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Summer Commission Sale!

Journal Entry: Sat May 30, 2015, 5:39 PM
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In honour of all the flip flops and bare feet seen during summer time, I'm having a summer commission sale! For limited time only, I'll be accepting commissions for only 25 dollars for 3000-4000 words!

More commission info can be found here:
Opening Commissions Officially.Hi.
I've been doing commissions for a while now, but I've never made a proper journal about it, so I thought it was high time I got around to making a journal to let potential commissioners know about how I operate.
Usually how it works is we first agree on a price - my going rate is $30 for 4000-5000 words. If you want to commission me for multiple stories, then maybe we can talk about a package deal. In terms of payment, you pay half up front, and half when it is finished. Unfortunately, I don't accept points. 
Then you tell me what features you would like to see in the story - lee(s)/ler(s), tools, the situation/context, techniques, that sort of thing. I'm open to writing both /f or /m. I've done a variety of sadistic stories and light-hearted casual stories (check my gallery) with upper-body/feet focuses, so I'm alright with writing pretty much everything - You just need to be specific and state what you would like to see.
I don't charge more if you want multiple lees/ler

A sample commission info page might look like this.

Sample Commission Firstly, the general points. All characters will wear nylons since that is my preference. Tickling should focus primarily on the stockinged feet but other area are perfectly acceptable for variety. My favourite tickling implement is the feather, but again other implements are fine, as are fingers or even the tickler using their own feet as a weapon (nyloned of course). The nylons should not be torn off at any point.
Even though some of the scenes will feature interrogation type scenarios, I prefer the tickling to be reasonably playful. I enjoy dialogue and teasing.
Feel free to use as much Star Wars lore, locations, creatures as you see fit. You know far better than I that such things have a huge impact on bringing a story to life. Feathers from Star Wars creatures would make sense. Tickle bots, creatures, plants etc can be used as long as there is still a 'direct' tickling element. For example, the Endor scene could involve a tickling plant but Leia should still be feathered directly

Have a lovely summer, all! Note me if you have any further queries.

P.S. The information above at the 'Facebook', 'note me', etc is for the designer of the skin. It's not me!

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Just a few words

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 3, 2015, 6:49 AM
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The new year is upon us, and I would just like to see a big thank you to all my watchers, commenters and commissioners who have been following me over the years. It's indescribably heartwarming to get such wonderfully long comments or birthday wishes or even another (!) premium subscription for a year.

I'm touched indeed, and resolve to work even harder in the coming new year! I thank my commissioners for their infinite patience!I'm back from my vacation, and you know that means more stories coming soon! (say within the coming week). 

Hope you all just a wonderful new year filled with mirth and laughter!

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Star Wars TK: Mysteries of Yavin 4


Imperial Officer Por'sha Verone set down her imperial issue T-wing fighter at a flat expanse on a grassy knoll near the massive ruined temple on Yavin 4. The Empire’s embarrassing battle had occurred here only a few days prior, and Verone had been assigned as one of the rescue squads who were there to salvage resources and personnel from this fiasco. She still couldn’t wrap her mind around what had happened… those ragtag rebels teaming up with the local savages to destroy the largest technological marvel the Empire had ever created, the magnificent Death Star. It honestly felt like a dream. 

But I guess I should be a little grateful that it happened… or else I wouldn’t be here, Verone thought, before resenting herself for being so selfish. She had always been fascinated with history, so to visit a place so steeped in history like the 4th moon of the gas giant Yavin, Yavin 4, had long been a desire of hers. The Great Temple of Yavin 4 had once been known as the Massassi Temple, which had been built by the red-skinned Massassi people on the orders of the Sith Lord Naga Sadow. For such a small moon in a remote and unheard of sector, it had played a surprising impact in many galactic events, such as the seduction of Jedi Knight Exar Kun to the dark side and the destruction of Sith Lord Freedon Nadd during the Great Sith War, and many a ferocious duel between Jedi and Sith during the Clone Wars. As a senior imperial officer, Verone had been given access to classified libraries of information on Coruscant, and she had always loved to peruse the histories of the Jedi and Sith, especially considering the Empire’s current war against the remnants of the treacherous, traitorous Jedi. 

Her short dark hair billowing in the air, Verone’s high imperial-issue boots clumped across the mossy fields of Yavin 4 as she stalked towards the Great Temple. The ziggurat building was a sight to behold, even in its ruined and battered state. Thin green vines crept along the stone structure like snakes, making Verone’s heart skip a beat as she slowly made her way into the temple. By the time she passed through a thick woody underbrush, her grey uniform was flecked with green spots of dew and moss. Verone hoped it would camouflage her somewhat in case she ran into any rebels. This was a strictly search-and-recover mission. Verone had been dispatched along with hundreds of other scouts in the hopes of rendezvousing with any survivors from the blundering battle that had taken place here, and Verone was under strict orders to avoid contact and radio for help the second she ran into any company – friendly or hostile.

Verone’s reconnaissance orders had actually been to investigate the areas along the outskirts of the Temple, but she just had to see the Temple for herself having encountered it so often in her texts. And the bucolic temple was still a sight to behold, despite how dilapidated and overgrown it had gotten over the years. Oh, what the Temple must have been like in its heyday! The sight of the majestic monument alone was enough to make Verone want to gambol and frolic.

Yet when Verone took her first step into the gargantuan interior of the temple, her boots echoing across the stained stone floors, Verone felt a powerful sense of unease grip her. Verone knew nothing about the Force, save what she had heard from rumours about Lord Vader and how he often found other officers’ lack of faith disturbing, but even she could feel the grips of something… dark and foreboding in this Temple. And in a moment, Verone’s effervescent euphoria gave way to trepidation and fear, as every creak of the stone walls or rustle of the leaves sounded like a Rebel army preparing to ambush her and do unspeakably villainous things to innocent heroines like herself. Her joy at discovering the true temple was evanescent, as fleeting as first love, as the dark aura of the Force which resided there began to creep into the crevices of her soul. She shivered as she drew her blaster. Reading about it in books was one thing, but once you actually arrived… things were not always to your expectations. She descended down a stony corridor, feeling claustrophobic as if all the walls was pressing in upon her, though she knew that must be her mind playing tricks on her.

“Deep breaths, girl, deep breaths…” she murmured to herself as she passed by a chamber which saw recent signs of use. “Now what do we have here?”

With her scouting instincts, Verone took a quick measure of the room. There was a torn sleeping bag on one side of the room, with survival supplies scattered across the floor: medpacks, stims, foodstuffs, that sort of thing. The most eye-catching feature of the room was the great stone carvings on the wall that depicted scenes of what Verone presumed were the Massassi in various acts of prostration to their Sith overlords. More than one of these scenes showed what Verone could also assume were acts of torture, as even the worn, faded expressions that she could make out on the stone etchings showed unmistakable signs of anguish. Even though the carvings had been worn by time and plant alike, the faces of the suffering creatures was still vivid enough to send goosebumps running across Verone’s pale skin. At the foot of the wall was a stone statue about the size of a footstool. Many of its sculpted features were illegible, but Verone could not help but think it reminded her of the face of some horned demonic creature.

Taking a deep breath to steady herself, Verone told herself she was being silly. It was just an old statue! There was nothing demonic or paranormal about this place! Although even as she repeated these words to herself, Verone could feel a dark aura surrounding her, making it hard to breathe as if the air itself was toxic. Not having any genuine experience with Force, Verone did not know that the residual Force energies in an old Temple like this were not to be underestimated…

Letting her curiosity get the better of her, Verone stepped forward to examine the wall carvings more closely. She was so mesmerized by the stone etchings that she did not notice the canopy of vines that clumped around the tops of the wall that slowly snaked down to her ankles and wrists and began to coil…

So caught up in deciphering the message of the stone walls, Verone was caught totally off-guard as she suddenly felt mossy sashes wind around her wrists and ankles. Yelping in shock, Verone flailed her limbs in a desperate bid for freedom, but only succeeded in dropping her blaster pistol and communicator in the process. Realizing that the game was up, the vines roared to life, wrenching Verone forward. Verone made a desperate twist of her body, but only succeeding in turning her body 180 degrees, so now her back was on the wall as the vines constricted her limbs tightly like some powerful, predatory serpent.

As her wrists were spread about her head, the vines gripping her ankles suddenly showed surprising dexterity as they tugged off Verone’s high boots, exposing her soft, nyloned soles. The demonic head that had haunted her so then became the resting place for these exposed beauties, with the head’s horns slotting in Verone’s ankles perfectly.

“Well... I guess this is what I should have expected exploring some kind of abandoned temple,” Verone said with a tone of resignation. Sarcasm and snark were her coping mechanisms, and they had always served her well in this regard. “Hello? Can anyone help me out? A bit tied up over here!”

The only response to Verone’s calls for help was a barely intelligible muttering that seemed to hover just within her range of hearing ominously. Then, as if in response to Verone’s pleas, the vines that bound her limbs suddenly whirled to life, with… ticklish intentions.

Verone could only shudder in surprise as the feather-light strokes landed on her exposed nylon soles, and her biceps. She let loose her first proper giggle as a vine trickled down the nape of her neck all the way down to her collarbones, sending shivers down her spine as it did so. The whole situation made no sense! Why was this happening! Verone’s mind went reeling back to the signs of torment she had observed on the stone carvings, as she suddenly had a sickening realization of what they must have gone through.

As more and more vines spawned and began to descend on her ticklish skin, she tugged and tugged at her thorny prison, but the plant life was rigid and unyielding as an Imperial siege. A few of the vines had travelled lower and seemed to have discovered how ticklish Verone was along her ample rump, which twitched and twerked with every stroke that landed along there or along the insides of her thighs. She was eternally grateful that at least no one was here to see her embarrassing situation. How would her colleagues be able to take her seriously once they learned how ridiculously ticklish she was?

Her only consolation was that despite her supreme sensitivity, she had not burst into hysterics at the present moment. She had lost her communicator on the floor, but the Imperial-issue device came with a fail-safe that sent out an automatic signal if one’s position and status was not updated every ten standard minutes. Verone tried to steady herself in the certainty that help would be coming soon, and the only real damage she had taken was to her pride. Besides, how long would this last? Before too long the vines would stop their dance, and she would be able to see about freeing herself, Verone decided, biting her lip as she decided to bide her time. Right now, she saw no other option.

The probing vines seemed to sense Verone’s mental state though, and seeing their prey’s confident, calm state, they set about breaking their captive sooner, rather than later. It started with a tingle at her left armpit. Grunting, Verone gritted her teeth and craned her neck down to stare at the new invader which was dipping into without doubt one of her worst spots. She had a co-worker who liked to greet her by poking a finger under her arms, and she had never been able to avoid reacting just as if she had just been jolted by lightning. Before long, the skittering, meandering vines coupled with her hypersensitive underarms had made Verone laugh her loudest and wildest yet, till her laughter was echoing across the walls of the ruined temple.

Even the vines hitting her feet had stepped up their game, as each foot had a thicket of vines attending to them, tracing shapes and writing letters, sweeping up and down the arches or flitting beneath the toes. Verone did her best to keep her ticklish toes curled, to protect the astonishingly sensitive webbing between them and the base of those slender, shapely digits, but it really was easier said than done when she had an infestation of vines hitting her at various other spots of the body. They even went after her ears, which Verone had never imagined would be so ticklish, but she guessed that you learnt something new every day.

Despite her whooping, shrieking laughter, Verone’s ears pricked up at the sound of footsteps. “I’m in heeheeheere! Hehehehelp mehehehe!” she called out in desperation.

The person who walked through the door, Verone’s would-be savior, was possibly the last person in the world she would have imagined to encounter; it was Princess Leia Organa.


“Well, now this is a surprise…” Princess Leia said, dressed all in white like an angel of death, as she strode into the corridor to take in the sight of the trapped and distressed Imperial officer.

“Um, yeah. This is a bit awkward, but I don’t suppose you might get me out of this? Pretty please?” Verone said, more in hope than in expectation. The Princess was supposed to be some kind of goody-two-shoes, wasn’t she? Surely she wouldn’t tacitly condone the cold-blooded torture of a defenceless prisoner such as herself!

“I’m usually the one finding my way into this sort of situation,” Leia said, evading Verone’s question as the princess dragged a sharp fingernail down the sole of Verone’s right foot, making the dark-haired woman yelp.

”So thehene suhurhurhurly you have s-s-sympathy for my situhahahation!” Verone said, stuttering and giggling over her words as Leia’s mischievous fingers trailed over the tops of her feet, spidering and teasing the insteps with her long fingers.

