toe tormenting sprung those toes up within seconds.

The tickling was terrible, though if Leia could be honest; she had endured worse. The sight of the two grinning Scout Troopers hooting and laughing at her ticklish display was probably the worst aspect of it all, as Leia’s dignity and pride took a major hit with every mocking cat-call.

“Sounds like the Sarlacc’s hungry for some laughter!”

 “Someone’s ticklish!”

“Cootchie cootchie coo!”

“Are you sure you’re a settler? Settlers aren’t supposed to be so ticklish!”

“Squirm harder – you might get free!”

Leia closed her eyes just to escape their mocking jubilance, but the lapse in focus was enough for the vines to slip under her toes again, and her eyes sprung open as she squealed with high-pitched laughter.

To make matters worse, the Sarlacc’s vines were starting to branch upwards and stroked along Leia’s shins and around her kneecaps. Leia had never realized her legs were so ticklish as the Sarlacc’s tendrils gradually covered more and more tickle-ground, as the Princess’s laughter became more and more undignified and unprincess-like by the minute.  Every new inch of tickle-territory the Sarlacc claimed added more fuel to the fire as it from the shins and the back of her calves which were only mildly ticklish, to the kneecaps and back of the knees which were definitely at least moderately ticklish, and the inner thighs which were definitely hyper super ticklish. As Leia’s lower body was swallowed by the encroaching tickle beast, she saw her two captors slowly make their way towards her.

“It tickles, doesn’t it?” Jess said, as she brushed a stray lock of hair away from Leia’s face.

“It must be so unbearable…” Claire added, with a touch of sympathy.

“Tell us what we want to know and we can let you out,” Jess said. “Or do you want more of this?”

Leia bit her lip and choked back laughter. She barely had the breath for a witty retort, so she simply shook her head.

“Up to you,” Jess smirked. “Get her from behind, Claire.”

Leia only had a moment to process what this meant before she felt Jess’ gloved hands creep under her shirt and tease her stomach. She felt another pair of hands, it must have been Claire’s, wiggle wildly into Leia’s underarms, pulled taut by the rope.

The ravaging of her upperbody in addition to the vines licking all over her legs was brutal enough, but the most unbearable part of it was the dark-haired trooper, Jess, hovering right in front of Leia’s face, mocking and taunting her as she sent Leia into a quivering ball of tickle-jelly.

“Cootchie cootchie coo… did you know the Sarlacc tickles its prey to lure more into its clutches? Aren’t we nice to do it a favour? Good thing you’re so ticklish…” Jess said with an evil smile, as she skilfully tweaked and squeezed Leia’s ribs – she definitely had done this before, Leia could feel the touch of a tickle torturess.

“Her skin is so soft, definitely more princess than settler, this one…” Claire said, from behind Leia’s right ear. She was patting and spidering her nails over Leia’s toned stomach. It wasn’t quite as potent as Jess’ manipulation of Leia’s ribcage, but with so many on-going ticklish sensations (the Sarlacc had never stopped its strokes in all this time) it all seemed to meld together into one roaring sensation of pure ticklishness.

“I told you she was lying,” Jess said, as she rubbed Leia’s ribs with her knuckles – a surprising sensation which resulted in a girlish squeak from the fatigued princess.

“I’m sorry for doubting you!” Claire said, as she poked a finger into Leia’s belly button and corkscrewed it around wildly.

“No worries, it’s not your fault. How’s about we tickle her even harder to make up for it?”


On that note, the scouts dug in even more vigorously. Their hands were gloved, which meant that scratching was less effective, but they more than made up for it with relentless wiggling and enthusiasm. They joyfully double-teamed Leia’s upperbody, delighted with every squeak and squeal they could coax from their captive. Sometimes they tickled independently from each other and sometimes they tickled in unison, with varying ticklish effectiveness, though by this point Leia was so hysterical it was almost hard to tell the difference. When the two of them used both hands to tickle Leia in her left underarm, four hands and forty fingers scratching and digging into every centimetre, Leia thought she would pass out. They eased up, not wanting Leia to lose consciousness, but quickly pushed her back to her limits by double-teaming her right armpit. All the while, the Sarlacc continue to stroke its slimy vines all over Leia’s legs and soles.

