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Opening Commissions Officially.

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 17, 2014, 6:47 PM

I've been doing commissions for a while now, but I've never made a proper journal about it, so I thought it was high time I got around to making a journal to let potential commissioners know about how I operate.

Usually, how it works is we first agree on a price - my going rate is $30 for 4000-5000 words, though that is liable to change if I don't know the character and need to do research. If you want to commission me for multiple stories, then maybe we can talk about a package deal. In terms of payment, you pay half up front, and half when it is finished. Unfortunately, I don't accept points. 

Then you tell me what features you would like to see in the story - lee(s)/ler(s), tools, the situation/context, techniques, that sort of thing. I'm open to writing both /f or /m. I've done a variety of sadistic stories and light-hearted casual stories (check my gallery) with upper-body/feet focuses, so I'm alright with writing pretty much everything - You just need to be specific and state what you would like to see.

I don't charge more if you want multiple lees/lers or multiple tickle scenes, though I remind you there is only so much you can cram into 4000 words, so too many lees/tickle scenes will invariably lead to brief and watered-down content.

In terms of characters/'verses: 
While it is obviously easier to write characters I know about, I like to think given time to research I can write adequately about characters I am not so familiar with. My latest stories about Percy Jackson and Kingdom Hearts were two stories I was fairly unfamiliar with both (I only read the first Percy Jackson and I've never played Kingdom Hearts). Perhaps you will say it shows, but both commissioners were happy with the result.

So there's no limit when it comes to characters, as long as you give me the basic plotline/context and give me a bit of time to do some online research.

Let me know about the details and features you'd like to see in the story. A sample commission info page might look like this.

Sample Commission Firstly, the general points. All characters will wear nylons since that is my preference. Tickling should focus primarily on the stockinged feet but other area are perfectly acceptable for variety. My favourite tickling implement is the feather, but again other implements are fine, as are fingers or even the tickler using their own feet as a weapon (nyloned of course). The nylons should not be torn off at any point.
Even though some of the scenes will feature interrogation type scenarios, I prefer the tickling to be reasonably playful. I enjoy dialogue and teasing.
Feel free to use as much Star Wars lore, locations, creatures as you see fit. You know far better than I that such things have a huge impact on bringing a story to life. Feathers from Star Wars creatures would make sense. Tickle bots, creatures, plants etc can be used as long as there is still a 'direct' tickling element. For example, the Endor scene could involve a tickling plant but Leia should still be feathered directly

After we've decided on most of the details, I start writing. 

I will send regular snippets (weekly of at least 500 words) to let you know about my progress. And eventually, I'll send you a final draft, you'll send me the second half of the payment, and then I brush it up one last time and upload it. 

Oh, another thing about the payment. I usually ask the commissioner to purchase clips/comics/giftcards for me that add up to the agreed price. 

Send me a note if you're interested or if you have any questions. 

And I don't do requests. Be unfair to my commissioners. Art Trades maybe, though we'd have to discuss. 


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The Inker, Part 2


“My God, detective, please tell me you’re making some kind of progress on this case of yours,” Superintendent Matthews said, gazing through his thick spectacles over a pile of papers on his desk. “We’ve had complaints from tattoo parlours about you harassing their customers, we’ve had complaints from bars about you demanding information on clientele without a warrant, and you’ve even tried to put a claim for a Chinese translator? Are you just trying to make as much trouble for the department as possible?”

“I’ve been investigating, sir,” Alex said, through gritted teeth. She forced herself to take a deep breath, unclenching her white-knuckled fists. She resisted the urge to shout at him, saying: “This is what we do! I’m a cop! I’m not here to make friends like some kind of hippie. I’m here to catch criminals, and I’m trying to take this freak off the streets.”

Matthews rubbed his eyes. “You can investigate without leaving a bureaucratic nightmares trailing behind you.”

“Nightmares,” Alex repeated, in a low hiss. “Nightmares are what these girls are going through. A nightmare is what Samantha endured at the hands of this creep who goes out abducting and torturing young women.”

“Detective, I’m not saying you can’t hunt after this guy,” Matthews said, sighing. “But I need you to explain why this keeps happening.”

Alex crossed her arms. “From our witness, we discovered that our perp marks his victims with a tattoo – a feather on their right ankle.”

“This is the witness with the drug history, correct?”

“Fuck you,” Alex very almost said. Instead, she choked down her fury and nodded. “I have absolute faith in her testimony.”

“I understand. Please continue.”

“The tattoo was expertly done. This meant that the perp was highly likely to be a proprietor of a tattoo parlor or at least, a worker there. That’s why I went there to ask around.”

“Three owners said you harassed customers and workers.”

Alex threw her hands up in the air. “I asked questions! That’s all I need! It’s not my fault if they got offended by every question. Was it so wrong to ask if any of their employees had criminal records?”

“No, but I can understand why the owners of these establishments may not have appreciated you asking those type of questions in front of customers.” Matthews gave another sigh and scribbled something down on the paper in front of him. “You do see, that don’t you?”

“Yes,” Alex said, seething. She had half a mind to make the lives of those parlors who had complained about her very difficult indeed… but she was not that kind of cop, though she was sorely tempted, at the moment.

“How do you explain needing a translator? Those aren’t expensive, you know… our department only has a limited budget for them, and we need to save it for refugee situations or human trafficking cases from Eastern Europe.”

“I had a witness,” Alex said, stubbornly. “That’s what you keep prattling at me to find, isn’t it?”

“Detective, I’m warning you. Don’t use that kind of language with me.”

“I found one of them! She’s the kind of victim the guy always preys on – those lost girls that no one pays attention to. She was one of those fresh-of-the-boat Asian types. Barely spoke English, but I knew what she had gone through.”

“And how did you know this?”

“She had the tattoo. The feather on her ankle. She kept pointing to it, crying, and mumbling in Chinese. I got a lot of useful information from her.”

“Such as?”

“She had been wandering the streets at night, looking for a drug store. She asked the guy for directions in her broken English. The guy told her and offered her a cigarette. You know those Asian girls – always worried of offending others, so she took it. She fell unconscious and woke up in that freak’s dungeon, just like Samantha. He tortured her for hours, and then let her go.”

“Is this girl… reliable?”

Alex shot him a withering look. “She’s no druggie, and she’s not mentally impaired, if that’s what you’re getting at. She is sixteen, though.”

“Oh, Alex…” Mathews groaned. “Did you even get permission from a guardian before you conducted this interrogation? Or should I expect a complaint in the next few days about how you brow-beat a confession out of a minor?”

“There was nothing like that, sir,” Alex hissed. “I did everything by the book, this time.”

“This time,” Matthews repeated. “Your ‘methods’ really don’t instil in me a great deal of confidence, detective. I am of half a mind to just take you off this case, right here and now.”

“You can’t!” Alex said, in a louder voice than she had meant to use. She coughed and cleared her throat. “Erm, what I mean to say is…”

“Save it, detective,” Matthews said, sighing for umpteenth time. “I know exactly what you mean. How many victims do you think this person has… abducted?”

“At least a dozen, sir. I’ve been looking through missing persons reports, and I’m convinced that many of these girls were abducted by this guy.”

“Really? Then, why haven’t we heard of him before?”

“Firstly, he tends to target girls that won’t be missed – the underprivileged or unconventional members of society. He doesn’t go for the middle-class white girl who goes to a good school. Also, I see lots of missing persons reports that were cancelled a few days later. My theory is that these girls were reported missing by their family or friends, but when the pervert released them after a few days, they didn’t want to talk about what had happened.”

“Why is that?” If this man is as monstrous as you say, then surely, they would want to report him to the police…”

“Sir, forgive me for saying this, but you wouldn’t understand, not being a woman.”

“They would be accused of making up a story for attention. You know how the media makes a big deal whenever there’s a freak on the loose. They would feel too embarrassed to talk about this… tickle torture. And since they had no signs of a rape crime on them, there isn’t a great deal of evidence supporting what really happened. I mean, they were basically unharmed. If some gangbanger’s daughter came round claiming she had been abducted, tortured, and inked, would you take her so seriously? Or would you dismiss her?” 

Matthews chewed on that, drumming his fingers along his oak desk as he thought. “Keep me posted on this list of suspects, detective,” he said, finally. “But I’m still considering appointing an overseer just to make sure you don’t get into anymore trouble. Someone reliable, like Stevens, perhaps.”

“Stevens?” Alex wasn’t certain she wanted that glory hound anywhere near her investigation.

“Stevens. So consider this your official warning. I don’t want to hear about you sliding a toe out of line. Understand?”

“Yes, sir,” Alex said, through gritted teeth.

“Dismissed, detective.”

Alex tried to resist the urge to slam Matthews’s door shut and was only partially successful. She returned to her desk and slumped over it, using an open case folder as a makeshift pillow.

Could she have had a worse ending to what had been such a fruitful day?