“You would think so, but I’m much more curious as to why exactly an Imperial Officer is here, of all places…” Leia said, leaving Verone’s poor, tormented feet alone for a while as she went to dig into her bag. She brandished a stiff feather which Verone recognized as belonging to one of the indigenous avian species in the area. “I didn’t think I would get to use this, but I guess life always takes you in unexpected directions.”

“Um, can we talk about this?” Verone said, curling her toes in nervous anticipation of the bristles of that feather hitting her super ticklish, nylon-clad feet.

“Sure we can. How’s about you start by telling me about your mission?” Leia said threateningly, twirling her feather between her fingers.

“Errrr, I don’t suppose you’d rather tell me why the forces of this temple attacked me and not you?” Verone said, finally vocalizing the nagging question she had formulated ever since Leia swaggered into the room, totally unbeleaguered by the vines that had tortured her so. Verone would honestly much prefer discussing this topic than her classified military information, but somehow she doubted Leia would be quite so accommodating.

“Maybe after you trade me the information about the Empire’s movements,” Leia said sweetly, as the feather swished and swept across Verone’s nylon-covered, helpless feet. With their position dangling off the ends of the statue and bound by the vines, they were in no position to put up any meaningful resistance as the feather swept all over them.

“Ohohohohoho comehehehehe on! I wahahahahant to knohohohohohow!” Verone squealed truthfully, as her cheeks reddened from the sustained exertion of so much involuntary laughter. She tuned from side to side, her short dark hair flapping, but there was no escaping Leia’s masterfully wielded feather as it flitted from ticklish spot to ticklish spot.

“Well, I want to know about your Imperial orders too. So hopefully we both get to know what we want before long, eh?” Leia said sternly, as she began pestering one foot as a time with precise strokes from the stiff white and grey feather. The feather would tease in between the squirming, wiggling toes, before darting down to slide up and down Verone's high, wrinkly arch in a series of slow, steady strokes. After dusting the heels for a while, it would then move up again to focus on the ball of her feet and her toes once more, repeating the cycle again.

Verone tried to cross one foot over the other in an attempt to protect the poor ticklish foot that was under a feathery siege, but this merely had the effect of changing targets, as Leia’s feather simply had its way with the ‘protecting’ foot instead, till the ticklish torment was too much to endure and the other foot came over to take one for the team. Even curling her toes did not work, as although Verone would certainly prefer her toes were unmolested by the fiendish torments of the feather, it was impossible for them to remain clamped shut for long, as simply brushing over them was a powerful enough sensation to get the ticklish digits to spring open, granting the feather easy access to the devastating spots within.

“Gahahahahha, just tehehehell meeeeheee!” Verone squeaked, going insane from the tinkling tickles. Yet, to her surprise, Leia actually acquiesced to her request.

“I’m not actually sure myself. Luke says this temple has traces of the Force, and as a result, people strong in the Force can influence the Temple itself to attack intruders. Apparently a lot of strange Sith and Jedi stuff happened here a while ago at the Maharati Temple,” Leia said, while still casually flicking the feather from one ticklish foot to the other.

“The Mahahahassassihihihi Tehehemple, dohohohohont get ihihihit wrohohong!” Verone howled, Leia’s error regarding the naming of the Great Temple bothering her more than all the tickling she had endured put together. How could you forget such a memorable name!

“I don’t like your tone,” Leia said sternly. “Despite all the laughter, you still seem like a rather insolent sort of Imperial Officer to me. Hopefully this teaches you a lesson.” On that note, Leia put down the feather and used her slender fingers to launch a full-fledged, ten-fingered assault on Verone’s tender, nyloned tootsies.

Verone let loose a little gasp of surprise, and was then positively hiccupping with laughter as ten savage fingernails had their way with her vulnerable soles. The feeling of nails on her nylon soles seemed to be working wonders on the pretty little Imperial captive, Leia noted. The tone of Verone’s laughter had risen steadily, and was now peppered with constantly little gasping hiccups of laughter, which Leia found quite aesthetically pleasing. It was always a pleasure to be the one hearing the ticklish laughter as opposed to the one delivering it.

“it seems you like my nails… how about we try this on for size!” Leia said with a giggle, as she abandoned Verone’s feet for the moment to have a go at Verone’s stomach. Leia rolled up Verone’s uniform till a toned, muscular abdomen was exposed. Leia whistled, and after a mocking comment about how the Imperial officers must find a lot of time for sit-ups, began brushing her fingers slowly across Verone's bare stomach. Perhaps it had been the prolonged tickle assault, but now Verone could not even play at resistance, as she immediately began giggling like a little girl, much to her own shame.

"Nohohohohot my tuhuhuhuhumy! Plehehehease! Prihihihincess Leheheeia!”

“Good to see you finally addressing me by my proper title,” Leia smiled, as her fingers never stopped their questing along the pale, flat belly. “I can see the tummy tickling is doing wonders for your manners,” she giggled, as she began to pick up the pace and flew her merciless fingers all along the incredibly ticklish abdomen.

The poking, prodding, and grabbing sensations were very different from the stroking and scratching that had agonized her feet, but they were no less bearable, Verone realized, as Leia began to knead the tender flesh of her muscular lower stomach, pinching at her abs with both nimble hands. Verone tried to squirm and twist away, but the contractions only seemed to make it tickle even more! And to make matters worse, it wasn’t long till Leia discovered a particularly sweet spot by digging in to each side of her abdomen, pressing straight into the muscle, which made Verone let loose a high-pitched shriek every time without fail. After Verone’s stomach was reddening from the sustained tickle assault, Leia began to deviate to other nearby spots, such as grabbing at the ribs or squeezing the hips. It wasn’t long before she would return to that toned tummy again though, as it seemed to be a bonafide goldmine of ticklishness.

“Fun enough, but it seems like the best spot really is here,” Leia said, as she slowly dragged her nails down Verone’s thighs and shins till she reached the trapped nylon clad soles again.

“And I can sense you just need a little more persuasion, eh?” Leia said, diving her fingers straight into Verone’s toes quickly before pulling out again. Verone gasped for air, wiggling her toes to try to get the feeling of fingers running out of them.

Leia decided to use the feather again, only for her grand finale she would be using two – one for each ticklish foot. The feathers again swept up and down the ticklish nooks and crannies on the nyloned feet which Leia had come to know so well during their time together. After treating both feet to kisses of the feather, without warning, she moved suddenly both feathers to Verone’s right foot, licking one up the sole with one feather as the other wiggled down. Amused by Verone’s ticklish yelp of laughter, Leia repeated this move with the left foot, constantly bouncing from sole to sole as soon as she noticed any desensitivity. Leia loved the way Verone would scrunch her shapely toes and try to block the tickling out, as that just made Leia focus her feathery attacks on the tops of the feet until Verone opened her toes back up again. Then the feathers hastily got themselves reacquainted with the undersides and pads of the toes again.

Verone’s laughter was musical to Leia’s ears – high pitched, but not high enough to be grating, and with a certain melodious quality to it. It was perhaps the last thing Leia would have imagined in an Imperial Officer! You didn’t expect an Imperial Officer to have the giggle of a giggling teenage girl.

Leia stopped the machinations of her feathers as she saw Verone nearing the limit of her mental endurance. This was an interrogation, sure, but there was no need for malice. Verone huffed and puffed as she tried to catch her breath, her mind reeling as she wondered how she could possible escape from this imbroglio. It seemed like she had no option left – she told Leia what she wanted to know. She spilled every bit of information she had, and trusted that maybe not all of the Rebels were the scum of the universe that the Empire always said they were. To her surprise, instead of putting a blaster shot between her eyes, Leia looked understanding. “You’re here to save your comrades. There’s no shame in that,” she said, as she reached up to the vines and wrenched one of Verone’s wrists free.

“You should be able to work yourself free in an hour. I advise you to leave Yavin 4 before long. I can’t say what the vines might do to you. It’s really out of my control,” Leia smiled, the vines wiggling gently at Verone’s nylon soles to emphasize the point.

“I don’t know what the Empire will do to you when they find out you’ve given away this information… so all I’ll say is the Rebel Alliance always has need of people who care about their comrades,” Leia said, with a smile.

As Leia walked away, all Verone could murmur was a phrase she had always seen repeated in her library entries but never quite grasped the significance off.

“May the Force be with you…”




Star Wars TK: Mara Jade vs Leia


Life as a leader of the Rebel Alliance was thrilling. Sure, the risk of death and imprisonment, the massive galactic stakes, and the incredible stress were not exactly good, but Leia had never felt more fulfilled in her life. She had always wanted to go out and make a difference, and here she was, her every move a mockery to the Empire which had proclaimed her downfall. Being one of the Empire’s premier targets, she often had to move from rebel base to base. Tonight she was spending the time at an opulent chateau near the Outer Rim on the planet of Naboo, which would have impressed even if it were not faute de mieux. Leia had always felt a kinship towards the lissom and passionate Queen Apailana, and the feeling had been mutual, as Apailana was a fervent supporter of the Rebel cause.

The Queen had dropped in, without warning, to visit Leia once, while Leia was conducting her regular ‘training sessions’ of her delightfully ticklish captain of guard, Kerry Altira. After taking a moment to digest the scene – Altira spread eagle on a bed as Leia dragged her nails all over Altira’s nyloned feet, the Queen had giggled and politely inquired if she could join the fun, and if perhaps she might get a turn on the bed in a short while.

Going out there fighting the good fight was rewarding and all that, but there was a lot to be said about receiving some downtime too. Han Solo and Chewbacca would be rendezvousing here in a few days time, and they would be setting off for some other gruelling trip before long. Leia had to admit she missed much of her old life in the palaces of Alderaan with her beloved parents, where any propinquity could be easily sated.

It was one reason why she was particularly enjoying her time here, as she sipped a glass of red wine from the chateau’s wine cellars. The wine was redolent, and Leia savoured every drop. Donning the sleek, elegant, white garb she currently wore instead of her regular fatigues or uniforms had just been a bonus.

She reclined on the pink couch, letting herself gently drift off to sleep, unaware of the red shadow that had infiltrated the villa and was skulking towards her…


Mara Jade crept through the ventilation ducts, ever so careful as she knew the slightest movement might trigger the anti-tampering sensors which were standard policy in palaces of this size. She stopped at a good spot, her emerald green eyes closed as she reached out with her mind’s eye to sense the presence of a certain Princess Leia Organa. Mara jade would have liked nothing more than to carve a bloody path to the princess and put an end to this rebellion, right here and now, but she found herself wondering about the nature of this woman who caused Vader and the Emperor so much strife – Mara Jade was nothing if not competitive. Besides, she was not here on imperial business, after all. It was a matter of personal pride.

In any case, the princess seemed to have learned from her mistakes. She was surrounded by an intricate defence system that even Mara Jade with her expert infiltration skills might have trouble breaching. Turrets, mines, poisonous gas traps, hundreds of guards, and battle droids… no expenses were spared when it came to this opulent place, it seemed.

So it seemed Mara Jade must opt for a different approach, one that that was perfect for someone as attuned to the dark side of the Force as she was. She flicked her flame-red hair out of her face as she exhaled deeply and began focusing her powers. She could sense that Leia was asleep, which would make things even easier.

It took a few moments for Mara Jade to conjure up the mental scenario she had in mind. When it came to manipulating dreams, the familiar was simpler, and often more haunting because of it. She recreated the room where Leia was napping in her mind’s eye – the plump, pink recliner, the ornate window with balcony, the polished blue marble floor, and the fragrant houseplants. Now all they needed were a few personal touches… Leia had already slipped out of her high-heeled white boots during her siesta, so that just made it even easier. Ropes binding Leia’s ankles together and then binding the ankles to the wooden bars of the recliner were swiftly added. It was likewise for the wrists. Now that the little details were all out of the way, all Mara Jade needed to do was summon Leia’s consciousness to the scenario she had created, and make her dramatic entrance. Mara Jade smiled a cold, wet smile. Oh, now this would be fun…


Clack, clack, clack.

Leia blinked groggily, as the loud clacking sound, like stones being dropped on a pristine marble floor, suddenly began to rouse her from her comfortable state. She tried to yawn, but found there was something cold and hard jammed in her mouth. She moved her hand to try to remove whatever the thing in her mouth was, but found she could not. They were tied together, and so were her ankles. Leia could feel her heart pounding as she groaned into the gag in her mouth as she tried twisting her body free from her confinements. She could feel that she was on the comfortable couch she had been dozing on, but it had suddenly materialized into a prison, as she felt thick rope binding her to the furniture. The clacking was getting louder, till it stopped just outside and the door was thrown open with a crash.