The gloved hands were anywhere and everywhere, as a countless number of vines continued their assault on Leia’s stocking-covered legs. The stimulation all over her body was an overload of sensations as everything was swallowed by a haze of dizzying laughter.  Leia had never been tickled to such extremes before, probably because her previous tormentors had been skilfully keeping her teetering on the edge of consciousness. As she felt herself drift closer and closer to blacking out, these vivid memories of her previous tickling experiences popped into her mind.

“You won’t get any rest from me, Princess, till you tell me what you need to know!” Hannah Chase, the maid who wasn’t a maid, said, as she flicked the feather duster masterfully over Leia’s silky soles.

“You think you’re such a big shot, don’t you? What’s wrong,’hero’? Can’t take a few lil tickles?” Rebel pilots, Alexis Kramer and Lucille Watson sneered, half-drunk as they conducted their alcohol-fuelled vendetta by punishing Leia’s tender, ticklish body.

“It’s my turn for aggressive negotiations,” Riley the smuggler said, shortly after Leia had doled out a bit of tickle-medicine of her own. Being on the dishing-out end instead of the receiving end had been delightful, though Riley’s revenge in the stocks on Leia’s tender soles had been thorough.

“You will talk. And I will break you…” Imperial Governess Leonia Tavira had said, as her interrogation droids tore a devastating swath into Leia’s ticklish soles with an unrivalled, inhuman precision. Nothing had tickled quite so methodically and as ruthlessly as those dreaded TK units.

Leia tilted her head back in a slump, as the weight of all her memories and her current predicament bowled her over. Soon there would be a new memory to her collection.

“Cootchie cootchie coo, ‘settler’. Don’t you want to tell us who you really are?”


Leia was jolted from her exhausted state of sleep by a powerful stench that crept up her nostrils and whipped her brain back into action. She opened her eyes slowly, half-expected the familiar feel of vines stroking her soles while the scout troopers hovered over her with their smug, conceited smiles. Instead, Leia was greeted with the most beatific of sights – her ewok saviours had returned! A grinning ewok was waving a bundle of herbs under her nose, which was what had reinvigorated her.

She quickly learned that her frenzied laughter had made it easy for her ewok guards to track her down, and they had caught those diabolical scout troopers off-guard.

They had managed to overpower them, and Leia was delighted to see Jess and Claire, bound and gagged as the ewoks asked Leia what she thought should be done with them. And Leia knew exactly what to do.

“Looks like that offering gave us luck after all,” Leia thought, smiling.


Jess Kilvaari tossed her short-cropped brown hair back and forth, tears welling in her blue eyes as she was swarmed by half a dozen ewoks. Those vermin had driven wooden stakes into the ground, and tied her to them, so she lay there eagle-spread and helpless. They had even removed her sturdy scout trooper armour, leaving her body clad in a sleeveless, faded vest and short shorts that barely covered anything past mid-thigh, so they could claim full rein over her ticklish body. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her companion, Claire Vane, similarly bound, awaiting her turn. Claire was shouting at the ewoks to leave her friend alone – Jess could barely hear the words over the sound of her own high-pitched laughter, but she appreciated the gesture from her friend. Jess would never consider herself a martyr, but she knew it would be better she endure the tickling than her much-more sensitive friend.

At least Jess could boast that she was no stranger to tickle torture – she had served under Governess Tavira back on Eiattu 6, and had seen and experienced the power that tickling had on some captives. Tavira had even ‘tutored’ her on some of the more minute aspects and nuances of this lost art. It was precisely because Jess was such a veteran that it was so undeniably frustrating to be driven to ticklish hysterics by such barbaric creatures. It was one thing to suffer under the masterful precision of a TK droid, or the expert cunning of a master tormentress, but to be tickled silly by such simpletons? Unspeakably embarrassing.

They weren’t even that good at it, Jess thought, gritting her teeth and biting her tongue as she refused to laugh, but she could only hold out for a few seconds with so many of those damned furballs tickling her everywhere on her body. 