Could she have had a worse ending to what had been such a fruitful day? She had got up at noon, gulping down several glasses of water to try to ease her terrible hangover. She had jumped into the shower, ate brunch, filched a few hundreds from her dad’s wallet, and headed out to her favourite club. The bartender greeted her with a kiss on the lips.

“The usual, bae?” he asked, smiling.

“The usual, bae,” she answered. She called everyone bae, especially when they were the ones buying her drinks. She had danced for a while, letting her toned, sexy body gyrate to the pulsing beat of the music. All that dancing gave her a thirst, and she downed several cocktails – compliments of the house. Then, she sat on the bar stool and gossiped, laughing as tipsiness had its usual effect on her, making everything seem funnier.

The bartender slipped her some white powder, and things got even gigglier. By then, it was nightfall.

“The gentleman over there bought this drink for you,” the bartender said, no hint of jealousy in his voice.

“Oh?” she said, tousling her long, bleached blonde hair. She looked at him and waved back. “How sweet.”

“He looks rich,” the bartended confided. “Sit tight, see if he buys you another one.”

“Good idea.”

And sure enough, another drink came. This time, the man came with it, swaggering towards her.

“Can we talk? You caught my eye a while ago. You must be the hottest girl in the club.”

She tried not to laugh as the bartender yawned. It really wasn’t an especially imaginative pickup line. “Get me another drink, and we can talk about my raging alcohol problem,” she said, giggling.

He laughed, but she noticed that the mirth didn’t seem to extend to his eyes. “I love your shoes, by the way.”

“My shoes?” she giggled, guys were often complimenting her low-cut top or her butt, but rarely her shoes. “Thanks. They were on sale.” She flexed her legs, showing off her high-heeled sandals.

“Say, you look like a girl who enjoys having a good time,” he said, reaching into his coat and pulling out two herbal cigarettes. She smiled. You could not go wrong with weed. “Wanna go outside and smoke these?”

“Do I ever,” she said, walking outside.


Alex sat at the coffee shop where she had agreed to meet her step-sister, Vanessa. Her thoughts kept replaying the scene with Matthews, thinking what she should have said, how she could have vindicated herself. She let out a big sigh. It seemed you only ever came up with the perfect comeback when it was far too late.

She glanced at her watch. Vanessa was running late… surely, she hadn’t been, no, that was crazy. That was stupid. Vanessa didn’t match The Inker’s MO, and besides, what were the odds? She was just being silly, the way a paranoid person might assume every stranger walking down the same path was a spy sent to kill him. Sometimes, Occam’s Razor was right – the simplest explanation was the correct one. Vanessa was just late because of traffic or something.

Sighing again, Alex started to ruffle through her bag, looking for something to distract herself with. Naturally, the only thing she had on her was the case file on this mysterious tickler. Resigning herself to destiny playing cruel games on her, Alex decided if she had to wait, she might as well be productive with her time. She began to ruffle through the notes she had gotten from the translator. There were drawings the Chinese witness had done, diagrams, transcripts of things she had written – there was a reason why the whole thing had been so expensive.

Alex placed all the documents around the table and closed her eyes, trying to put together and visualise what had happened, what it must have been like for this poor girl in a strange land. In her mind’s eye, she tried to put the events together.

A thin man with sunglasses and a baseball cap offered the girl a cigarette, which she took, reluctantly. He lights it for her, smiling, seeming so friendly, like the quintessential Caucasian gentleman. She takes a tentative puff, then, seeing his encouragement, a large one, then she falls and faints and would have hit the floor had he not caught her. He whispered words in her ears as he carries her away. Maybe to a car? She doesn’t remember.

She wakes up blindfolded, scared, hearing only the sound of a leaky air-conditioning unit. She tries to move to take the blindfold off, but she can’t – she tries to speak, but there’s a gag in her mouth. She hears a voice in the room. She can’t understand the words exactly, but the tone is mocking. It is the man from before.

He pulls off her sandals. She wiggles her bare feet, afraid he is going to do something horrible to them. She wonders if she will be whipped, mutilated. Tears start to stain her gag. She feels something touch her feet. She shudders, not even sure how to react. It is a riding crop? She gasps, not even able to comprehend how to react when she recognises that it must be a feather. It is so soft and so… tickly, trailing over her nude body. She knows the tales, of how, in her country, thousands and thousands of years ago, tickle torture was performed regularly in the courts of the Han Dynasty. It was the preferred punishment for nobility, as it left few visible marks and the victim could recover relatively rapidly. But she does not feel like a noble right now, as the feather darts up and down her feet, sawing between her small toes. She feels like a little girl, helpless and powerless.

And it only gets worse. The feather is replaced by a toothbrush, and the dozens of tiny, tiny bristles, drive her absolutely crazy. She wails and screams, squirming and struggling, but the straps don’t move an inch. There is nothing she can do but moan into the gag as he scrubs deep into her arches and under and between her toes. Sometimes, he even grabs her foot eith a strong hand so she can’t even scrunch her feet. Even that is denied her.

And things only get worse. So much worse. He…

“Alex!” a friendly, familiar voice greeted, jolting the detective from her disturbed reverie. “Sorry, I’m late. Been waiting long?”

“No,” Alex said, in a voice that was a little shaky and a little hoarse. “No, not at all. I’ve just been… thinking.”


“I’ve been thinking… why have my conquests lacked so flavour, recently?”

She didn’t know what he was talking about. She didn’t seem to understand anything about what was happening to her. He guessed he couldn’t blame her for that. It was clear the country’s education had failed her, though she was pretty enough to look at, in a cheap, trailer-trash sort of way.

He had come across her on the highway – she had been on the edge of the road, her slightly tanned arm extended as she stuck the painted thumb of the outstretched hand upward with the hand closed in the traditional hitchhiker’s gesture. He pulled over and threw open the door of the passenger seat for her.

“Aww, thanks, darlin’,” she said, in a southern drawl. “I’ve been standing there for what feels like hours! It seems like folk here just don’t trust nobody.”

“Well, you never know who might meet out here,” he said, smiling as his eyes trailed down her body. She wore tiny denim shorts, battered Vans, and a purple and white plaid shirt that made her look like a farmer’s daughter. Well, maybe a farmer’s daughter who was trying to ‘make it’ in the city. Her red hair had been crudely dyed, as he noticed that the roots of her hair were a dark brown, and he observed a tattoo creeping out of the sleeve of her left forearm.

“Yeah, I guess,” she said. “Where ya headed?

“Into the city,” he said, wishing she would hurry up and get in. ”I work in a tattoo parlour.”

“Ahh, I can see that!" she said, climbing into the car. He drove. "Maybe you don’t mind fixing me up later. I’ve been thinking of getting one here,” she said when they stopped at a red light, pointing down at her ankle, where she currently wore a little black leather anklet.

“Oh? What kind of design?”

“I was thinkin’ maybe some nice flowers? Or a bird?”

“Oh, how original,” he said, drily.

“Thanks,” she said, failing to detect the sarcasm in his voice. “My girlfriends say I got purdy feet, so I think it’s a good idea.”

“You can never go wrong with tattoos,” he said. “They may everyone look more… interesting. You smoke?”

“You bet I do. This grass?”

“The best.”

“I wonder if it’s different in the city,” she said, her big, gullible, trusting brown eyes glimmering at him as he passed her the drugged spiff.

“Oh, it is. Take a good long puff, and you’ll see what I mean.”

And now, here she was, strapped, stripped, gagged, and bound in his dungeon. She hadn’t entirely been lying that her feet were ‘purdy’, as her toes were a nice hot pink colour and the soles of her feet were a much lighter shade than the rest of her, a pleasant shade of peachy pink, but feet that were decent didn’t hide the fact she stank of a small-city girl trying too hard. U

She stank of other things, too, of smoke, cigarettes, sweat, and only under that, fear. Under her tacky farmgirl garb, he had found a pierced navel and a tasteless tattoo on her right flank. He had been exceptional brutal in his tickling there, even for him. He lathered up with soap and scrubbed her with toothbrushes as if doing so could wash off her ugly tattoo.

After he was done, he sprayed his dungeon with air-freshener, disgusted that he would have to do such a thing. God, it felt like every day, his captures were getting worse. What was next, some homeless woman? They were such cheap trophies, lowering the tone of his torture chamber. He looked at the video camera he had setup to record the session and wondered if he might just delete the footage straightaway.

His past few had been like this, too, little, inconsequential people that failed to entertain him beyond the initial snare. His latest two conquests had both been underwhelming The blonde wasn't really as ticklish as he would have hoped, but at least her feet had tasted great, unlike the Chinese girl who had been crying all the time, which had been bored him after a while. At least the Chinese girl's reaction to the vibrator had been fun, shuddering and moaning like she was having her very first orgasm - he had needed to use the vibrator for quite a while on the blonde slut till the came. But why did he feel this way? He wondered, bringing the pail and soap of water to the hillbilly’s bare feet.