Leia gasped, and immediately tried to shout at the sight of the strange intruder. It was clear the sound of the clacking had been due to her high heels making contact with the pristine marble floors of the chateau. “Guards! Guards! To me!” Leia tried to cry, desperate for her calls to bring her defenders coming, but the gag prevented the sound from being anything other than a mumble.

“No one will be coming, Princess,” the mysterious woman with the flaming red-hair smiled as she reached down to pull the gag out of Leia's mouth. “It’s just you and me tonight.”

“Who are you?”

“My name is Mara Jade, and I’m your worst nightmare…” the red-haired woman said, slowly clacking her way over to Leia’s trapped body. She wore a navy blue sleeveless jump suit with high heeled black boots, with a holster at her hip, and red goggles at her neck. Her skin tight suit accentuated the curves and muscles of her body, and with her high cheekbones, flaming red-hair, and emerald green eyes, she looked positively hawkish. She looked dangerous, in a word.

“How did you get in here? Where are my guards?” Leia demanded, struggling to get free of her ropes, but the bloody things were tied too tightly.

“Oh, those questions don’t matter right now,” Mara Jade said, purring as she hovered over Leia’s trapped, nylon clad feet like a bird of prey. “What matters is you are all mine right now,” the mysterious woman giggled, as she reached out a hand and pulled the Princess’s drink to her slender hands with the Force.

“You’re… a Jedi?” Leia said, her eyes growing wide as she witnessed the woman’s use of the Force.

“I thought you’d be smarter than that, Princess,” Mara Jade laughed, shaking her head. “My training is a lot more thorough than the lies and half-truths that the Jedi dump on their hapless students. I can do things with the Force that you cannot imagine. For instance…” Mara Jade’s cold green eyes suddenly bore into Leia, and Leia suddenly found herself acutely aware of the cool air on her exposed soles, the tight bonds intensifying the sense of helplessness, and the unmistakable presence of this strange, dangerous woman. Adrenaline was coursing through Leia’s body, as she felt every nerve stand on end as the woman pulled out an orange feather from her belt and began lightly stroking Leia’s right foot. Immediately, Leia felt her whole body jolt as that lone feather somehow managed to tickle her more than anything had in her entire life. All her previous brushes with tickling felt like mere games compared to this – what had this woman done to Leia’s mind?

The feather was just lightly dawdling along Leia’s high arch, which naturally, as befits her rank, had been pedicured during her stay here, and it was already causing ticklish tremors to erupt throughout her body. Leia closed her eyes and gnawed on her lower lip, refusing to give the mysterious Mara Jade the satisfaction of laughing, but it was a battle Leia was losing.

Leia’s eyes opened a crack, and she saw that the woman had her back to Leia. She was sipping on the Princess’s iced wine while effortlessly whisking the feather across both nylon clad soles. It was bad enough to be tickle tortured, but to be driven into helpless laughter by someone so flippant was beyond insulting! Leia was too busy being offended that she lost track of the feather as it continued its merry trek across her ticklish soles, so when the wispy feather brushed under the sweet spot at the very centre of her sole, she found herself bursting into girlish giggles.

“Oh, this really is far too easy… at least put up a fight,” the woman mocked, as she continued to drink from Leia’s own glass, still turning her back to the Princess. Somehow she always knew where to flick the feather without watching, as it never missed a spot as it continued to flutter up and down Leia’s soles.

The soft caresses of the feather had always been horrendous for Leia, but somehow she was even more jumpy and sensitive than usual, as Mara Jade continued her absent-minded feathering. It was infuriating how the woman was more pre-occupied with drinking the Princess’s vintage wine than the tickle torture, as she was depressingly good at it. Even without looking, she knew instinctively knew how to hit all the spots that were most unbearable on Leia’s foot.  She made sure to cover every spot on Leia’s high, tender arches, on the fleshy balls of her feet, on the royal, painted toes, and in between them during her reconnoitre.  It was every spot that was bad for the Princess, and the soft bristles of the feather never let a sweet spot remain neglected for long. This was because the Force gave Mara Jade perspicacity in all things, and detecting hot spots was no different. To Mara Jade, Leia’s feet, or indeed her whole body, were like a map with large crosses indicating where ticklish treasure could be uncovered with a bit of digging.

After giving Leia’s feet a few final feathery kisses, Mara Jade put down her weapon of ticklish doom. “You seem… awfully jumpy, Princess. Are you always this ticklish, or is it just me?” giggled the woman with a purr, which Leia found immensely infuriating. She hated to admit it, but the mysterious Force adept had a point. She was ticklish, and had always been ticklish, but there was something about this woman that just stoked her. Perhaps it was the mischievous, malicious smile that looked like she was toying with Leia’s mind with every word she said, or maybe it was even the Force pulling strings on her behalf, but Leia did undoubtedly feel more… exposed and vulnerable than ever before. Every touch sent shivers, every brush launched tingles throughout her body, and every little tease unleashed electric tendrils of surprise. It was like she could feel every particle of air against her exposed, cool skin. The feather had softened up her foe’s defences, so now Mara Jade brought out the big guns – those wicked fingers of hers. They tapped lightly at Leia’s feet. It was not even truly an attempt to tickle; it was more a light prod, the way one might test bathwater, but Leia found herself recoiling at the touch all the same.

“Now, I generally have my own methods of interrogation, but our spies have learned some very interesting information…” Mara said, with a smile that was predatory. “You’re ticklish, aren’t you? Like some littleeeeeee girl… poor little baby is ticklish?”

“Softer than I would have thought for a rebel leader,” Mara Jade observed, tracing her finger around Leia’s nylon soles, pale, smooth, and with only the faintest wrinkling around the ball. She latched on to the toes of one till it was completely stretched out and gave her fingers an experimental scrape. Immediately, Leia let loose a ripple of melodious laughter. Mara Jade continued, her fingers working all over both stockinged feet as she focused on the spots. Through the keen insight the Force granted her, Mara Jade could see all the spots: The sweet spots that would make Leia’s gasp, the secret spots no one knew about, the dangerous spots that could shred Leia’s mind if they were tormented sufficiently, and, of course, the tender spots that were almost pleasurable, though those spots would get little attention tonight. Mara Jade could see those spots as if they were emblazoned in gold, with the Force as her omniscient muse. She could even see Leia’s temperament; she could see the Princess’s elevated heart rate, the telltale signs of perspiration, and the stubborn refusal to give in to Mara Jade’s probings, though that was wont to change before long. Mara Jade could see that Leia’s defences were cracking, and all she needed was a little bit of pressure. Mara Jade was using Leia’s fear of being tickled against her, overwhelming her sensations with light, sudden touches. She would slash her nails up Leia’s soles, or claw along their insteps suddenly.

“Your feet are certainly ticklish enough for a Princess,” Mara Jade declared with a malevolent smirk, flicking her auburn hair back as she did so.  “But it would be irresponsible of me to neglect your other spots, no?”

The fact that Leia’s eyes grew as wide as the Millennium Falcon indicated this was the right move. “Wahahahahait!” she squealed in surprise, as a cold, cruel hand make contact with her left side, squeezing and teasing experimentally. Mara Jade giggled to herself at the Princess’s evident ticklish outrage. Had the Princess honestly believed that she might confine herself to just tickling the royal digits when there was a whole host of other spots to loot?

Leia tossed her head from side to side as if denying what was happening as she felt cold fingers glide gently up and down her ribcage, slipping underneath her clothing to get at the warm flesh beneath. Mara Jade snuck a hand down Leia’s lower back down to her behind, and gave it an experimental stroke. Squealing in shock, Leia reared up, making her back arch in response to the unexpected stimuli. Doing so elongated Leia’s stomach, however, and it made too inviting a target to pass up as the mysterious assailant promptly drilled her fingers into the exposed midsection. She swept her fingers up and down the taut, milky-white stomach like a pendulum, overwhelming Leia’s sensory receptors with a barrage of tickling strokes.  Leia’s spluttered with laughter, as she let loose a high-pitched whoop of laughter, her Princess-like demeanour shattered by the expertly-done assault on her ticklish body.

“You know, this is my first time,” Mara Jade said with a chuckle, as her fingers descended lower to visit Leia’s thighs, giving them several sensual squeezes and strokes that did horrible things to Leia’s body that did not bear thinking about. “I’m guess I’m a natural, eh? Or maybe you’re just that ticklish… the poor ticklish Princess… all mine to play with for as long as I want…”

Leia struggled to formulate a witty retort, but Mara Jade’s hands suddenly shot upwards into her armpits, making Leia’s would-be retort disappeared in a snort of intense laughter. The princess writhed fiercely in the tight rope that bound her to the couch, but she just seemed to be rubbing herself raw in the process as opposed to making any meaningful progress. And then Mara Jade’s long, merciless, cool fingers darted upwards to skitter along Leia’s neck and collarbones. Leia tried to clamp her neck down and crush Mara Jade’s fingers, but it was a fruitless endeavour.

The worst part was not the tickling, (for once), but the sadistic, raptorial look on her tormentor, sharp, comely features. All the while during the savage, relentless tickling process, Mara Jade’s voracious green eyes never left the Princess’s face. Every voluntary giggle, desperate squirm, or clenched gesture of frustration Leia showed seemed to make Mara Jade’s features glimmer, almost as she was feasting on the Princess’s suffering. Leia knew the woman was not bluffing when she said she could do this all day – she really could. But then what would happen to Leia? Well, they said negotiation was a bureaucrat’s armour…

“W-wahahahat do youhohoho wahant!” Leia stuttered, almost choking on the words as Mara Jade rapidly poked her sides in what Leia could only describe as a pseudo-martial arts manoeuvre, so swift and on-target were the ticklish prods.

“I want many things, my ticklish Princess,” Mara Jade began, as she slipped a finger underneath Leia’s top and made a ticklish beeline for the sensitive stomach that lay entombed within. “Another glass of wine would hit the spot right now, for instance,” she lifted up a hand while her other hand continued to spider across Leia’s poor tummy. Leia could only sit back and laugh herself silly as she watched the Force at work – the empty glass of wine rose in the air, followed by the bottle, and they both levitated in mid-air as the bottle poured its delicious red liquid into the glass. 

“But down to business,” Mara Jade said, as she finished her drink, while her other hand’s index finger corkscrewed horribly in Leia’s belly button. “You have the whole Empire gunning after you… a lot of the higher ups are afraid of you. I’m here to see if there’s any truth to that. So far all I’ve learned is this tummy is quite ticklish,” Mara Jade sniggered mockingly, as she added both hands to launch a frenetic ten-fingered attack on the stomach in question, tickling inexorably till every inch experienced the touch of those remorseless nails.

Mara stopped to let Leia catch her breath. Leia had her head down as she panted and coughed from the ticklish exertions. I’ve beaten her already… this one definitely does not have what it takes to be any rival of mine… she is not even in my league, Mara Jade thought, with a conceited air of self-satisfaction. Mara Jade glanced down at the stocking-clad bare feet of the woman, and wondered if her own feet could possibly be as ticklish. She could not remember the last time she had been tickled, but she would wager she would certainly not fall to pieces the way the brash, headstrong Princess had. To be defeated by something as whimsical as a bit of tickling! Mara Jade could imagine the Emperor, Darth Sidious, laughing his royal head off as he heard the tale of how Mara Jade had bested the Empire’s most consistent thorn in its side. And with such a childish tool like tickling of all things! Mara Jade was mentally preparing her field report when Leia spoke, and she spoke with a firm air of determination that made Mara Jade pause.

“Yes, you’re right… I’m ticklish. That doesn’t mean I’ll bow to you, or any of the Emperor’s lackeys. We will fight you till our last breath, we will fi-”

Leia’s courageous speech was unfortunately interrupted as Mara Jade pulled the toes to Leia’s left foot back to fully exposing her pale arch, and then begins applying slow, steady strokes to the spot that connected the arch to the ball of the foot. Immediately, Leia began to splutter and giggle, though her enchanting brown eyes still blazed with a steely-eyed tenacity that Mara Jade found unsettling.

“You have a lot of bluster for someone with such ticklish arches,” Mara Jade said, trying to push the discomfort from her mind as she ran her slender fingers through the arches in question.

Leia attempted another retort as she writhed in laugher and flopped back and forth on the sofa as Mara Jade’s fingers continued to tease her tender, sensitive skin with her shapely nails.

“W-weehee wohohohon’t…”

“Shall I assume you’re using the royal we? As in ‘we have very ticklish feet indeed’? I never could stand you arrogant monarch types...” Mara Jade said with a chuckle, regaining her composure as she continued her expert tormenting of Leia’s feet. She continued to poke and prod, to see if she could reach the the apogee, apex, and crescendo of Leia’s traumatic tickling experience. She had Princess Leia, darling of the galaxy, and the face of the Rebellion’s feet all to herself, and she was going to fully explore what drove Leia the craziest. Mara Jade would break her, like she did with all her victims.