Two of those baboons were exploiting Jess’s exposed underarms, which were held taut by the rope so they were free to spider-tickle all of their stumpy fingers in each one, sometimes teasing the edges before burying straight back into the centre.

Another pair of the dirty monkeys were grabbing and squeezing along her midsection, with one particularly ugly creature squeezing Jess’s hips while the other poked and prodded her bare stomach.

The final two of the wretched animals were exploring Jess’s trapped, nylon-clad feet. The black military nylons were designed to prevent chaffing, but right now all they were doing was amplifying the ticklishness as the creatures’ small, yet nimble fingers scampered all over Jess’s large soles as if they were trying to tickle the entire foot at once.

Jess had no doubt whatsoever that individually she could have easily handled their unskilled, pathetic attempts at tickle torture, but somehow, inexplicably with so many of them pushing her buttons all at once, together they were driving her crazy.

"I’ll kihihihiill youhohohoh all!" Jess howled, more in anguish than anything else. The ‘settler’ looked over her, and gave her a smile.

“I think she wants her feet tickled,” the woman said, with an arrogant smile. With that regal smile, it all came to place, and Jess recognized her – Princess Leia! They had captured Princess Leia this whole friggin’ time!

This revelation did Jess no good, as like the trained chimps that they, two ewoks suddenly hopped onto Jess’s trapped ankles and wiggled their fingers under her fiercely-clenched toes and pried them back, holding them there, forcing the nylon-clad soles taut and even more immobile than before.

Twisting and bucking on the filthy ground did little to halt their attack but muss up her hair even more as forty small, wild but enthusiastic fingers attacked her helpless soles. Their short nails scratched all over your skin, sometimes fighting over the same spots, and sometimes working together to tickle separate spots at the same time.

All Jess could do was twist and writhe, her toes trembling against the beasts’ strong hands as they held onto her pinned soles firmly.

“If you feel like talking about shield generator access codes, be a dear and let me know, alright? Take your time and think it over…” Leia said, with a giggle. “And don’t worry; your friend will get her turn soon too…”





Opening Commissions Officially.

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 17, 2014, 6:47 PM
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I've been doing commissions for a while now, but I've never made a proper journal about it, so I thought it was high time I got around to making a journal to let potential commissioners know about how I operate.

Usually how it works is we first agree on a price - my going rate is $30 for 4000-5000 words. If you want to commission me for multiple stories, then maybe we can talk about a package deal. In terms of payment, you pay half up front, and half when it is finished. Unfortunately, I don't accept points. 

Then you tell me what features you would like to see in the story - lee(s)/ler(s), tools, the situation/context, techniques, that sort of thing. I'm open to writing both /f or /m. I've done a variety of sadistic stories and light-hearted casual stories (check my gallery) with upper-body/feet focuses, so I'm alright with writing pretty much everything - You just need to be specific and state what you would like to see.

I don't charge more if you want multiple lees/lers or multiple tickle scenes, though I remind you there is only so much you can cram into 4000 words, so too many lees/tickle scenes will invariably lead to brief and watered-down content.

In terms of characters/'verses: 
While it is obviously easier to write characters I know about, I like to think given time to research I can write adequately about characters I am not so familiar with. My latest stories about Percy Jackson and Kingdom Hearts were two stories I was fairly unfamiliar with both (I only read the first Percy Jackson and I've never played Kingdom Hearts). Perhaps you will say it shows, but both commissioners were happy with the result.

So there's no limit when it comes to characters, as long as you give me the basic plotline/context and give me a bit of time to do some online research.

After we've decided on most of the details, I start writing. 

I will send regular snippets (weekly/bi-weekly) to let you know about my progress. And eventually, I'll send you a final draft, you'll send me the second half of the payment, and then I brush it up one last time and upload it. 

Oh, another thing about the payment. I usually ask the commissioner to purchase clips/comics for me that add up to the agreed price.

Send me a note if you're interested or if you have any questions. 

And I don't do requests. Be unfair to my commissioners. Art Trades maybe, though we'd have to discuss. 

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Texture by Princess-of-Shadows

Do you prefer upperbody or lowerbody (feet) tickling? 

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