He looked at them with distaste. Who knew where they had been? He would need to give them a thorough wash before he even considered putting his mouth anywhere near them. What a drag… He sprinkled them with the soapy water, making the redneck yelp in her gag at the sudden cool sensation. He scrubbed lazily up her foot, from the sole to the pink arch, his mind wondering what had changed. These girls had been his type for many years, now. But they seemed to no longer satisfy him. He brushed harder at the ball of her feet, as if it was her fault.

He had a feeling that he knew why. The detective. He wasn’t sure of her name, but he has seen her come into the parlour, blustering about wanting information for a case. Just from the look in her pretty eyes, he had known she was looking for him.

The thought that someone had finally caught on to his activities should have scared him, he thought as he took the toothbrush between hillbilly’s toes, illiciting a muffle squeak from his captive. Yet somehow, the thought of having some attractive detective sniffing on his trail was delicious. He had been used to being the hunter that he forgot about the thrill of being chased, evading your foes, outwitting them, always being one step ahead.

Perhaps that was why these beta bitches didn’t interest him anymore. He wanted the detective. He wanted her here. He wanted to break her. He wanted to smell the fear on her as he played with her body over and over again. He didn’t even realise how hard he was scrubbing the brush over the hillbilly’s toes till he looked down and saw how red she was around her toes.

“I should let you go,” he said. “I’ve got bigger fish to fry.” He pulled a towel and began drying her feet, wiping away the suds. “Then again, I suppose it would be unjust to let you leave here without having the full experience…”

He licked his lips.               


Vannessa licked her lips. “I love the coffee, here!” she said, sighing contentedly. “I swear, it gets better and better, every time we come!”

“I know this is your favourite place,” Alex said, smiling. “That’s why we always end up meeting here! I’m surprised you aren’t tired of it, by now.”

“Oh, you can never be tired of such heavenly flavours…” Vannesa said, giggling. “How are things with you at work?”

“Well…” Alex said, not even sure where to begin, or if she even wanted to tell her 19-year old stepsister about such things. “Just… make sure you don’t go out too late, okay? Don’t accept drinks from strangers.”

“Oh, Alex…” Vannesa said, smiling fondly. “You give me this speech whenever you’re dealing with some awful cases. I’ll be careful, don’t worry! I know how to take care of myself.”

“I know you do, sis, but there are bad people in this city,” Alex replied, thinking back to the girls the Inker had abducted. “The stuff I’ve seen… it keeps you up at night,” she said, remember her nightmare.

“Honestly, have you thought about changing jobs?” Vanessa said, with the innocent naiveté of someone who had only ever had one job. She currently worked at the local library to make some money to buy herself a car, and she didn’t realise that changing careers wasn’t quite as easy as it sounded. “You’re always so stressed out about work… I’m not sure it’s healthy for you.”

“Well, I never was as good as student as you,” Alex said, shrugging. “And I think I’d be bored stiff at an office job, don’t you? ” They both tittered at the thought.

“That’s true… you prefer a more… active, adventurous lifestyle.”

“That’s a lovely euphemism,” Alex replied, remembering how she had run away from home when she was eighteen to pursue how own life, this ‘active lifestyle’ when Vanessa had only been eight years old. Alex’s dad remarrying had been a part of that, though neither sister was comfortable talking about that kind of thing – it was best left buried away.

In many ways, Vanessa was everything Alex had never been. While Alex had been the consummate rebel, Vanessa had been every mother’s perfect dream – beautiful, intelligent, and most importantly, mild-mannered. She had never gotten into any kind of trouble, avoiding the normal pitfalls of boys or partying, graduating with excellent academic results from high school, last fall.

Alex still remembered how surprised she had been when she saw her sister for the first time after returning from the marines. The last time Alex had seen Vanessa was when the former was six years old, so the mental picture Alex had in her mind was of that six year-old girl, chubby and shy, mixed with the portrait of Vanessa’s mother, Alex’s stepmother, whom Alex had never gotten along with. She had been the reason Alex had left home – after the glue holding them together, Alex’s dad, had died.

And Vanessa had changed so much, since then. Vanessa was the portrait of natural, youthful beauty with her big brown eyes, faithful and innocent like a puppy's.  Her long light-brown hair tumbled past her shoulder, framing her heart-shaped face, nicely. She wore minimal makeup, but she wasn't the kind of girl who needed it to look breathtaking.

After returning from the marines and starting her police apprenticeship, Alex had tried to reconnect with her stepsister, feeling a pang of guilt for abandoning this young girl to the clutches of that awful woman,

“Hey, you know I’m here for you if anything ever happens,” Alex said, putting a hand on Vanessa’s shoulder. “If some creep is giving you trouble at work, you just call me, and I’ll kick his ass.”

“I know you will,” Vanessa said, smiling appreciatively. “

“Actually, why don’t I help you finance your car?” Alex suggested. “It’s better than letting the money sit around in my bank account.”

“You don’t need to do that!” Vanessa insisted, but there was an excited tone to her voice that Alex knew she was secretly pleased that Alex had offered. She was only saying no so she didn’t seem greedy. She wanted Alex to offer again.

“Come on. I insist.”

“Oh… oh, go on, then!” Vanessa said, caving. “Fine. But you have to help me pick the model!”

“Fine, fine,” Alex said, laughing. There was nothing that satisfied her more than this. Sure, there was a certain amount of gratification from taking scumbags off the streets, but this – feeling the familial love was what she had never truly had, and she couldn’t think of anything that mattered more to her, right now.


She couldn’t think of anything that mattered more to her, right now.

She had to leave, had to escape. She kept tugging on her ankles, but all that was doing was making her bare ankles sore from rubbing against the padded foot holes of the strange contraption she found herself bound in. Again.

Samantha whimpered into her gag, though the sad sound was promptly enveloped by a fresh cackle of laughter as he worked some new device over her trapped, bare soles. She thought she had been so careful. How could this have happened again? After being abducted by him, this monstrous tickler, she had told herself she would never make the same mistakes again. She would never party in seedy bars, accept drinks from strangers, all that shit.

Yet here she was, laughing and laughing into the gag, as her pale toes quivered helplessly in their binds. She had gotten a call from a police officer saying they had found some evidence in the bar and asking her to come down as soon as possible. Only it hadn’t been a police officer, and the rest was history. Samantha wasn’t quite what the fuck was he pulling through her toes, but it felt very bristly and tiny as it snaked along those sensitive undersides. She pounded her head back into the padded headrest, hoping that would knock her out, but she knew better – there was no escape till he was bored of her.

Blindfolded and gagged, there was nothing Samantha could do but grunt meaninglessly as he had his utter, absolute way with her, just like last time. It was shocking to consider that her warped, tickle-abused mind was thinking about how it was better that he was here. His… touch might have been preferable to his machines.

A few hours earlier, Samantha had woken up in the same cold, remorseless bondage apparatus as last time, her body stretched out and taut, with the feeling of small brush-like devices taped all over her body. The only thing she had heard was the drip of the ventilation system, and the faint smell of the crazy psycho’s body spray. The door burst open.

“Tell me everything you told that cop,” her torturer said, plainly furious. Samantha tried to tell him to fuck off, but her words were swallowed by the gag. “I’ll give you one hour to consider your answer. After that, your next chance to talk will be three hours later. Consider carefully.”

He had turned on the motorised brushes, then, the electrical humming and whirling filling the room. Each of the little devices (perhaps they were electric toothbrushes?) were taped to a sensitive spot – one in each armpit, several scattered along her ribs, one in her navel, a few on her thighs, and a fuckton on her feet, especially along the arches and around the painted toes. He had remembered all her spots, ensuring no secret ticklish spot felt lonely.

Samantha felt proud of herself for enduring the first wave. But after three more hours… she felt less proud. He had used the vibrator, an especially cruel machine while the other devices continued their ruthlessly pillaging of all her ticklish spots. He had brought her to the edge, only to let the tickling crash everything down. Then he would build her up again, using circular insistent motions, the feeling so good that Samantha could barely feel the bristly devices… only to take it away and let the tickling sensations drown away the euphoria.

“You’ve been a good girl, Samantha,” he said, tickling her right foot with one hand and using the vibrator with the other. “You’ve give me what I want on our detective friend, so I think I might maybe give you what you want, now.”

The vibrator felt good, criminally good, outrageously good.  She was so close… she could feel it, taste it… 

“Actually, you know what?” He pulled the vibrator away. “I don’t feel like being nice. Not after you ratted me out to the cops.”

“What? No!” Samantha wailed, but her open mouth was used against her as he crammed the plastic ball gag back in. She hadn’t been able to see it coming on account of the blindfold, of course.

“I want you to really think about what you’ve done,” he said, turning all the motorised brushes back on, sending Samantha back into shrieking hysterics. “Snitches get stitches. Stiches from laughing so much though, in your case.”

Samantha barely heard the door close as he left the room over the sound of her own involuntary laughter.   