“I swear, you really do make this too easy for me, Princess,” Mara Jade mocked, as her fingers aimed for the sweet spot that was right in the middle of her high, perfect, stockinged arches. “I’m almost jealous at how soft and smooth these feet of yours are. It must be the perks of being a Princess… they are so soft that my nails just glide straight over them. And i'm sure your sheer nylons are making them extra tickly. But I guess that sucks for you, eh?” Mara Jade smirked, as she continued drilling her nails right in those arches, as Leia’s nyloned feet flapped desperately to shoo Mara Jade’s fingers away. 

“Admit it, admit it, admit it… Why won’t you just admit that you are a scared, ticklish girl who is in way over her head,” Mara Jade chided as she worked over both arches with her fingers, making sure to give special attention to Leia’s sweet spot on her arches. Leia tried to use her toes to close around Mara Jade’s fingers, but that just earned her a quick tickling between the toes.

“Admit it… I’m better than you. You know your cause is doomed…’ Mara Jade repeated, tickling even harder.

“NO!” Leia screamed, as with a sudden jolt, Mara Jade found herself thrown out of the dream, and suddenly she was back in the air vent. The change was so sudden that Mara Jade found herself recoiling, and she banged her head in the cramped vents. Immediately, she heard alarms blaring, and the sensation of a hundred minds, alert and aggressive, hunting after the intruder. Mara Jade cursed under her breath as she realized she must have triggered some kind of sensors. She could still feel the strange aftermath in her mind, the odd burst of energy which had erupted from the ticklish Princess. Was she force-sensitive? Mara Jade would have to make further inquiries, but not now. She made a hasty retreat, the Force allowing her to glide through the vent like she was being blasted out of a cannon. With her crimson lightsaber in hand, she quickly carved a new exit, and she was out in the Naboo forests within the minute. As sweat trickled from the exertion of escape, Mara Jade knew this would not be the last time she crossed paths with Princess Leia.

We will meet again, Princess… and I will have the last laugh…

Star Wars TK: Kerry Altira’s Revenge on Leia


It was several months into the war effort, and things were going even more smoothly than Leia Skywalker would have dared dream. She had always known there had been some simmering discontent among the various Rim worlds about the Empire’s myopic ‘stabilization’ of discontent worlds through violent force, as the Empire’s tendentious habit of sending in Stormtroopers and interrogation officers to quell any signs of rebellion had also done them few favours in terms of sympathy. There really was a lack of esprit de corps among planets within the Empire’s influence, with each planet simply thinking about self-preservation first and foremost, and evading the Emperor’s wrath. As a result of the current imbroglio that was the rebel resistance, the Empire had tightened its screws on many other planets, but this only had the opposite effect of sending more planets flocking to support the rebels, either openly or covertly.

With every day that passed, it seemed Leia and her friends had a new ally, offering them information or resources. Today was no different, as Leia checked the holonets to see if she had received any new transmissions. She had some updates from her troops in the field, some on-going negotiations, and other miscellaneous information that one must keep an eye on when organizing a rebellion, but what caught her eye most was a holographic message she had received from a certain Kerry Altira.

Leia vaguely recalled Miss Altira. She had been a wide-eyed brunette, easy enough on the eyes, who had likely been recruited by the Empire through one of their romanticized propaganda videos which played on a combination of jingoism and adventure to trick suckers into signing up for the Empire. The last time Leia had seen Kerry, she had finished interrogating the young, wilful officers into giving up some codes she required, and then left her to have her soft nylon-clad feet tickled by some cleaning machine.

Unbidden, memories suddenly flowed back to the forefront of Leia’s consciousness – a pair of exquisitely shapely and ticklish feet, which rivalled Leia’s own in terms of beauty and acute sensitivity. Tickling them had been tremendously enjoyable, and if Kerry was serious about wanting to join the Empire, as she claimed in the hologram, then surely she would not object to a test of her resolve...

She re-watched the holographic message, carefully studying Kerry’s expression for malice. As Kerry stated her desire to join to Rebel Alliance, saying she had secret information about Empire movements she would offer, Leia detected a high level of excitement about the energetic girl, like she was about to embark on some grand journey; it really wasn’t the temperament of someone who planned on selling Leia out to the Empire. It sounded like Kerry had done some serious soul searching (after Leia’s sole searching of her feet for ticklish spots) and had become jaded with the Empire’s way of doing things. Leia’s first instinct was that Kerry’s conversation was a genuine one, and she had always trusted her instincts – now more than ever.

Kerry had asked to meet the Princess on Dantooine, leaving instructions on how to get there and what to wear (regulation Imperial grey uniform with black nylons to blend in), and Leia sent out a reply. Dantooine was a planet in the Outer Rim, and with most of the Empire pulling its forces out to strike at the rebels, there was a minimal Empire presence there, so Leia felt reassured that even in the event of trouble, she could count on nearby Rebel sympathizers for help. She informed her comrades about her decision, and then set off in her private Starfighter, with a squadron of X-wings and A-wings for support. She wasn’t about to go diving in without backup, no matter how sure she was that Kerry had no truly malicious intentions at heart.

Leia was rather looking forward to this recruitment session in truth, because having been tickled so often she had developed a particular fondness for doling out what she generally received. She had carried a feather secured to her thigh under her skirt, thinking she would have a bit more fun with Kerry prior to formally accepting her into the Alliance. Leia was sure Kerry would not mind (much).

Her starfighter set down in the grassy plains of Dantooine. She took a deep breath of the slightly humid Dantooine air, and took in the sights. It had been a long time since she had been here. She spied a pack of Kath Hounds hunting after a galloping Iriaz, while several Kinrath skulked about in a nearby cave.

She was walking distance to the settlement where Kerry had agreed to meet her, so she waved a hand to the captain of her guard telling him to wait here. The look on his face said he disagreed with this notion, but Leia reassured him with a smile. “If I’m not back by sundown come get me. My transponder is on. There’s no need to worry.”

Her captain bowed his head reluctantly. “As you say, Princess. We’ll be waiting here.”

The regular Dantooine day was 25 hours long, so Leia estimated she had about eight hours before dusk. Plenty of time to find out if Kerry Altira was as feather sensitive all over her body as Leia theorized. “Let’s not keep our new ticklish recruit waiting,” she smiled to herself, humming as she strode off in search of the bar where Kerry would be waiting for her.


Leia strode into the empty tavern, her head bobbing to the sound of the hologram Bith band playing in the corner of the room (clearly they were operating on a tight budget here). At the table furthest away from the entrance, was a brown-haired young lady that could only be Kerry Altira. There was no one else in the bar aside from a bored-looking bartender whose eyes were on a screen showing the latest news on the HoloNet.

Leia strode purposefully to the seated girl, plopping herself down with a smile.

“Afternoon, Officer Altira. I hope you aren’t thinking of defecting to the Rebel Alliance.”

There was a twinkle of recognition which coalesced into mischief in Kerry’s big brown eyes as she recognized the voice, and decided to play along. “Oh, I wouldn’t dream of it. I hear those dirty Rebels are savage to girls with ticklish feet.”

“Don’t you know it,” Leia grinned, as she gestured to the bartender for a drink. “Now on a serious note,” Leia said, as the bartender plopped down a foaming mug in front of her. “What do you have for me?”

“I come bearing many gifts,” Kerry giggled excitedly, like a schoolgirl meeting her idol for the first time. “Wouldn’t want to make a bad impression on my new friends.” She reached into her pocket and pulled out a little silver datapad. “Coordinates and destinations of all the nearby Imperial spacecraft. My navigational station keeps track of this sort of thing, as you may remember.”

Leia remembered Kerry’s astonishingly ticklish nylon-clad feet well enough, so she nodded as she took the datapad and turned it on. Her eyes focused down on the screen as she skimmed through the information on the electronic device. It all looked legitimate, to her delight, as she began beaming the information through her com back to her ship.

“You spoke of other gifts?” Leia smiled, after she had finished fiddling with the device. Kerry was being so helpful that Leia was considering tickling her only briefly, say for an hour or so. Little did Leia know, that being so absorbed with studying the information in the datapad, Kerry had slipped a certain substance into the Princess’s drink…

“My personal donation to the cause,” Kerry said, putting a credit chip on the stained table. “I emptied the safe before I came out. I decided I deserved a raise for all my good service.”

“Couldn’t agree more,” Leia nodded, as she took the small, flat chip. Every little bit helped for an organization like the Rebel Alliance.

“And this might come in handy too,” Kerry said, fishing a keycard out of her pocket. “it took some ‘persuasion’ of a certain ticklish Twilek desk jockey running the supplies depot in the nearby port, but this is to the imperial armoury there. The weaponry should be useful if things get messy.”

“That cannot have been easy to get…” Leia said, genuinely impressed. She felt a twinge of guilt. It really felt like sacrilege to punish such a dutiful support of the Rebel Alliance with a sustained bout of tickle-torture.

“I feel like we should make it up to you, somehow. You’ve really gone above and beyond here,” Leia said, as she sipped from her drink again. “Would you like to be made captain of your own squadron?”

“You know, now that you mention it… there is something…” Kerry said innocently, a slender finger on her chin.

“The Rebel Alliance is generous with its supporters,” Leia nodded, as she beckoned for Kerry to continue her request.

“Well, you had a lot of fun tickling my poor nyloned feet last time round. You were good. Really good. It got me wondering if you might be ticklish yourself. A takes one to know one kind of thing.”

Leia laughed. That was all? Kerry just wanted to gossip and tease her a bit? That was easily worth all the contributions Kerry had just bestowed on the Rebel Alliance.

“You got me there. When I got pedicures at the royal palace on Alderaan I would always burst out into giggles.”

“Ahhh, that explains a lot. So where are you most ticklish?”

Kerry’s probing was veering into suspicious territory, but Leia decided to let it pass, as she still only sensed a combination of mischief and excitement in the young brunette. She had done a huge favour for the Rebels after all.

“The whole of my foot, really. But the arches are always bad, and under the toes. I’m not sure I’m really as ticklish as you though,” Leia said, with a laugh, as she made to get up. “Speaking of which, shall we be off? My squad is waiting for us.” Leia was eager to get her curious new ally somewhere more private, and give her a proper ticklish initiation into the Rebel Alliance. She definitely intended to ask Kerry where she was most ticklish on the way later.

“Give me a minute,” Kerry said, as she grinned mysteriously. “There’s something I want to try first.”

“What’s that?”

Kerry’s hands shot out and squeezed Leia’s sides, making the startled princess shriek in surprise. The princess tried to push the other girl’s hands away, but she felt sluggish and slow, as if she had drank a dozen pints instead of just one. “Guess you’re pretty ticklish up here too,” Kerry chuckled, as her sharp nails skittered up and down Leia’s ribs, before darting into the princess’s perfect armpits.

“Wahahahahat are you dohohohoing?” Leia spluttered, her head spinning. Only too late did she realize her drink had been spiked.

“Well, there’s one more thing I wanted… a big of good ol’ honest revenge! Only fair, Princess!” Kerry said, her fingers questing along Leia’s stomach now.

As Leia’s consciousness ebbed away and she slumped to the floor, Kerry motioned to the bartender, who had been enjoying the sight of their catfight. “Help me carry her into the room I booked, would ya?” Kerry called.

“Bloody imperials,” he grumbled under his breath, having taken the whole incident as an example of political infighting due to Leia and Kerry both donning Imperial Officer garb. “Don’t make a mess,” he warned, as the two of them heaved the slumbering Leia into one of the rooms the bars offered for customers of a… lascivious temperament.

“Don’t you worry… you might hear some noise though,” Kerry grinned.

“Sound-proofing on policy,” the bartender said, knowing that many of his patrons tended to be quite loud during their nocturnal activities. “Have a good one,” he said, repeating the same phrase he said to all his customers.

“You bet I will,” Kerry said, as she plonked the unconscious Leia on the bed.


Kerry rubbed her fingers together, a broad smile on her face as she admired her slumbering, snoring future leader. She hoped Leia would not take offence! She had wanted to do this every since the Rebel Princess had sauntered into her life. She stripped off Leia’s high black boots with relish, taking in a deep breath as she savoured the moment. Who knew when she might get this chance again!

She finished tugging off the tough boots, and got her first glance as the Princess’s royal feet. They were clad in the regulation black nylons, of course. The skin on the tops and in Leia’s high, wrinkly arches were milky white and the balls, heels and sides of her feet were a slightly pinkish colour, doubtless from all her evading Leia must do as de-facto leader of the resistance. The toes had    a glossy, transparent nail polish. It was difficult to ascertain much of this due to the black hue of the stockings, but Kerry reckoned her assumptions would be on point.