“Detective Jones? I got a tip that might be related to your case.” Just those words, left on a scrap of paper on her desk, had Alex driving from one side of the sprawling, dark city to the other. Stevens was beside her, tapping his fingers to the beat of the music from the radio as he looked out the window. Stevens would not have been her first choice or even her fiftieth choice, but he was the only person in the police station, and personal dislike aside, she wasn’t about to go facing down the mysterious perp without some kind of backup.

“So, what are we looking for, exactly?” Stevens asked, turning to look at her while she drove. Alex waited till they were at a red light. The last thing she wanted was to get so riled up that she ended up losing concentration on her driving. Wouldn’t that be an awful ending to this story?

Alex shrugged. “I can’t say for sure. The person reporting the information was a woman who reported one of her neighbours harassing her, making inappropriate comments and trying to invite her into his home. Apparently, he tried to drug her drink, once.”

Stevens scratched his stubbly chin. ‘And why is that something we need to drive for hours to deal with? It’s routine.

Alex chewed on her lower lip as the traffic light turned yellow.  “There’s more,” she said, dressing her foot down on the accelerator. “His behaviour fits a certain… profile.” The informant had reported strange noises coming from his apartment, and she had taken to great lengths to describe his depravity and perverseness.

Stevens blew out a long breath. “Well, I don’t know the case very well. And by very well, I mean at all, so I guess I’ll take your word for it. Can I ask you a question?”

“You just did,” Alex said, testily.

“Geez, no need to be such a ball-buster, Alex! Fine, forget it.”

About one song, later, the tension palpable in the small car and Alex starting to feel a little guilty, she sighed as they stopped at another light.

“What’s your question?” she asked.

Stevens huffed and didn’t say anything. “Why does this matter so much to you?” he finally said, after making Alex wait for a few uncomfortable moments.

She thought about Samantha, and the poor Chinese girl, and God knows how many other girls this freak had gotten his mitts on. She thought about Vanessa, soft, delicate, superticklish Vanessa, screaming in the dark as he had this way with her. Alex remembered that one of Vanessa’s former boyfriends used to love to dig in Vanessa’s side and make her squeal when Alex met the two of them together. He might have found the high-pitched squeaks cute, but Alex had always found such childish behaviour annoying, so she had Vanessa to meet alone, henceforth. “You wouldn’t understand,” she replied.

He sighed. “Well, I definitely won’t if you don’t tell me. At least we’re almost here, aren’t we?” He glanced down at the SatNav. The building they were in was deep in the projects, where the law tended to shy away from.

Alex checked if she had the right address, while Stevens walked rather close beside her, constantly looking left and right at the people walking around them. Tattoos seemed to be the fashion here, as did frowns and suspicious looks. Alex was no racist, but she couldn’t help but notice that white girls were quite the endangered species here, from what it seemed. For once, she was grateful to have Stevens by her side. She rang the doorbell, only for it to not react. She resorted to pounding on the stained wooden door, instead.

“Who the fuck are you?” was the friendly greeting Alex got when the door was opened. She recognised the voice as the woman who had spoke on the phone. There was no denying that, at a glance, she seemed like the Inker’s type. She was young, maybe in her mid-twenties, with dreadlocks in her hair, though the black rings around her eyes made her look a bit older. Knowing all the attention the Inker placed on feet, Alex could not fail to notice that the Latina wore pink flip flops, which clashed mightily with her dark chocolate-brown skin. Her skin was a canvas of tattoos, which protruded from the bottom of her jeans and from the arms of her t-shirt.  Alex noted a tattoo of a flower on tops of the right foot, as well as chipped red nail polish on the toes. She certainly fit the profile.

“We’re responding to a tip you gave the police,” Stevens said.

“Shut up!” the woman hissed. “You tryin’ get me killed? Get in here.”

The two police officers were rather unceremoniously rushed into the room. Alex was hardly an interior design expert, but the word she would have used for this place was tacky. Peeling wallpaper, the faint smell of food gone bad, and mismatched and worn furniture were scattered about randomly in the sitting room. Alex must have hid her disgust poorly as the woman glared at her.

“What, you never seen a poor person’s house, before?” There was an implied ‘bitch’ in the sentence, but Alex bit back her anger, determined.

“I’m just, uhhhh,” Alex said, trying to think of a non-nasty way to end the sentence.

“She’s just tired from the long drive here,” Stevens said, jumping in. “We drove for almost two hours to come visit. That’s because we think your tip is worthwhile and worth following it up.”

There must have been something in his simpering tone that pressed some kind of magic button with the woman, as her expression softened, and she nodded. “Y’all never respond to any calls from this neighbourhood. It’s like y’all we’re here.”

“We don’t know anything about that,” Alex said. “it’s just what you said matches information on a serial… abductor of woman.”

“Y’all taking about some maniac who goes around abductin’ women?” the dark-skinned woman asked, her eyes widening.

“Well, yes, basically.” Alex chose to omit the bit about tickling – be better if the witness mentioned it herself. “Isn’t that what you’re talking about?”

“Well… I don’t know,” the woman sat down and lit a cigarette. She offered the carton to both officers, who declined.

“Why don’t you tell more about what you know?” Stevens asked, in a soft tone. So he was playing the good cop in this one, was he? Okay. Alex made a better bad cop, anyway.

“There’s this guy… a few doors down.”

“How many?” Alex asked. “You know his address?”

“I’ll write it for you guys in a sec. He’s always throwing these large parties, lots of booze, lots of weed, that kind of shit.”

“Uhuh,” Alex said, chewing her lower lip. This did not sound like the Inker.

“So one night, I go over, thinking , well, fuck it, this is happening two minutes away, I might as well go check it out.”

“And what happened at the party?” Stevens asked.

“Well, as I walk in, he stops me at the door. Looks at me with these creepy dark eyes. Gosh, I can still remember his stink…”

“What did he smell like?” Alex said, remembering something Samantha had said.

“Like bad eggs. The fatass never showers, I swear.”

“I see…”

“He looks me up and down, licks his lips, and says he wants to give me the grand tour. It doesn’t look like there’s shit to look at in his crappy house, but I play nice. He presses a drink in my hand, and he shows me this kinky sex dungeon, whips, handcuffs, all that shit. He asks if I’d like to give ‘em a try. He puts his hand on my ass. I throw the drink in his face and get the fuck out of there. A few hours later, my girls tell me I should report his ass. By then, I’m so shitfaced I think that might be a good idea. And now, you’re here. That’s it.”

“Really, that’s all you know?” Alex demanded.

“Unless y’all want to know about the clubbin’ that happened later that night, year.”

“Argh! What about the tickling?”

“Ticklin?” The woman shook her head, her dreadlocks flapping. “What the fuck are you talkin’ about? I ain’t into that kind of weird shit.”

Alex stood up, storming to the door. “Friggin’ time waster…” she muttered, feeling her cheeks burn. She could sense Stevens looking at her.

Alex felt a strange anger consume her, roaring in her ears about this time waster. Her fist shook as the woman fixed her with a druggie’s dopey smile. Alex couldn’t explain the strange urge that popped into her mind – it must have been the lack of sleep or the strength of her obsession with this case, but she wanted to reach into her belt for handcuffs, cuff her wrists behind her back, and just tickle the shit out of those pretty tattooed feet of hers.

“Well? Did he do stuff like this? Did he? Huh? Why are you laughing so much? Are you happy that you’ve wasted police resources? Put your feet on my lap, you fucking drugged-out bitch, or I’ll arrest you for obstruction of justice!”

She felt a hand on her shoulder. It was Stevens’s. She turned and violently shook it off and stomped  to her car.

“What’s her problem, man?” she heard the drug dealer say.                           


Driving back home alone, Alex kept raising the volume of her music, hoping it would be enough to drown out the noise roiling about in her mind. Steven had been livid, glaring and muttering under his breath as the long trip back to the station was as agonisingly slow as ever, exacerbated by the fact they were bogged down in brutal traffic.

“I need to be briefed on this sort of thing, Detective,” he had said, frowning as he stared out the window. “Why would you leave your partner out to dry, like that? That’s like sending me into a firefight without a sidearm. I mean, come on!”

After Alex had explained that she hadn’t thought the nuances of the particular case mattered due to the fact she was the lead investigator (sole investigator, really) not him, his mood had flip-flopped again, and Alex couldn’t say which one she disliked more.

“Then again, I can see why you were a little embarrassed… I mean, this is your big case? Some kinky tickle freak? This guy sounds like some kind of urban myth and not even the scary kind!” He had shaken his head, chuckling while Alex ground her teeth so much she was worried she might need to make a dentist appointment.

“I mean, there are real killers in this city… tickling? Come on? Even if it’s true, this whole thing just sounds so… ridiculous.” He flicked his wrist as if banishing the Inker to the part of the tiny, stamp-sized chunk on page eleven of most reputable newspapers. “Could you imagine giving a press conference about this guy? What kind of advice would you give? Wear socks? Don’t wear crop tops if you have a ticklish stomach?  I mean, even if you catch this guy, wouldn’t you be labelled as that strange fetish hunter, forever?” Alex chewed on her lower lip as she stared dead-ahead. Stevens’s words made a lot of sense, even if she had been too busy fuming at the time to realise. And she had to admit she hadn’t thought that far ahead. She gave a big sigh, tapping her fingers on the steering wheel to the pumping bass line of the song. She had to catch this freak, first. All that stuff could come later.

She whistled to the tune of the song. Just focus on the present… just focus on what matters…


He whistled to the tune of the pop song blaring in the shop as he tossed all the essentials he would require for his next little guest. He stopped as he examined shelves of vibrators, hmming and ahhing as he compared prices and function. The best thing about going to the local sex store was that unlike Walmart and their ilk, there were no employees buzzing around asking if they could help you if you so much as stopped for a few seconds to think.

Humming to himself, he wandered up and down the aisles. He always made a case of visiting different stores for his purchases, lest he be recognised as a frequent customer and thus remembered. Sometimes, he would even eschew the ‘professionals’ entirely, and simply visit a few hardware stores to see what he could jury-rig with his own two hands, Google skills, and a bit of elbow-grease.

Somehow, it made the satisfaction of having a girl squirm in devices he created themselves all the more delectable. He picked out some baby oil, examining bottles and eventually choosing the one that did not use chemicals tested on animals. He might have his own philosophy and certain immorality when it came to taking his pleasure, but he still liked to think that didn’t make him an entirely evil individual. He picked up a new vibrator, along with several batteries, as well as several other straps, ball-gags, and various sundries. He even picked out some objects he normally wouldn’t use, deciding that this event might be his grand finale in the city before moving elsewhere – the people in this place were starting to bore him, anyway. He picked out a pair of sound-cancelling ear-muffs, curious about what experiments in sensory deprivation he could play with these…

“You have a special evening planned with a lucky someone, huh?” said the cashier, a perky young man with short blonde hair and a tattoo on his neck. 

“Oh, you know it... gotta keep the ladies entertained.”

“Ha!” the cashier said. “Don’t I know that! Forgive me for saying so, sir, but I bet they won’t be disappointed! Can I interest you in some novelty fuzzy handcuffs? They’re on sale.”

“Hmmm, you know what? Sure. The lady I have in mind is going to really appreciate that.” He slid the money across the counter. “Keep the change.”

“Thank you very much, sir! Have a great time!”

“Oh, I’ll try,” he said, whistling as he nudged open the door of the shop with his shoulder. “I’ll try…”

As he walked back to the car park, he wondered why he had been so garrulous with that young cashier. It wasn’t like him to be so chatty, especially when the very point of coming here had been to avoid being remembered. He couldn’t explain the pep in his step, the excitement that bubbled through his veins like he was tying a girl up to the first time, back when he was still in high school. She had been teasing him all day in class, wearing pink flip flops that she kept dangling and slipping in and out of. He hadn’t been able to focus on class for scarcely a moment with her long, pale toes waving at him.

This shoeplayer, a brown-haired member of the swimming team, with her toes painted every colour of the rainbow, had been tempting every boy in the class, and he had practically considered it his civic duty to punish her for such tantalising behaviour. Later, in an empty classroom, with duct tape around her mouth, her pretty toes taped together, he had shown her what happened to teases with his fingers, his tongue, and a scrub brush he took from the janitor’s closet.

Why did he feel this way, today? Ah, the anticipation, the suspense, the excitement… the weekend would be very fun, indeed…


At their favourite coffee shop, they spoke about the coming weekend. Well, Vanessa spoke, and Alex listened, letting her sister’s infectious bubbliness wash over her. Vanessa was so vivacious, so unanimated, a broad grin ever present on her face as she spoke quickly and effortlessly.  Alex had wanted to celebrate somewhere properly, as Vanessa had scored a scholarship for her dream university, but Vanessa was insistent that they should stick with their traditions. Their after-meal ritual had a new kink to it, though: after their coffee, Vanessa took Alex for a spin in her new wheels. Vanessa was too cautious and timid a driver for Alex’s sake due to a rigid adherence to the speed limit, but she tried to hide this fact so her sister would enjoy herself more.  That didn’t mean Alex didn’t tease Vanessa a few times for driving like a grandma, of course. Alex recounted a few adventures she had during high-speed high chases and joked Vanessa would be the easiest criminal to apprehend if she ever committed a crime.

Chuckling and laughing, Alex waved goodbye as she was dropped off at her home. The broad smile was still on her face when she slid the key into her apartment, though it faded when she saw the item on her doorstep. It was a parcel, unmarked except for a symbol on the top.

It was one Alex recognised, having seen it on every one of the Inker’s victims: a feather. She knew she should she call it in, get the box dusted for prints and DNA, but she had a feeling her perp was too smart for that. This was a challenge. This was a taunt. This was a dare to come get me. She opened the parcel and saw it was a CD with the words 'play me, detective' written on it.

She did. 



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Pokemon: Sapphire, the Ticklee (and Occasional Tickler), Part X


On the way up Route 110, as Sapphire was near Mauville City, the brown-haired girl was delighted to spot the profile of Ruby in the distance, who seemed to be catching some of the nearby wild Pokemon. He seemed taller than when they had last met, somehow. She wondered if Ruby would keep his word about tickling her silly if she lost to him again. The thought made her tummy flutter.

She skipped towards him. He looked out at the sound of the rustling grass and smiled at her.

“Hey, Sapphire. So this is where you've been. How've things been going? I was just checking out the Pokémon around here to help with my dad's research.” He looked out the wild grass. “He says that a long, long time ago, nature used to be way more diverse and there were lots more kinds of Pokémon, too. My dad and I want to learn more about those Pokémon from the past, you know? That's why we do fieldwork. And this journey has really helped. I've met a lot of Pokémon on my way here and learned about them, too. Which reminds me! Come on! It's the first time we've met in ages, so let's have a battle! Show me what you and your team have accomplished on your journey, Sapphire!”

The brief battle ended with Combusken knocking out Machop with a super-effective Peck.

“Oh, looks like you got me, Ruby,” Sapphire said, returning her Pokemon and taking a step towards him.  She fluttered her eyelashes at him, hoping he had remembered.

“Yeah, you have to keep trying harder,” he said, oblivious to what had been promised. “Both our teams look pretty wiped out after that, huh! Here, let me help them out. And this is for you.” He smiled in a very friendly, platonic manner.

“You got me a present? Awww, you shouldn’t have!”

That's a Dowsing Machine. Use it to root around for items that aren't visible. If it senses something nearby, it'll react, see? Truth is, once I started using it, I got pretty hooked on it. It's addicting! But I recommend you give it a try. Careful though, you won't be able to sneak up on Pokémon while you wear it!”

She examined it. “It’s used to find items, right? Then why not call it something simpler, like… Itemfinder?”

He shrugged. “Copyright? I don’t know. It’s not my invention.”

“I guess I'm off to get started surveying the next area then. I hope you meet a lot of Pokémon, too, Sapphire.”

Sapphire sat down against a ledge and kicked her shoes off. “Aren't you forgetting something?” His amiable smile turned into more of open-mouthed gawk as his eyes glanced down at her socked feet, wiggling in his direction. The smile returned.

“You, know, I almost did.”

“I know, you dummy,” Sapphire muttered under her breath. She wasn’t about to let Ruby cheat her out of the good tickling she had been waiting for! “Maybe you can ask Combusken to help,” she suggested, flexing her socked feet.

“That’s a brilliant idea,” Ruby said, grinning. Combusken knelt over her shins, pinning them down. Sapphire was already gasping at the feeling of Combusken’s bristly, feathery hands (talons? Claws? Whatever they were, the tickled splendidly) on her ankles. She could feel the gleeful anticipation started to well up in her belly as Ruby slowly slid her socks off. Sapphire toes wiggled about energetically, partly as an outlet for all the pent-up excitement she was feeling, and partially because she wanted him to notice her toes.

“Did you do them red for me? I really like your toes this colour. Red is my favourite…” He sounded like he wanted to kiss them. Sapphire found herself blushing, though Ruby couldn’t see her face with Combusken obscuring his view.

“Maybeeheehee,” she replied, already giggling. She had to admit that Ruby had come into play when she made the always tricky decision of what colour to choose. If Ruby wanted to kiss her toes, well… she wouldn’t have minded… She thought about suggesting this, but before she could muster up the courage to say it, she gasped and arched her back as she felt Combusken’s scratchy hands pulling back Sapphire's toes to allow his trainer free rein of Sapphire’s taut, stretched back soles.

 “You better keep up your training, Sapphire! Cootchie cootchie coo!” Sapphire immediately spluttered into rapid-fire giggles, tickling talk always having this effect on her. He only using two fingers to gently wiggle at her arches, but even that was enough to make her whole body quiver with mirth. “Until then, your ticklish body is mine!” Perfect, she thought.