The skin looked tender, like they had received constant pedicures in the past. Kerry wondered if Leia had stopped by the local salon in town before she stopped by, as she herself was a frequent customer of that charming little spa. Kerry had actually been there earlier today to pick up a few supplies for her time with the pretty, ticklish Princess. She deposited a pumice stone (the blasted things always tickled her terribly) and some massaging oil at the foot of the bed. Kerry rubbed her hands together, buzzing with excitement. She hummed a tune they always played on Imperial propaganda holovids (it was a kind of imperial march), to herself as she tied Leia’s ankles to the bedposts at the corners of the bed in the room.

As she made her way to Leia’s wrists, Kerry was surprised to discover a feather strapped to Leia’s thigh.

“What do we have here?” Kerry murmured, as she picked up the feather and ran it through her fingers. “It seems like someone had a few bad intentions!” she said sternly to the slumbering Princess, flicking the feather across her nylon-covered inner thighs. Leia giggled a bit in her sleep, and Kerry quickly relented – it would not do to wake up her ‘guest’ until she was fully prepared for her! Kerry dropped the feather with her other toys and finishing tying Leia’s wrists to the bedpost. Leia was already starting to wake up at this point (that was fast!)

“Wha… what’s going on?” Leia said, startled to find herself bound to a bed by rope. “Oh, you’re joking me…” Leia said, when she spotted the feather, the oil, and the pumice stone lurking near her devastatingly vulnerable and sensitive feet.

“Well, you see, there was another thing I wanted in return for my help,” Kerry said, flashing her pearly-white teeth at Leia.

“I think I can work out where this is going,” Leia said, in a resigned tone of voice as she wiggled her toes.

“Your powers of observation are astounding. That must be your royal education,” Kerry said with a chuckle, as she reached for the feather that she had discovered on Leia’s person. “I think you came to see me with rather… ticklish ideas in mind.”

Leia looked visibly uncomfortable at the sight of Kerry holding the feather Leia had planned on using on their newest ally. “I was going to, um,” Leia paused, before deciding on the truth. “Tickle you with that, yes; just to test your dedication to our cause!”

“A likely story,” Kerry snorted, as she brushed the feather down Leia’s right foot as punishment, making the Princess yelp. “You just wanted to give my poor nylon-covered tootsies a tickling again!”

“Mahahahaybeeeeheee!” Leia spluttered, as her nylon clad soles were treated to a few more teasing strokes from the feather.

Kerry’s grin grew further. “I can see why, this is pretty fun!” Kerry giggled, cradling the feather with both hands. “But since you were planning on tickling me anyway, I won’t feel guilty about this!” she said, sticking her tongue out as she focused her efforts on feathering Leia’s feet, one at a time. She loved the way Leia’s nyloned soles would respond to each swish and flick of the feather, like it was doing its own ticklish little dance. The arches were clearly a bad spot, as during this the toes would scrunch together and quiver like there was an earthquake. Kerry smirked as she traced the tip of the stiff feather up and down Leia's arches methodically, only occasionally altering the pace by throwing in quick strokes to keep her on her toes. 

The toes were a fun spot too, because of the way the feet would twitch right and left, to try to dodge the invading touch of the feather. It was clear that the toes were nearly if not equally as bad as the arches, based on the desperate flail they would do every time the feather crept its way under the toes or along the tips.

At this point, the Princess’s pleas had already dissolved into a steady stream of musical, royal laughter. “Oh, I could do this all day…” Kerry giggled, as she used one hand to hold Leia’s right foot still while she treated the foot to the feathering of a lifetime.

“Nohohohohoho!” Leia exclaimed through wild laughter.

“Oh, don’t worry…” Kerry said reassuringly, as she put down the feather to give Leia a quick break. “I was serious about wanting to join the alliance. I just think I need to give these pretty things a bit of punishment,” she said, giving Leia’s nearest foot a little poke with her sharp nails, making the Princess gasp. “I think another twenty minutes is fair considering you were planning on tickling me too, wouldn’t you say?” she asked, as she reached for the oil.

“I guess…” Leia huffed, her breathing still wild from the tickling as she felt the oil being rubbed all over her nylon clad feet. Kerry could see Leia’s legs and feet relaxing as Kerry (with the dexterous skills of a typist!) rubbed the Princess’s soles with both hands. “Why can’t we just do this?” Leia sighed contently, thinking it made a wondrous change from the tickling. 

Of course, her comfort was not to last, as just when Leia began to settle in for the massage, she suddenly felt a rough, abrasive touch of something on her right foot, making slow circular motions. Leia arched her back as best she could tied eagle-spread, and let loose a loud squeal that she was surprised didn’t draw the attention of the bartender from next door.

“Wahahahat is thahahat!” Leia exclaimed, trying to crane her head down for a better look at the strange thing that was doing an ungodly job tickling the heck out of her poor right foot. It felt somewhat familiar, but she could not quite put her finger on it.

“A pumice stone,” Kerry explained patiently, as she focused on the fleshy balls of Leia’s feet. “I’m giving you a pedicure. Aren’t I the sweetest?”

“Nohohoho!” Leia squeaked as her ally continued to brush the pumice stone around her smooth pink balls of her left foot.

“You know this is just the warm up, right?” Kerry said, squirting more oil onto Leia’s feet and rubbing it in. “I get wait to get at these dainty things properly with my fingers later…”

Leia’s eyes grew wide at this revelation as she suddenly noticed how long Kerry’s fingernails were – it seemed the turncoat had been growing out her nails just for this occasion! But there was no time to worry about this now, as Kerry was in the midst of thoroughly pumicing Leia’s creamy, high arches, which were not taking the pedicure process well at all.

Leia was sure at least half an hour had passed, but she was in no place to object. The fact that Kerry had finished her pumicing was no cause for celebration though, as now Leia’s feet were probably as ticklish as they had ever been, and they were usually plenty ticklish enough just in nylons anyway!

After coating Leia’s soles with a fresh layer of oil, Kerry looked at the pink, perfect soles with a hungry glitter in her brown eyes. “Are you ready, Princess? But we’ll be done after the next five minutes,” she said, wiggling her long nails towards the helpless, nyloned soles.

“Can I say no?”

“Uh uh,” Kerry said, with a chuckle as she began spider tickling Leia’s super oily, nylon clad soles with the very tips of her fingers. Normally, this would be barely enough to register, even on someone as ludicrously ticklish as Leia, but on already sensitive nylon feet that had just been covered in oil...

Leia scrunched her toes tightly, and closed her eyes, as she tried to defy the sensations that came creeping up her legs. As always, this was fruitless.

“Gahahahaha! It tihihihickles!” she squeaked, burbling with laughter as she felt Kerry’s tease one foot at a time, then both feet together, before jumping back to one foot at a time. Although Leia was having a rough time of things, Kerry was having the time of her life. Leia’s regal-looking feet were gorgeous, and Kerry was relishing every moment she had with those delicate appendages. With the oil and nylons, they were velvety, soft, and slick to the touch. The skin felt so soft and tender it almost felt like they were tickling Kerry’s fingertips in return. Well, no. Kerry was definitely tickling the heck out of those pretty peds!

Kerry traced her fingers in random patterns up and down Leia's soles, delighting at the way the silky smooth skin reacted to every movement. The way the sole would wrinkle up was delicious, as were the way the toes would splay open every time Kerry’s fingers sank into the butter-soft flesh along the balls of the foot. She could sit back and watch those soles dance all day, but she knew she could not.

“I’m a woman of my word, Princess,” Kerry said, in a tone that suggested she deeply regretted that she was. She released Leia from her bonds.

“Thaaa… thank you,” a breathless Leia said, as she reached down to rub her tingling feet. There was an awkward silence as Kerry feared that she had gone over the line. Would Leia forgive her? Leia had brought a blaster with her – might Kerry be shot for her insubordination? Kerry’s heart was pounding in her chest as the Princess rubbed her wrists were the ropes had chaffed her. Finally she spoke.

“What’s the time?”

“Um, about three hours before sundown?” answered a perplexed Kerry. “So, are we okay?”

Leia smiled. “I’ll forgive this little episode… but your next two hours are mine. Get on the bed and take off your boots.”

Kerry’s jaw dropped. “Two hours! I only tickled you for like thirty minutes!”

“I’m a princess. Are you going to do it?”

Kerry’s jaw tightened. “Yes.”

Leia laughed. “Taking it on the chin, I see; a woman after my own heart. The alliance is happy to have you,” Leia said, as she reached down for the oil and pumice stone that Kerry had used to such effect.

“Uhhh, go easy?” Kerry gulped, as she pulled off her boots.

Leia merely smirked. “I’m assigning you to my personal escort. I think we’ll schedule some private training sessions, say every week or so. I think this’ll help keep your reflexes sharp. Laugh if you consent,” she said, as she gave her nails and experimental scrape down Kerry’s nyloned arch.



And so Leia recruited the future captain of her personal royal guard.

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LoL TK: Ahri’s Slave


The Nine-Tailed Fox, Ahri strolled off the concert stage, smiling as she savouring the cheers from a delighted crowd, and the chorus of applause. The sounds of a crowd whipped into an amorous frenzy followed her as she walked backstage, intermingled by the clacks of her high heels. The pop starlet twirled a manicured finger around her golden curls as she waltzed her svelte frame back into her dressing room where he would be waiting.

Her feet were sore, like they always were from standing in those towering high heels for so long. But Ahri knew she looked gorgeous in them, and she knew she had just the person to rub away all the aches and pain from her time on the stage. She fumbled with a key as she laid a milky-white hand on the doorknob to her dressing room. She adored the sounds of the stage, the clamour of the howling crowd, who all, unmistakably, wanted her. They wanted her with every fibre of their being, man or woman. Ahri tittered to herself, closing her eyes as she inhaled deeply with a smile. I know what they desire. She could smell the lust in the room. Her room, where her toy was there waiting for her. It would not do to keep him waiting any longer.

She pushed open the door with a fierce grin on her face. You could see her fox-like teeth sharp in her smile. “Did you miss me, slave?”

“More than anything,” her slave said weekly, looking up from the large bed where he had been bound naked and eagle-spread. He had almost recited it correctly this time, Ahri thought. His training had been going well.

“You will address me at all times as Mistress Ahri, slave. Do not forget your place,” the fox said sternly, as she slid inside the room, shut the door, and made her way to the makeup table. She could see from the mirror her slave was watching her intently, his longing eyes shifting from her ample rump, to her wicked toned legs, to her backless dress. She took her time, disrobing, knowing that it teased him so, as she pulled of her hat, her heart-shaped medallion, and her jacket till she wore nothing but her derrière, which showed off her bosom alluringly. 

By the time she turned around, she was pleased to see his member, which had been limp and slumbering when she first walked in, was already in a semi-aroused state. What a delightful find he had been. She had found him lurking outside the concert grounds one day, clamouring for her autograph. He was shy and cute, so she had taken him inside and had her way with him. Not simply for sex, oh no… it would not do to kill her new boytoy when he could be repurposed for other designs.

Ahri’s charming abilities would wear off on strong-minded individuals, but for a natural submissive like this one, it could be nigh-permanent, which was just the way she liked it. He was the perfect tonic for her long concerts. She sat at the foot of her bed, and began to slowly unzip those killer black high-heels of hers. She knew the effect it had on him. What luck she had to find a foot fetishist. All the better to tease…  By the time her pantyhose clad feet were free, he was already almost fully erect. Ahri giggled to herself. It really was too easy.  She pointed down at the cock ring she made him wear with a pink-painted finger. “Does that feel comfortable, my sweet slave?”

He gulped. It was a game they played regularly, and by now Ahri had conditioned him to know what would happen if he answered in a petulant, insolent manner. 

“N-No, Mistress Ahri. I l-love it,” he said, with a look of pleading in his big brown eyes. 

Ahri’s grin was downright predatory as she extended her long legs across his chest, taking care to accidentally on purpose brush against his growing erection and make him gasp. The cock ring’s purpose was two-fold. It was a necessity, in that Ahri’s destructive powers would kill a man if she had sex with them, but only if they climaxed inside her. As a result, the tight cock ring kept her boytoy alive long enough to continue his service. The cock ring was also diabolically fun. She could see the desperation in those big brown eyes of his after being teased and edged for hours. She didn’t know what he was complaining about. He had been so desperate to please, and now he was doing that. He should be grateful for simply the pleasure of her company. She was making sure to tickle the guilt-inducing look of him thoroughly.