“But, wow, these are soft,” she heard him say. “You travel so much, but it like you've never walked on these perfect feet of yours…” Sapphire could feel him making long, whisking motions, dragging his fingers from the heel all the way up to the squirming toes.

“Thahahahanks!” Sapphire laid back, her hands balled up into fists as she tried not to Struggle too much. The touch of Ruby’s fingers on her bare, sensitive feet was just... different. Maybe bring tickled by a boy she kinda sorta maybe liked just made the whole thing take on an additional flavour.

But all thoughts of that went out the window when Combusken’s fluffy hands suddenly joined the fray, releasing the toes so that the fire-type Pokemon could brush again against the insteps and tops while Ruby’s warm hands dove into the arches and heels.

“I like seeing them wiggle,” Ruby said, giggling as he began targeting Sapphire’s perfectly-painted red toes. He would try to sneak under them and stroke at the toe stems, which would always make those receptive digits wiggle like crazy.  “It's like they're waving at me.”

After he said that, Sapphire naturally made a point of wiggling them even more, though that wasn’t like that wasn’t something she wanted to do reflexively, anyway.

Ten minutes of thorough toe-teasing later, Ruby stood up from his spot and wandered over to Sapphire’s mid-section.

Ruby's grey eyes met hers. She smiled (Combusken's fuzzy, feathery fingers were continued to rub against Sapphire's bare soles, which contributed to the bubbly ecstatic feeling growing in her tummy). He mustered up a smile, too, though he still looked a little uncomfortable, a little rigid, like he wasn’t sure about… something.

But thankfully, Sapphire knew just the way to help him lighten up. She gave him a little poke in the side, just to make him gasp. And he turned on her, wiggling his fingers. “And I was just thinking if you’ve had enough!” he said as he straddled her hips, his cheeks reddening.

“Oh, nohoho!” Sapphire said, playing along. Had enough? Oh, the silly boy, they were just getting started… She bit her lip, spluttering with laughter, as Combusken was still brushing her feet with those feathery appendages of his, which was brain-scramblingly distracting... but in a good way. They were so soft and fluffy! She could have had her feet kissed by those feathers all day... The feel of Ruby’s warm body pressing against hers felt… interesting. It was like when a puzzle piece fit snugly in just the right place.

Ruby, adjusted his hat for a moment, reached down to spider his fingers along her stomach, through the fabric of her thin tank top. He was adorably shy about it, too, not daring to press too hard, probably out of fear that he might hurt her.

She tried to keep still for him, but she couldn't help but roll from side to side whenever his hands brushed across a particularly soft spot, thankfully, him straddling her hips meant she couldn’t escape, though it wasn’t like she wanted to escape his touch, either. She wasn’t sure what to do with her hands, either, as she certainly didn’t want to accidentally hit him, which had disastrously resulted in the end of their last tickleplay, last time.

A little surprised at her own boldness, she raised her hands and tucked them behind her head, like she was relaxing at the beach on some beautiful day. She leaned back on the grass, giggling (and not just because of the way Combusken was playing with her toes with those prickly fingers of his) as she waited for him to see just how invitingly exposed her underarms were.

That might have to wait, though, as he slowly rolled Sapphire’s red singlet up, exposing her pale midriff. Sapphire watched for a moment, smirking as he soaked up the sight of her bare stomach and his face quickly regained its flushed quality.

She squealed as he blew a raspberry on her bare tummy. His warm soft lips felt... After the initial jolting surprise, tickling always had this habit of growing on you. The feeling of the tender nerves of your sensitive body caressed and teased... It just felt sooooooo good! After a few explosive raspberries, Ruby’s warm fingers took up the slack, skittering and sliding all over the ridges of her ribs, his warm hands feeling heavenly as they stroked and prodded gently all over her soft spots. When Ruby blew a wet raspberry while his fingers were squeezing her hips, Sapphire let loose a high-pitched squeak that must have drawn the attention of bikers from Cycling road.

“Had enough?” he asked as Sapphire panted for breath.

A wide smile on her face, Sapphire shook her head. A little surprised at her own boldness, she raised her hands and tucked them behind her head, like she was relaxing. She leaned back on the grass, giggling (and not just because of the way Combusken was playing with her toes with those prickly fingers of his) as she waited for him to see just how invitingly exposed her underarms were.

Eager, hearty giggles burst out of her, which must have spurred him on. His fingers leapt up to her armpits, which were so sensitive that keeping that up in place was a serious challenge. More than once her arms flew out, failing, but Ruby kept her fingers firmly entrenched in those ticklish hollows, the good boy.

Sapphire’s fingers twisted and clenched, mussing up the hair on the back of her head as her body’s desire to save her armpits was repeatedly vetoed.

“Bahahahahah! It tihihihickles! It tihihihickles!”

“I know,” Ruby said, chuckling as his fingers continued to wiggle and wiggle.

A sudden impulse taking her, she shot her arms out and hugged him tightly, squeaking into his back as his fingers continued to tunnel into her armpits. It felt so nice to have him there, to rest her head on his shoulder as his fingers continued to stroke and tease her body while the foot tickling set her whole bidy tingly with warm, happy feelings. It just felt so... nice.

She couldn't say how long the embrace lasted. But she remembered lying on her back, cuddled up beside him, her head resting on his shoulder.

“Sapphire, listen, I...”

“The clouds look so beautiful, don't they?”

“The... The what?”

“The clouds.” Sapphire pointed. “That one looks a bit like a Wailmer, doesn't it?”

“Yeah, a little, I guess.”

“Let's just stay and enjoy it for a while.”

They did.

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Pokemon: Sapphire, the Ticklee (and Occasional Tickler), Part IX


After delivering the Devon Parts to Captain Stern and dealing with Team Aqua in the Oceanic Museum, Sapphire made her way to Route 110. There was a Cycling Road, though unfortunately, she couldn’t go up there without a bike. As she trekked up the path, she came across some kind of strange cottage in the middle of all the grass and trees. There was a sign outside it, stating that this was ‘The Wondrous Trick House’.

Sapphire went inside. After glancing around at the furniture, a strange balding man suddenly appeared, almost scaring Sapphire half to death.

“Hah? Grrr… How did you know I concealed myself beneath this desk? You're sharp!”

“Th-thanks?” Sapphire said, but the strange man didn’t seem to hear her.

“Behold!” he said, waving his arms in an overly dramatic fashion. “For I am the greatest living mystery of a man in all of Hoenn! They call me… The Trick Master! Wahahaha! Glad to meet you! You, you've come to challenge my Trick House, haven't you? That's why you're here, isn't it? Yes it is! Consider your challenge accepted! Enter through the scroll there, and let your challenge commence! I shall be waiting in the back! One more thing… I have to warn you. My tricks are quite difficult. Don't get lost!” He rubbed his palms together, cackling in such a laughably over the top way that Sapphire was confident there was no way this could be a baddie. “Now I'm really leaving. I shall be waiting in the back!”  The man spun and sort of flew up into the air, disappearing from sight..

“Wow, that was really strange. I wonder if it’s safe to wander inside the house of a weird, middle-aged man just because he said he had a ‘challenge’ for me.” Sapphire thought for a second, then shrugged. “Ehhh, what’s the worst that could happen.”

She pushed herself through the scroll and into the next room, where she greeted by a punchy, catchy soundtrack blaring from speakers in the room, intermingled with the far more entertaining sound of ticklish laughter. Sapphire would have recognised the sound anywhere! It seemed like the Trick Master had set up some kind of obstacle course with tickling elements – honestly, how cool was that? It was like they set it up just for her!

The room appeared to be separated into little sections. At the first section, there was a pair of teleporting mats, with a disturbingly lifelike robot of the Trick Master in the middle.


There was a girl already waiting.Hurry up!” the Lass said. This robo guy has been telling me we need one more 'player' before we can proceed.” The Lass wore her short dark brown hair in two little pigtails. She looked pretty hip, with her denim jacket under a white blouse. Her red mini-skirt showed off her pale, shapely legs well. Knee-high black socks and red loafers completed the look.

“Oooh, will this be some kind of competition?”

“I think so,” the Lass said. “They say that anyone makes it to end wins an amazing reward!”


The Lass nodded. “How about we have a quick battle, first?”

A quick thrashing later, they stepped towards the teleportation tile (how did these things work, exactly? And why had no one used them for anything better than traps or puzzles in hideouts?) and they found themselves into some kind of wooden stockade in a different segment of the room.

They were not alone. There were three ‘seats’ in the stockade, with Sapphire in the middle, the Lass to her left and a cap-wearing girl to the right. A quick glance at her clothing marked her out as Pokemon Ranger. The Pokemon Rangers seemed to love the colour orange. This one wore an orange cap, an unzipped orange vest on top of a black t-shirt, and orange gloves. Her long black hair was in a ponytail that extended out from the back of her forward-facing cap to the middle other back, and mid-thigh black shorts completed the look. Noticeably, the Pokemon Ranger was barefoot, with her orange knee-high hiking boots and long black socks lying on the ground at the foot of the wooden stockade. Her orange-painted big toes were tied back and secured to the stockade, which seemed to foreshadow some potent foot tickling incoming. Perfect, Sapphire thought. Her favourite. But just how did this game work?

The stockade itself looked like a rather complicated contraption. Sapphire's arms were lifted up high - not taut, just high, and they were attached through padded cuffs to a straight plank which was just above Sapphire's head (the teleporter seemed to have just poofed her into them). The plank appeared it have been drilled through in the middle and screwed in, so it was free to rotate, though if Sapphire pulled one arm down, the other arm would go up, kind of like how a see-saw worked. The other two girls had their feet locked into the same stockade, though their arms were bound around the elbows, so their armpits wouldn’t be as exposed as Sapphire's. She couldn't fathom how such a device would work for a competition, but Mechadoll 3(who had somehow appeared in front of them) was able to fill in the blanks.

CLICKETY-CLACK, HERE ARE THE RULES FOR THIS CHALLENGE,” Mechadoll 3 said, in a synthetic voice. He explained as he began making the final preparations for the challenge, which seemed to involve stripping Sapphire of her shoes and socks. The feel of the cool air on her bare soles sent tingling chills throughout her body. She was so hyped for what this tickling competition would be. The Lass on her left seemed quiet, so Sapphire tried to offer her a quick, reassuring word as the robot tied their toes back. Mechadoll 3 seemed to have trouble removing the Lass’s thick, knee-high black socks due to the padded stockade (it hadn’t had that problem with Sapphire’s thin ankle socks) so it just kept them on, tying the toes through the socks with the string.


 “You’re gonna have a rough time – I was in the middle last time,” the Pokemon Ranger said to Sapphire, sounding sour. “Sorry.”

“Oh, I don’t mind,” Sapphire said, smiling. “Easy come, easy go.”


“Brushes?” the Lass said, gasping, and right on cue, a large brushing device popped out of the wooden framework. There were two pairs of these cool-looking things. One device covered Sapphire’s right foot and the Pokemon Ranger’s feet, while the other one covered Sapphire’s left foot and the two socked feet of the Lass.

The device looked rather complex, too. There were two sets of brushes – large circular brushes for teasing arches and small, cylindrical ones for tormenting toes. Sapphire’s first thought was that she had to buy a set of these from the Trick Master ASAP. What was strange was that the currently deactivated brushes hovered over the Lass’s socked feet but not the Pokemon Ranger’s.


“Oooooh,” Sapphire said, looking up the plank her wrists were cuffed to. If she brought her right arm up, the brushes would descend and make contact with the Lass’s toetied soles. Lifting up the left arm would send the bristles to the Pokemon Ranger’s feet.

“Have I mentioned how much I like you, friend?” the Lass said, grinning. The Pokemon Ranger shook her head.

Sapphire did not fail to note that no matter how she pulled her arms, one of her own feet would be under attack (since her right foot was bound so close to the Pokemon Ranger’s and her left foot was so close to the Lass’s). She realised she was remarkably fine with that. She actually had the option of trying to level her arms in the middle, which had the amusing effect of tickling all of three of them, at once, though that did seem to violate the spirit of the game.


“A tool?” the Lass repeated as the robot offered a tray full of tickling implements, not unlike the bag Sapphire kept with her. The Pokemon Ranger quickly selected an electric toothbrush. Looking a little confused, the Lass eventually picked a Taillow feather. It suddenly became clear when their arms had only been tied at the elbows. They could use their chosen tool to try to ‘influence’ Sapphire to pull her arm in a certain direction. If Sapphire pulled her arm down in a reflexive protective movement on account of one girl’s tickling, she would send the brushes whirling after the other girl’s feet and start the thirty-second timer to victory.


With an immediate shriek, Sapphire pulled her right arm down. The Pokemon Ranger, having been the one trapped in the middle in the last round, had just had a refresher’s course on tickling, and she knew exactly what to do. She immediately jabbed the electric toothbrush right into the hollow of Sapphire’s right underarm, scrubbing tiny circles in those pale, hairless hollows. Sapphire’s shriek was accompanied by a high-pitched squeal from the lass, whose socked feet had just had their first taste of the brushes, which had whirled to life.

From the sound of her machine-gun giggles, her feet were plenty sensitive despite having the protection of those thick black socks. Sapphire could see them straining hard against the toeties. Sapphire’s left foot was being buffeted by those same bristly, bristly brushes, too, and she could see why the Lass was having such a tough time.

The big brush spun rapidly against the arch, which were pulled back and taut from the toe-tying, leaving the sole helpless to do any form of resistance except quiver or maybe scrunch the other four toes. And that didn’t achieve except put them in harm’s way from the top level of brushes, smaller brushes which invaded their toes, running under them or teasing the sensitive skin between them. Basically every inch of their feet were feeling the itchy kiss of those brushes, and as much as Sapphire loved having her feet tickled, it was pretty intense.

The Lass was dusting her feather in Sapphire’s left underarm, too. It wasn’t as effective as the electric toothbrush, but, well, it was still a feather flittering in her armpit! It wasn’t like that didn’t tickle, especially for a girl as outrageously sensitive as Sapphire.

“I wish I was left-handed,” the Pokemon Ranger complained, though Sapphire thought she was doing a fine job as it was. The Pokemon Ranger had the disadvantage of using her left hand, but she was still the better tickler, by far. The glowing timer in front of their faces already read twenty seconds, meaning the Pokemon Ranger was within arm’s reach (or maybe electric toothbrush’s reach?) of victory.

But the Pokemon Ranger’s aim started to falter, as the toothbrush started touching along the bicep and tricep, which weren’t nearly as sensitive spots, so half-delirious with ticklishness, Sapphire moved her arms, shifting the brushes in the other direction. Sapphire immediately squealed and tossed her head back as the spinning brush got to work on her right foot (she had to get one of these chair stock-y things for her home – she had never been able to tickle herself before!).

She heard the Pokemon Ranger give a bark of ticklish laughter as she got her first taste of the brushes swirling over feet. For a second, Sapphire found herself mesmerising by the twitching dance of the outdoorsy girl’s orange toenails, but then the Lass found a better method of feathering that involved rapid flicks in the armpits and coherent thought became tricky.

The Pokemon Ranger was far from defeated, however. The electric toothbrush was firm and vibrate-y enough to tickle though the thin fabric of Sapphire’s top, so the Pokemon Ranger could tickle Sapphire’s sides and even a bit of her stomach, too. The Electric toothbrush didn’t lose shape against the material of the clothing, too, unlike the feather which was restricted to the armpit (though that was hardly a bad spot to be restricted to, as it wasn’t like her armpits weren’t super-duper ticklish). Sapphire could only Endure fifteen seconds before she couldn’t resist reacting to the Pokemon Ranger’s insistent touch.

A fresh squeak and high-pitched peals of laughter, intermingling with Sapphire’s own boyish snorts indicated the Lass wasn’t doing so well. Those thick socks seem to give the Lass a defensive advantage, but the Pokemon Ranger seemed to have a better idea of what she was doing. Sapphire could hardly blame the Lass – it was so hard to think straight were those bristles were having their way with your helpless feet! It felt like dozens and dozens of itchy, tiny fingers were scratching away at her pink heels, her silky-smooth arches, her rosy ball of the foot, her tender red-painted toes, and everywhere in between. Sapphire’s mind always positively melted when someone so much as drug a finger down her foot, but this? Insane!

Twenty-five hectic seconds quickly flew past as the Pokemon Ranger slipped the buzzing dental tool under Sapphire’s shirt and let it hum about on the hipbone before Sapphire came to her senses and stopped the game from being over quite so quickly. The Pokemon Ranger was a better tickler by far, but Sapphire just didn’t want the game to be over! It was just such a novel experience that she just had to savour it.

Unfortunately, the Lass seemed exhausted from the brushing, and she could only muster a weak offence, the feeble feathering on her left was a drop in the water compared to the torrential downpour of ticklish sensations that came from that masterfully wielded toothbrush. When Sapphire brought her right arm back down, activating the brushes on the Lass’s side once more, the Lass actually dropped her feather because she was laughing so hard! She couldn’t reach Sapphire’s ribs or underarms with her fingers (they were too far away for that), so by then, the match was decided. The Pokemon Ranger won, her toothbrush wreaking havoc on Sapphire’s stomach before the thirty second timer went off.

The Pokemon Ranger gave a victorious smile and nodded to Sapphire “You held up well,” she said, giving Sapphire a firm handshake. “Sophia. Maybe we’ll meet again.” Pokemon Ranger Sophia moved to the next room, while the Lass and Sapphire were returned to the first room and their footwear given back to them.