But that was all for later. It started with her massage. Her slender, shapely feet were perpetually tired after concerts, and the soft, tender tongue of her boy made the perfect cure. She rubbed her immaculate feet over his face and sat back as the probing tongue did its work. It lapped over the slick fabric of her stockings, as his tongue kiss and sucked the pedicured appendages. Her toes were painted a matching sharp pink of course, as they curled and wiggled happily as they were engulfed by his loving mouth.  Ahri’s feet were sensitive to stimulation of every kind, and the truth was the tongue treatment tickled them slightly, and her slave knew better than to attempt to nibble on her toes or along the ball of the feet, were she was astonishingly ticklish. He had done that first, during their first night together, and he had smiled so very mischievously. Of course, his howls of laughter had sounded a lot less mischievous when Ahri’s talon-like nails and her nine-tailed whipped his body into a haze of sensual, ticklish delirium. Ahri closed her eyes in remembrance, smiling fondly at the memory. Her gleaming eyes opened back to the sight of her devoted slave now, his tongue still lapping furiously, not missing a beat.

The plain massages were relaxing and all… but Ahri’s always found she enjoyed them more when she found… things, for her hands to do while she was enjoying her tongue massage. As her own feet were lavished by that warm, wet touch of the tongue, she stared down at his bare feet. They were not as exceptional as Ahri’s own shapely, flawless feet, but for a man, they did not look bad - creamy white, rather thin and small for a man, and rather wrinkly especially when he curled his toes. They were the kind of soft-looking feet that just begged to have a fingernail dragged across them. Ahri was not one who liked to delay gratification of any sort, so with a devilish smirk, she kept herself waiting no longer, and scribbled her long nails in his arches.

He immediately spluttered with laughter, just as she knew he would. “What’s wrong, slave? You don’t enjoy my touch?” she demanded, scratching at the base of his toes, as he squirmed about impotently.

“I dohohohoho,” he giggled, lost for words like he always once they started this game, which was precisely why Ahri enjoyed playing it so much.

“I do, Mistress Ahri,” she corrected, wedging her fingers between those quivering toes for punishment as he squeaked from the sudden stimulation.

“Why have you stopped pleasuring my feet? Are you tired of my company?” she demanded, as his tongue stopped their tender caresses on account of the foot torment he was enduring .

“Nohohoho. Sahahahary,” he said meekly, before returning his mouth to the task at hand, popping in Ahri’s perfectly painted toes one at a time and swirling them in his mouth.

“You forgot to address me as Mistress Ahri,” she said, slapping him in the cheek lightly with her free foot. “Again,” she added, tickling even more fiercely with her razor sharp nails. “And don’t you dare scrunch your toes like that. Your feet are mine. Your whole body is mine now.”

He whimpered, his giggles muffled by the foot in his mouth as he reluctantly uncurled his ticklish toes, granting his mistress unimpeded access to the ticklish gaps between them. Naturally, she promptly took advantage of by sifting her fingers through all the toes at once, or scratching insistently at the little-to-no-contact area where the toes met the rest of the foot.

Ahri wore a smile as wide as the tight, ticklish grin on her slave’s face as revelled in the suffering of her boytoy alongside the ravishing her own feet were still receiving. The best part was how she could see how he was still so turned-on, despite all the torment and abuse he was going through. Her little submissive… how sweet he was. He really could not get enough of her gorgeous, pantyhose-clad feet, even being tickled so intensively as he was.

“Are you enjoying yourself, my pet?” she said, with a voice that was dangerously sweet as she moved her left foot down to brush against his raging hard-on, while her other foot continued to be pampered with kisses from his mouth.

He nodded, his tongue continuing to pleasure her sole, just as she knew he would. He was such a good boy. A shame Ahri was feeling so bad…

"Well, I’ve had enough,” she said, pulling her remaining foot free from his slack mouth, amused by the little pout he made as his toy was taken from him. “Let's have some real fun. Now I know how much you adore my feet…" Ahri giggled, turning around so she was sitting down on his chest, right in front of his throbbing member, knowing full well that sitting down like this gave him a splendid view of her ass. It was another tease, of course. She looked back and manoeuvred her feet till they were prodding in his armpits. “See how you like my feet now,” she smirked
 as her toes pressed against his armpits, the pantyhose making it feel like velvety claws were scratching into his taut, stretched out underarms. They went on to poke and prod, as Ahri’s cruel fingernails devoured the buffet of ticklish spots laid before her. Ahri closed her eyes as she continued her tickling with her hands and toes, loving the symphony of laughter and begging from her oh so ticklish slave. By the time she was finished, ribs, stomach, hips, inner thighs and balls had all had a taste of her evil, wonderful touch. Everywhere except the cock, which had been carefully avoided, of course. Ahri leaned down to kiss at his inner thighs, knowing full well her long hair would be snaking across his firmly erect cock as she did so.

It was so very frustrating for her slave, and not just became of his cock. He kept glancing right and left at those perfect feet he loved so much…  those damned beautiful toes were tickling him silly as they pressed into his ticklish underarms. It was too cruel to be tormented by the toes he adored with every kiss and lap of his tongue… too cruel! The mouth that was darting in to lick and teasingly nibble was the worst of all... he was truly prey in the clutches of this predator.

“Do you like my hair, slave?” Ahri asked, suddenly stopping all the tickling. It was a question with no right answer, he knew. Yes or no would only lead to more.

“Yes…” he said weakly. She smiled that savage, stunning smile of hers and she used her power, her long hair moving about like serpents, as they hovered in front of her boytoy’s quivering feet. He felt her long hair rear up and flutter between his toes, making him squeal and laugh out loud again. Ahri’s power… the way she controlled her nine tails of hair like her own limbs…

His laughter rose as her hair washed over his midriff, dusting it up and down with its light, maddening touch. A few stray hairs would tease against his erection constantly of course, in addition to brushing against his inner thighs.

“Beg for it, slave,” Ahri ordered, her hands on his balls, as her hair continued wreaking ticklish havoc across his body.

Powerless to the whims of his ticklish, sexually frustrated body, all he could do was beg. “Plehehehehehase Mihihihihistress Ahahahahahari!”

When she smiled his cruelest smile, he knew she was not in a generous mood.

“No,” she said simply spidering her nails over his balls. It always tickled so much there, because everytime she touched him there he always had this vain hope that maybe this time she would be generous, and merciful…

“Nohohohohohoho stahahahahp!” he shrieked, thrusting his hips up as best he could in his tickle-addled frustration. Of course, this was the wrong thing to do…

“Are you giving me orders, slave?” Ahri said, with a shark-like grin, teasing him even harder, as she began using slow, light strokes along his most sensitive of areas. Her feet had re-entered the game too, prodding and poking in his armpits just to send his body into a ticklish frenzy even more.

“Nohohohoh,” he squealed, tossing her head back and forth as the tickles invaded his body.

“Yet you continue to avoid addressing me by my title. I don’t like it when you’re so disobedient. I like it when you’re cute and ticklish. It seems I’ll need to punish thoroughly you today, for being such a bad boy.” Ahri declared, the tone of her voice making it clear that she was going to take a great deal of joy out of her task.

Ahri stood up from her post, letting her hair tease his erection as she stood up and walked to the foot of the bed. She reached into her bag, and pulled out a half-empty bottle of baby oil, and a pair of bristly hairbrushes. Ahri’s slave gulped at the sight. He had spent many an evening with those brushes sawing at his oily arches.

“You deserve this, you naughty boy,” Ahri grinned, as she slapped the baby oil onto his pale, trembling soles.

In a second, the brushes hit him with the force of a hammer, the uncountable number of tiny bristles absolutely overwhelming his sensations. They brushed ferociously at his quivering feet, which still dared not curl and risk a reproach from his beloved mistress.

The hair had the tensile strength to handle the hairbrushes themselves, and though they were unable to scrub them as expertly as their mistress, they were still effective in transmuting him into a ticklish mess after a few seconds of scrubbing into his slick, oily arches.

She went up to his chest, her cruel fingernails still stroking and teasing over his skin.

“What’s wrong… don’t you trust me?” she said, whispering in his ear as softly as a lover. He could smell the musky aura about her that she always had after shows. He wanted to reach up, to kiss her, but he dared not move.

“If you'd like to play with me, you'd better be sure you know the game," Ahri said, the same way she always did. “If I hear one giggle… do you promise to stay silent?”

The hair at his feet had discarded the hairbrush for now, and were lightly tracing over and between his toes, with light, wispy touches, so he was able to catch his breath. He was able to muster a nod of concord.

He shuddered as Ahri plants kisses on his ears and neck, her hair right in my face, lghtly brushing over everything as always. She felt her straddle him in earnest, let him sleep inside her, as she planted continued to kisses all over his neck and ears, which tickled, of course, but not enough to ruin things. Of course, when her tongue suddenly licked at his underarm, he pursed his lips and tried not to giggle. He began thrusting to take his mind of things. Ahri moaned, then after about the tenth thrust, he felt something alarmingly scrape against the bottom of his right foot. One of the brushes had come roaring back to life, teasing at his heel… but only one. He scrunched his toes, praying his mistress would not notice and went back to it. He was close to orgasm when the tickling began too much, and laughter spluttered through his gritted teeth.

“I heard that,” Ahri said, pulling herself off him with a feral grin, and tickling both his armpits. At his feet, both hairbrushes were scrubbing from heel to toe.

“You bad slave… lying to me…”

He lost track of time then, his mind a delirious mess of ruined orgasms. Ahri’s nails and hair continued to roam his body, tormenting him in every spot imaginable. Every fifteen minutes or so, Ahri would give him a little break, which mainly involved teasing him to the very precipice of the edge again with fingers, tongue or hair, just so the subsequent tickle session was all the more torturous. He lost count after the fifth break, so intense was the tickling.

“What’s wrong… too much for you? Should I make your pulse rise? Or...stop?" Ahri said with a giggle, as she played with his curly dark hair. “Awwww, you poor baby,” she crooned, counting his ribs with her prickly fingernails. “Is this too much for you?”

Her boytoy nodded his head in ascent, his hair tousled from sweat. 

“Well, I’m not finished yet… I could listen to your laughter all night long, so you’ll have to wait on my pleasure,” Ahri said, her face a visage of cruelty and  beauty. Her fingers reached down at his groin, and spidered along his inner thighs. Ahri’s hair whipped out, clumping together into bundles the size of basting brushes. The manipulated hair made a beeline to his member, which had been starting to flag and droop. “Let’s keep you in the right state of mind, shall we?” Ahri asked rhetorically, a savage smirk on her pretty lips as her nails scribbled along his thighs while her hair stroked up and now his cock. Teasing him like this was always one of the highlights of their time together, Ahri reflected, as she watched his penis twitch helplessly as every inch of it was pestered by those brushes. Nothing was more pleasing than watching the brushes stoke him to a full erection, and just watching it quiver there, erect and straight up in the air with nowhere to go.

"They're mine now," Ahri cackled, as she spidered along ball sac with one hand and along the tip with the other, as her brushes dusted at her sides and stomach. “You’re all mine, slave,” she said, as she continued playing with his cock. “Every inch of you…” she giggled girlishly, deviously teasing his member with light, sharp touches.

“Now I’m in the mood for another game…” she said, as suddenly all ticklish touches evaporated, and the slave found himself every breath again. His rock solid member was still frustrating him, but he had learned to accept that part of things by his twentieth night with Ahri. He was given about five minutes to rest and take a sip of water, as Ahri pondered what next to do with him, and what game she wanted to play.

“The name of the game… is don’t orgasm. You do not have my permission to cum. Cum and I will be very displeased,” Ahri said firmly, as she reached down to pluck off his cock ring. He could only whimper as she saw Ahri’s hair form into bundles the size of basting brushes again. He could guess their intentions.

Ahri stuck her gorgeous, pedicured feet right under his face again, intoxicating him with their musky scent. He was so infatuated with those perfect soles of hers, that purely on instinct, he began worshipping them, quickly realizing his mistake as his cock stirred to life yet again.

“Hmmmm,” Ahri moaned, her words sending rumblings through his libido. "There we go… indulge me…" she said, her voice sensual and sultry as her toes splayed open around his eager tongue and lips. He groaned and grunted as she felt the bundles of hair brush against his inner thighs, and along the base of his member, right where the sensation was the most tantalizing combination of sensual and torturous.

Ahri’s slender, nimble fingers lightly trace over his sides and stomach, squeezing his nipples, as he found his body revolting against him. He had been edged for too long. He was around about to explode. The brushes danced around his cock, softly tickling the tip of his member. His laughter was all moans and giggles, as his body writhed under the ticklish touch of his mistress.

He tossed his head back, gritting his teeth as he tried not to lose himself as Ahri reached down with a gentle hand and grabbed his cock, manually wrapping her hair around it several times. Giggling to herself because she knew of the effect it had on her desperate slave, she pumped him exactly five times, just enough to push him firmly onto the edge of ecstasy. The loose strands of hair that brushed against his member as the hair disentangled themselves were jolts that threatened to send him firmly off. He was so close…

Of course, Ahri knew. She always knew. After he had endured all that a human possibly could endure, Ahri grinned and reached down for the cock ring.

"Don't hold back… now I want to hear you laugh!" She clamped it on him. He gasped, as he felt the uncomfortable tightness. In a flash, all the hair went from teasing to savagely assaulting his body with tickling sensations. They flew to all his worst spots, his underarms, his toes, his stomach, and brushed and brushed. Ahri’s fingers were first of all, as they were constantly in the mix, scratching and grabbing here and there, as she smirked at his shrieks of laughter. “You should have cum when you had the chance! Silly slave!” she laughed, as her sharp fingernails moved like a blur across ticklish flesh. Her hands never neglected his poor cock even now, as Ahri liked nothing more than the sight of an erect penis that longed for her. Her hands, hair and mouth kept him in a steady state of tormented arousal, till he finally passed out from the torment.

When he was woken by the sharp scent of the smelling salts Ahri kept for this exact purpose, he awoke to see the sight of her feet right in front of his face. He didn’t know how, but he was already hard.

Ahri slowly pulled off her pantyhose, she always did this slowly, knowing that his eyes would be glued to her. Her slender, milky-white feet curled and flexed, their pretty pink nails glittering in the light. She planted them on his groin, caressing him slowly with their soft soles. “Do you want an orgasm, my poor, ticklish slave?” Ahri asked, with dangerous-sweetness.

He nodded his head and begged, thrusting with his hips desperately. “Well then,” Ahri said, straddling him. “Let’s see how well you do… give me a few orgasms… and maybe we’ll see. You’ll orgasm when I want you to…” she purred, stroking his member softly as she tickled his balls with her hands. “And not a second sooner!” she announced, her voice turning sinister. Ahri sat down in front of his face, as she waited for him to do his duty.

Naturally, Ahri was not one for making things too easy for him, so as soon as she felt his tongue inside her, her hands reached around and darting across his ticklish sides. From time to time she would even reach down to spider-tickle the balls and around the cock, just to torment him even more, which would naturally speed up her orgasm. Of course, Ahri was constantly shaking her hair from side to side so that her hair would tease along his midsection as she did so, just to add another delightful flavour of torment to the most appetizing of morsels.

Ahri moaned as she felt her slave’s masterful tongue work its magic on her. She wasn’t feeling especially gluttonous today, so perhaps she would let him cum after she had her fifth orgasm.                      

Maybe… Ahri thought to herself, closing her eyes in ecstasy as her fingers tickled her slave even harder. The night was still young…



LoL TK: Ahri's Slave
A pretty saucy F/M story for an anonymous commissioner starring Ahri of LoL fame in her pop starlet persona. It's rather refreshing to do something at a different pace. Enjoy.

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Fate/stay Night TK: Saber Vs Rin


Life in Homurahara Gakuen had been simple and satisfying for Rin Tōsaka, the black-haired, pigtailed exemplar of the school. Everyone knew of her talent, and as one of the honour students of the school, she was put upon the highest of pedestals. For someone as immensely competitive as Rin, nothing satisfied her pride so much as the fear respect of her peers. Sure, there were those who found her distant and cold, calling her “The Ice Queen”, but frankly, she accepted that nickname – she was a queen, in her own way. None were her equal.

At least, that was true until she appeared.

Her name was Saber, and she was literally the personification of a renowned figure in history. How could Rin compete with that? She was agile, powerful, and as beautiful as she was dangerous, and Rin hated to admit it, but she was pulchritudinous by any measure. Rin’s elegant attire, shapely features, and dark hair had always turned heads, but Saber was at a whole other level, with her slender, muscular physique. Her hair was like spun gold, beautifully textured as if sprinkled with shimmering, glimmering dust. Her soft, unblemished white skin did not match the clunky shiny armour and old-fashioned blue dress combo she wore, but somehow she was able to pull it off.

For someone as competitive as Rin, it was rather demoralizing to see what seemed to be the living embodiment of perfection take accolades left and right. Saber was resolute, courageous, and honourable, and although all those adjectives could be used to describe Rin too (though honourable might be a bit more debatable, depending on who you asked), it just seemed that Saber was better than her in every way. She was the ultimate warrior, tough as nails, and fierce as a lioness. It was because of this that her ‘less than warrior-like’ moments so stuck out. It was in isolated event, but Rin remembered it well because it so shook this idea of Saber the unflappable warrior girl.

It was during a walk through some woods near the school. One moment, Saber was marching with her typical, rigid, military-like discipline, and then suddenly she froze, and began shaking and hopping from foot to foot like a demented dancer. The sudden change in behaviour was so jarring that for a moment Rin thought perhaps Saber had been possessed by some kind of malevolent spirit, but the truth was far more mundane, yet far more peculiar. A little ladybug had fluttered down the hem of her outfit, and it was clear that the insect’s little legs skittering across rarely-touched flesh was causing Saber serious discomfort. During this fight to remove this invading insect, more than once Saber let loose a little snicker, though she tried to disguise it as a cough. She patted at her chest, and slapped at her garments with strong hands till the offensive pest was finally removed. The red-faced warrior straightened her clothing, cleared her throat, and discarded the ladybug that had clearly caused her so much strife, before walking off as if nothing had happened.

Rin witnessed this entire event first-hand, as did a few others, but it wasn’t until the end of the day, when Rin was lounging about in her room, painting her toenails a bold crimson. At first, Rin had wondered if Saber simply was terrified of insects, but the way Saber had calmly removed the ladybug at the end seemed to disprove that notion. It was when the nail polish applying brush accidentally brushed across her toe, causing an itching, mildy ticklish reaction that Rin had her revelation.

So the tough girl’s weakness is tickling? Now that’s… hilarious…


Rin had her hypothesis, and now she just needed an opportunity to test it out. She knew that as a Servant, Saber had same strength and innate high magical resistance, which made things tricky. Rin knew she was resourceful though, and she would think of something. Maybe she should just keep her eyes open. You never knew when an opportunity might present itself… besides, it was too early in the morning to worry about such things.

It seemed like it was Rin’s lucky day, as that afternoon, an opportunity did present itself. Rin was prowling the libraries, revising as she was wont to do, when she came across a particular piece of magic that seemed perfect for her purposes. It allowed sensations to be passed through the air, and it was a form of telekinesis. Sustained magical bondage was unlikely to work with Saber’s resistance to spells, but this had a chance.

After practicing the spell several times on unsuspecting classmates, and trying to hide her amusement when they suddenly gasped, flinched or giggled, Rin knew she was ready. She had really enjoyed practicing the spell during class especially on a bookish girl who sat in front of her. The mental feathers she conjured were invisible to everyone but her, and they were able to flitter through bits of clothing undaunted, so Rin had full access to any ticklish spots she wanted to tickle. It was tremendous fun watching the ponytailed brunette, whom had always been a teacher’s pet, shake her hips and jolt from side to side like some kind of exotic dancer as Rin’s feathers stroked her behind. After doing this for the better part of a lesson, Rin found her mastery of the spell had improved to the extent she could control where every inch of the feathers went. Naturally, she practiced this by sliding the invisible feather all over her classmate’s sensitive buttcheeks, tickling every inch of skin beneath the panty line. After doing this for most of the lesson, Rin found she knew exactly how to tickle her hapless would be rival, focusing on all the spots that made her bum dance like some kind of trollop at a nightclub. The way she would hide her mouth behind her hand as if that could silence her squeaks and squeals was laughable, and Rin had to admit she found it funny how the teacher kept repeatedly shushing the giggling girl. Oh, I cannot wait to try this on Saber…

The next lesson was more practice, as this time Rin tried to conjure something a bit different. This time she made fingers, and marvelled at how the spell made it feel like Rin was really touching her ticklish victim. Her target had been a sporty, short-haired blonde girl who usually slept in the back of the class, although in this lesson she would find that her nap was far from restful. The spell really was marvellous, as Rin found she could really feel the touch of her classmate’s muscular abs under her fingers as the magical fingers skittered from spot to spot.

 The best part was after Rin had activated her magic and anchored to her target, there was no escape. Even when the girl fled to the washroom, Rin could still feel that ticklish toned abdomen within her mind, and she could still feel her perfectly toned muscles quivering under her spectral hands as Rin squeezed and goosed those sides and stomach.

After all this experimentation, she knew she was ready for her true target. Later in the day, she found Saber where she knew she would be – standing sentry in the school hall during some kind of weekly whole school assembly. Rin picked a seat strategically nearby the solemn Servant where she would get a good view of her reactions, and got ready to unleash her magic.

Rin closed her eyes, and focusing her energies on the steel greaves that Saber always wore. She felt their cold metal touch, and then moved past them. She moved onto a pair of white cotton stockings, which evidently Saber wore under her mail, and then pushed past those too. She felt a pair of warm, slender, surprisingly soft feet in her hands, well, not quite in her hands exactly, but Rin could feel them. Hiding a grin under her composed and dignified honor student visage, she extended a mental projection of two fingers and experimentally traced them down Saber’s arches.

To Rin’s delight, Saber reacted immediately. There was a jolt, and Saber stared down at her armoured legs, like she was wondering if her foot had fallen asleep. A few moments later, Rin did it again, and had to restrain a chuckle as Saber’s legs jerked in response. Saber stared intently down at her legs, and shook her foot, like she was trying to discern if anything had gotten into her shoes somehow.

Rin struck again, this time using all ten of her spectral fingers instead of just one, and instead of simply tracing up those high arches, this time her fingers spidered and skittered in random directions, in an attempt to catch Saber off guard. Saber did not burst into laughter like Rin would have liked, but her twitching, wiggling, and biting of her lower lip made up for it.

Rin teased up and down the clearly sensitive feet, smiling to herself as she felt strong toes and flexing feet wiggling and twisting furiously beneath her ghostly touch. Like the others, there was no escape from her ticklish ministrations, and nowhere to hide. The greaves and armour that would have protected her vulnerable body was useless against her spectral touch, which cleaved through clothing, vestments, and steel. I’ve got you now… Rin thought gleefully.

The Servant’s discipline had to be admired, as Saber resisted the urge to laugh despite the siege her ticklish feet were clearly undergoing. The ethereal hands clawed and scythed up and down those trembling soles, knifing through her toes to assault the ticklish flesh under and between them, but Saber kept on battling. She could scrunch her toes tightly in defiance, but the invisible fingers always seemed to be stronger, pushing through the gaps like an unrelenting torrent of water rushing past a rock. When Rin noticed Saber’s right foot spasming involuntarily due to the ticklish attack under her toes, Rin redoubled her efforts there, really digging inside the tender spaces between those toes with her merciless magical fingernails. Once or twice, Rin caught Saber’s feet kicking up in reflexively response to the tickling, but that seemed to be all the response she would yield, aside from cracking a tight grin every now and then.

Now it was for something Rin had never tried, because clearly Saber was made of tougher stuff than her earlier victims. Rin set the hands prowling along Saber’s feet on ‘auto-pilot’ – they would make slowly slide down her soles, they quickly sweep back up, taking care to scratch along those high, milky-white arches along the way. Then they would go down again, and then up again. While Rin had this sequence memorized in her mind, she sent feathers to probe along Saber’s stomach and underarms, curious if she could make this mighty warrior burst into giggles in front of everyone before the meeting was over.

Rin marvelled at the magic, as she could feel Saber’s toned, muscular body tensing as she flicked spectral feathers along the warrior’s sides, before twirling and dusting them along her toned abdominal muscles, feeling their flinch and twitch under Rin’s masterful feathery touch.

Rin glanced up hungrily, and saw that Saber’s serene face betrayed little of the ticklish torment her body was clearly undergoing. The only evidence of the sensual tribulations of the spectral feathers and fingers was a light liggling and twitching of the body. After watching Saber’s butt give a little wiggle like she had an ant in her pants, Rin got a diabolical idea. Surely, the mighty Saber wouldn’t be ticklish there…

She sent an invisible feather slowly sliding up and down Saber’s bum, curious as to how the strong Servant would respond. Rin focused her energies to create a super soft, mega fluffy feather which would gently stroke Saber’s shapely buttocks, just between her round, creamy buns. Rin almost burst out in laughter when she saw Saber clench her butt cheeks tightly together and bounce slightly up and down, as if doing so could somehow alleviate the sensations. It seems like someone has a ticklish ass. Had she ever been tickled on her butt before? Probably not. Saber had probably never really been tickled period, Rin realized, at least for more than a few moments at a time. Rin grinned to herself as she wondered how much longer this tough girl could hold out.

Clearly not long. With the fingers continuing to rake up and down those scrunched up little feet as feathers spun around her stomach and a lone feather tormented that bum, it was clear that Saber was on her last ticklish legs. Rin could sense it… a few moments longer and Saber would be spluttering and squealing with laughter, thrashing on the floor as the sensations overwhelmed her body… Rin pushed her magic further, anxious to reach this crescendo of ticklish suffering… and then, suddenly, she lost it. She felt the feathers wilt away and die, and the hands fall to the floor as if exhausted. Saber straightened, with a stoic expression on her face. Damn, Servant’s magical resistance.

Rin sighed. Oh well, there’s always tomorrowI’ll get another crack at that ticklish body before long.

Little did Rin know that a certain Servant was aware of who had been playing these ticklish games on her, and she had a mind set on punishing the perpetrator… with a taste of her own medicine. Saber had on her mind the most condign of punishments for the prankster who had teased her so…


“I know it was you, Rin Tohsaka,” Saber said, her arms crossed. “That was impressive magic. It took me a while to break free from it.”

“You’re out of your mind. It wasn’t me!” Rin lied, as she thrashed in her bonds. Towards the end of the assembly where Rin had played her ticklish game on the unsuspecting Servant, Saber had clanked over to where Rin was sitting and politely requested her to meet her tomorrow morning in the hall as Saber had an urgent matter in which she required Rin’s magical expertise.

Rin had thought about skiving, but there was no escaping the implacable Saber, so she had met her the day after, in the hopes that perhaps Saber was meeting her about something entirely different than the ticklish magi. Of course, she was not that lucky.

With effortless strength, Saber had lifted Rin in the air in a fireman’s lift, so now Rin lay equipoised on  Saber’s armoured shoulder, beating her fists impotently on the clanking armour to no avail.

“What are you doing with me?” Rin said, hoping the anger in her voice could cover the trepidation she was feeling.

“I think you already know that – see if you can take what you like to dole out.”

“No! Stop! I can’t stand to be tickled!” Rin blurted out, twisting in Saber’s vice-like grip even more fiercely. It was true. Even in her childhood she had always resented tickling, because of how she despised the idea of how the gentle touch of a finger could crumble her composure and turn her into a giggling mess.

“Now who ever spoke of tickling? It seems you’ve just given yourself away,” said Saber, with a tone of triumph in her voice. Rin mentally kicked herself as she realized what she had just done. Whatever happened to her usual chary and wary nature?  

Rin grunted, the air knocked out of her as she was plopped unceremoniously on a mat in the corner of the hall. The hall was sometimes used for physical exercise lessons, so there were mats stored in the closet for gymnastics lessons. She felt herself being rolled up in the mat tightly, till she was cocooned tightly by the soft material of the blue mat.

Saber plucked off Rin's school shoes and socks, so soon the only thing sticking out the blue, plushy mat was a pair of quite pretty, lily-white feet, with recently-painted toenails, and the face of the glaring, pigtailed girl.

“Red,” Saber commented, lightly pinching Rin’s painted toes. Rin bit her lip determinedly and refused to reveal how much it tickled. “You take better care of your skin than I do. I wonder if that makes them more ticklish?” she asked rhetorically, as her invading fingers made first contact with her exposed foe. Saber moved her finger slowly from spot-to-spot, unhurried, like a scout carefully mapping the surrounding area for a future attack. She had removed her heavy metal gauntlets, so Rin could taste every flick and scratch from the Servant’s nails. Those nails ran up and down the silky soles, scratching up and down Rin’s wrinkly arches.

“I’m nohohohohot tihihihiciklish!” Rin vehemently denied, though her wild laughter revealed the lie. She squirmed within the mat, but she was wound too tightly to escape or pull her legs in. She tried turning and wriggling her whole body away, but Saber lifted up her armoured leg and pressed it down on Rin’s shins and then she had no chance.

“As… amusing as it would be to keep you here for hours, I am nothing if not fair,” Saber said coolly, as her fingers continued to probe up and down Rin’s sensitive soles, searching for sweet spots. She was wiggling two precise fingers about an inch apart at seemingly random locations on her sole as she scoured the ticklish land for ripe spots to strike. “You struck at me while I was unable to defend myself,” Saber paused, her explorative strokes reaching the tops of Rin’s feet, along the insteps, as the pigtailed girl threw her head back and howled, her pigtails flying about like the rotors of a helicopter. Saber smiled to herself, mentally noting that the she seemed to have discovered a soft spot. “But I am not without mercy… you had your way with me for twenty-five minutes in that hall, so these soft feet of yours will be my property for twenty-five minutes only. Then we’ll be even,” Saber said, finishing her ticklish examination of every tiniest millimetre of Rin’s pedicured toes.

Rin should have breathed a sigh of relief at the news, but she was still too breathless from Saber’s precision probing of her red toes. Saber had taken what seemed like hours with each toe, brushing between her slender toes with her long fingernails, scratching under the toe stems and tweaking along the pads. “It’s been five minutes,” Saber announced, though Rin thought that surely it must have been triple that at least. “So that’s enough of warm-up for now. I’m keen to try something new. I’ve prepared a few supplies for this battle.”

Rin would have rolled her eyes, but Saber had just procured a rather menacing looking hairbrush. The bristles definitely did not look like the kind of thing she wanted anywhere near her soles…

Yet to Saber’s surprise, the hairbrush did not seem that effective on her captive, as instead of the steady laughter from before, Rin merely cracked an occasional grin. When Saber had briefly tested the hairbrush on her own foot, she found the itching sensation to be quite irritating, and theorized that although it was not really possible to tickle oneself, the itching would like equate itself to ticklish sensations when done by another person. Yet it seemed that everyone was ticklish in their own way, and perhaps her own ticklishness would not be applicable to another. It wasn’t until Saber began accentuating the hairbrush’s scrubbing with a few scribbles to the tops of Rin’s feet, along the insteps, that Rin began giggling and laughing heartily again. “Hmmm. Perhaps you prefer a firmer, more precise touch,” Saber mused, as she put the hairbrush away.

The next tool to make its appearance was a fork, and the second its three metal prongs made contact with Rin’s milky-white soles, it was clear that Saber’s theory had been correct. Rin arched her back and exhaled loudly through her nose, as if doing so could disguise how much it tickled, but Saber knew. She brandished the fork like a sword, and attacked the ticklish soles before her like she was fencing with a dangerous foe. She landed blow after blow, each strike upon a vulnerable area causing more and more shrill laughter to spill from Rin’s lips. The balls of the feet seemed to be particularly vulnerable to the tines of the fork, so Saber aimed for them, dodging Rin’s parries and dodges as her feet flapped and curled to try to evade the weapon’s strikes. More than once, Rin would crane her neck down to try to get a better view, but she would toss her head back as Saber landed a powerful blow.

“Ohohohohohoho, stahahahap! Dahahahahamn fohohohohork!” Rin said, torn between watching the onslaught on her helpless soles and closing her eyes in frustration. How could a damn eating utensil possibly tickle so much!

Saber manoeuvred her weapon in a figure-8 pattern across both soles, looping around both fleshy balls of the feet so she could dance from one spot to the other in constant motion. Rin’s pale white soles were growing pinkish, especially around the area around the centre of the foot and the balls, as Saber stroked and stroked, like a farmer tilling sensitive soil in preparation for a harvest of mirth.

“These seem rather effective on you,” Saber commented casually, as Rin shrieked and struggled, her pigtails flying to and fro. “I’ll have to keep that in mind for future reference. You have ten minutes left. What shall we try next? I think perhaps we should give these a quick break…” she poked at the reddened ball of the foot of Rin’s right foot, making the bound girl squeak. “Maybe something softer now… I grant this may not be as impressive as the ones you created…”

Rin’s mind was whirling at what that could mean, but she got her answer when she felt the soft kiss of a fluffy feather at her sole. She cooed and giggled lightly at the sensations. The feather swished from foot to foot, but her relief, it didn’t tickle all that much. The feather was just too light to do much damage, despite the softness and overall sensitivity of her feet.

“Ah yes,” Saber recalled. “You prefer the firmer touch,” she nodded to herself, switching the feather from the soft fluffy end to the stiff end. The tickling sensations immediately intensified twofold, as Rin threw her head back and squeaked. She hated to admit it, but Saber was right. The scratchy stiff end of the feather definitely tickled a lot more, and Saber was wielding it like an artist’s paintbrush, making wavy strokes up and down the Rin’s silky-smooth soles. Rin’s shapely toes would curl up every time the feather hit the pressure points along her arch, which naturally meant Saber did so repeatedly to see those petite toes flare up and wiggle energetically. Saber reluctantly admitted to herself that she rather admired the way Rin took care of those colourful toes of hers, as she could not imagine doing so herself. She resolved to give Rin’s pampered toes closer ticklish attention.

Saber continued the methodical approach she had adopted before, starting at the heel, scratching slowly up along the slender, wrinkly arch, across the reddened ball, and spent an extra long amount of time wandering around her painted toes, before switching to the other foot and repeating. The feather even tried teasing the tops of the sole, though it was regrettably less effective there. After observing how Rin would jolt every time the scratchy stiff end of the feather dipped along the sensitive undersides of her toes, Saber took a few moments individually working from toe to toe, just to distinguish which toe was the most ticklish. The winner was the pinkie toe on Rin’s left foot, which won an extensive and exclusive teasing from the feather as its reward.

“Five minutes left,” Saber announced, as she put away the feather and reached for her final tool. She glanced at Rin’s soles, and noticed how the toes and the balls were still reddened. Perhaps a final tool to give those wrinkly arches a fond farewell would be best, in the name of parity.

She pulled out a toothbrush from her bag of tools, and gave it an experimental scrape at the bottom of Rin’s right foot. Rin immediately curled up her toes and started to splutter as the fine bristles of the dental implement were deadly on her sensitive sole. The bristles were much tinier and focused, unlike the ones of the hairbrush, and the way they would focus at a smaller area of the time lowered the chance of desensitivity.

As Saber brushed firmly at the base of Rin’s wrinkly arch, the Servant was amused by the way Rin’s toes would flex and spasm, like the death throes of a fallen soldier. They would curl tightly as if they were forming a shield wall, and then fly open once their defences were pierced by the toothbrush hitting an especially bad spot. Every time those cute, red toes opened up, Saber could not resist the inviting targets and had to slide the soft toothbrush under between those shapely digits, twirling it delicately between her fingers so the bristles could tease those already thoroughly tormented spots.

She would quickly return to Rin’s deep arches, however, and alternate between wide arcs across the expanse of ticklish flesh, and quick, sharp strokes of the brush up and down. Saber took care to circle the balls of Rin’s feet a few times too, just to leave no ticklish stone unturned.

Observing there was about a minute left, Saber resolved to give Rin’s arches the most thorough of scrubbings before she stopped. Rin looked all but defeated, her pigtailed hair awash with loose strands and sweat. The dark-haired girl was trying her best to scrunch up her pretty little toes, probably because doing so created wrinkly ripples across the skin of her arches which could somewhat nullify the sensations, but Saber was about to put a stop to that plan.

With an iron grip, Saber seized the squirming toes of Rin’s right foot and pushed them back firmly, stretching Rin's creamy white arch till it was nice and taut.  With the arch high and extended, Saber’s weapon went in for the killing blow, the brush flying across the trapped foot, as Rin’s free left foot flapped and kicked in a desperate bid for mercy. Saber had received none when her own feet were being tormented, so she would grant none, as she scrubbed every inch of those milky-white arches, aiming for all the worst spots she had discovered on her earlier trips. Rin shrieked her loudness, then shrieked again, even more frantic as Saber repeated her move for Rin’s other foot.

And then it was done.

“I hope… you realize… this means war…” Rin panted, as Saber unrolled her from her mattress prison.

“En garde, then,” Saber said, handed Rin back her shoes and socks. Rin took them sullenly, glaring at her before skulking away.

Saber wondered if she had seen the last of those perfect white feet, before she considered the option of a pre-emptive strike on her foe. Rin had openly threatened vengeance, after all…

Surely it would not taint her honour to prevent an attack she knew was coming.

Fate/stay Night TK: Saber vs Rin
My final commission for :icontickletickletickler: 

I had fun with this story, and I think my descriptions of the toe tickling with the feather and the Rin's pigtail flying like helicopter rotors might be some of my finest work yet. I'll let you be the judge, readers. Enjoy.




Do you prefer upperbody or lowerbody (feet) tickling? 

73 deviants said Lowerbody
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