“Oh, my gosh… that was so intense…” the Lass said, sprawling out on the floor and panting like she had just run a marathon. She didn’t even have the energy to slip her red loafers on.

“It was kinda fun, wasn’t it?” Sapphire said, sitting down near the Lass’s ankles and giving a lazy stroke across one of the girl’s socked feet. The Lass immediately squealed and kicked her feet up. She stood up and grabbed at Sapphire’s sides, making the other girl give a happy squeak.

“I shudder to think how ticklish you might be without your socks,” Sapphire said, grinning, her arms held up in a peace gesture after she had escaped.

“Oh, my gosh, I know,” the Lass said, smiling. “I don’t know how I’m going to beat that challenge… gotta work on my tickling skills. Good thing I have an older sister who loves getting pedicures. She’s always tanning at the beach… it can’t be too hard to bury her in the sand or something…”

That surprised Sapphire. “Wait, you’re coming back? It sounded like you’d had enough of this place.”

“Well, it’s not like me to just give up!” the Lass said, shrugging. “I just need more practise! But I think I have had enough for one day… are you going to stick around?”

“Yeah, I think I’ll have another go,” Sapphire said, thinking she would happily have a dozen.

“You’ve got some crazy stamina, girl…” The Lass pulled out her PokeNav. “Wanna exchange numbers? Maybe we can give this another go, next time. I’m Sally, by the way.”

“Sapphire.” They exchanged numbers.

“See, you, Sapphire! Try not to get tickled too bad!”

“Oh, wouldn’t dream of it…”


Sapphire was back in the stockade, brimming with confidence. She was on the right, and she liked her odds of victory. In the middle was a super Kawaii Schoolkid. She seemed to love pink, with a pink scrunchie in her hair, pink sneakers, and a pink watch. The Schoolkid had even painted her toes a bubbly shade of peachy pink. She also wore a green sleeveless blouse, a brown skirt, and knee-high white socks, though the former was on the floor along with her sneakers. Her hair and ears were oak-brown.

The competition this round would be an Ace Trainer. She had long, straight, flamboyant green hair and wore a red sporty jacket with strings that was unzipped, which was over a white v-neck t-shirt-shirt. Fingerless gloves, a short black skirt, and red sneakers completed the look. The sneakers were on the ground, exposing a pair of dainty little feet that were an emerald-green, the same shade as the Ace’s hair and eyes.

“PLEASE SELECT A TOOL,” Mechadoll 3 announced, holding the tray like before. There were multiples of each item in the tray, so there was no chance of someone taking away the tool you wanted. The Ace Trainer went first and picked a wooden backscratcher. It was a good tool – it was a lot like a wooden hand and it could be uased for scratching as well as for poking. But glancing at the soft-looking skin of the Schoolkid’s underarms, Sapphire decided to do the most unorthodox thing by picking the most orthodox item, the fluffy feather.

The Ace Trainer grinned confidently as Sapphire took the Taillow feather, clearly thinking that Sapphire had made an amateur’s blunder. She had a point – the backscratcher was a much more insistent tool and generally more effective, but Sapphire had a hunch that for the young Schoolkid, the light touch of the feather would prove more maddening. Sometimes, the light, itchy tickling was much more insistent that the raw, overpowering Strength of a brute force item like the hairbrush. Sapphire knew that, for herself, at least, although backscratchers would absolutely frazzle her brain, the feathers would be so much more of an niggly irritant that anyone was more likely to have a physical response to them instead of just laughing, like an itch you just had to get. 


Sapphire could not have been more wrong. It was clear that under a maelstrom of insistent scratching from the Ace Trainer, it was clear the giggling, squealing Schoolkid barely even noticed the feather! Sapphire had felt that her hypothesis might have been incorrect, but even worse was that due to the brush working on her right foot (that was there almost all the time, since the Ace Trainer was winning the upper body tickling battle) her own ministrations with the feather were far from at their maximum efficacy. It didn’t help that whenever the brushes went anywhere near the gap between her big toe and second toe she would absolutely lose her mind and erupt with boyish guffaws.  Sapphire hadn’t realised how mind-melting it would be to have both her feet attacked by those swarming brushes at once!

With all that in mind, it wasn’t surprising that the match was over in under two minutes.

“GG,” the Ace Trainer said as she moved onto the next round, leaving Sapphire to simmer. Gah, how could she have lost again! She was, like, supposed to be the tickling expert! Or the getting tickled expert, at least!

Come on, third time’s the Charm, she told herself. But it wasn’t.

Matched up against the Schoolkid from last time with a toned, dark-haired Battle Girl in the middle, Sapphire picked the backscratcher. The Schoolkid made the odd decision of picking the feather. About ten seconds in, Sapphire was already kicking herself. A toughie like the Battle Girl could block out something like the mad scratching of the backscratcher, but the wispy, light touch of the feather? No.

Sapphire wanted to bang her head against the wall, fortunately she was laughing so hard from the brushes spinning against her softer than silk soles that such negative feelings were quickly purged by powerful mirth.. Thankfully, her chance at redemption came soon.

“Sapphire! I didn’t think you’d still be here!”

“Hi, Sally…” Sapphire said, her cheeks reddening at the fact she still hadn’t made any progress. Lass Sally had returned, seated in the middle of the stockade. Sapphire’s competition was the Battle Girl from last time.

Remembering how much the brush had driven her new friend crazy, Sapphire picked the electric toothbrush. The Battle Girl’s comb wasn’t nearly effective, and Sapphire finally got a taste of sweet victory. Somehow, the fact she had lost so many times made the victory even sweeter. She pumped her fists, wanting to shout out to the heavens. “I did it!” She gave a still-giggly Sally a hug and moved to the next room.

Sapphire soon saw the next challenge was a set of monkey bars which you had to cross while trained Taillow snuck under your arms and along your legs and feet. She watched for a few moments as a barefoot Fairy Girl attempted to swing across, squealed with laughter, and fell, having to start the course all over again.

She grinned at the sight. It was like this was some kind of amusement park for tickling! She could spend hours, in here… which is exactly what she did.

When she finally made it to the end, having obtained the password for the door from a scroll ("Trick Master is wonderful.”),  she wanted to give the Trick Master a hug for his brilliant, crazy, crazy brilliant mind.

“Ai! You've made it this far? Hmm… You're sharp! It took me weeks to design those games… You're almost my equal in greatness by one, two, three, four places! Great! You have earned this reward!”

“You’re like my idol, Trick Master, seriously,” Sapphire gushed. Can I be your disciple?” He seemed to misinterpret her smile, though.

“Scrub that smug smirk from your face! It's much too early to think you've won! I'll make new tricks to stump you, I will. You may mock me only when you're done. Come back for the next exciting instalment!” He spun like a top and somehow bounced through the air and disappeared, again.

“Man, I’ve got to learn how he does that,” Sapphire said, stowing the TM he had given her. “I wonder if I can invite Lisia or Roxanne to come with me, next time?” She smiled at the thought.

"Trick Master is wonderful…”

Pokemon: Sapphire, the Ticklee, Part IX
The Trick House is just an excuse for elaborate tickle torture traps, right?

The main tickle trap is inspired by this very creative piece by KitelKat and written into the story with his permission (warning, /M): Back 'n' forth  (M/M) by KitELcat

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Pokemon: Sapphire, the Ticklee (and Occasional Tickler), Part VIII


One of the most eye-catching features of Slateport City was the ostentatious Contest Hall. Sapphire found herself drawn to by the glitz, the fashion, and the fierce competition of Pokemon Breeders. Her Pokemon seemed to agree – well, Machop did, anyway, flexing his muscles eagerly as they wandered along the hall, talking to everyone.

Later on, Sapphire came across a local celebrity doing some kind of show for a TV programme. The Contest Spectacular idol certainly drew the eye. Her name was Lisia, apparently, and she and her Altaria made a striking pair. It was clear the green-haired girl's outfit was inspired by her Pokemon. Everything she wore was white or blue to match the colour scheme of Altaria. She wore white fluffy bands around her neck, arms and ankles that looked like clouds. She wore a cute sleeveless crop top with a bow, a cute little miniskirt, and platofmr shoes, all the same shade of midnight blue. On her right leg, she wore a long, white and striped sock (that reminded Sapphire a bit of Team Aqua, actually), while her left leg was bare. Asymmetry was in, this year, Sapphire had heard. Sky-blue fingernails, earrings, and hair clips completed the look.

“Hiiiiii, ev-er-y-bo-dy! Lisia here!” the green-haired girl declared, bouncing up and down excitedly. “Me and my Altaria, Ali, have come to Slateport City's Contest Spectacular Hall for a bit of FUN! Well then, watch me as I dive right in again today! Dazzling, dizzying, doldrums defying! Dazzling! Dizzying! Lisia's…Miraculous…Contest Scouting!”

“I’m getting dizzy just looking at her… she’s so cute…” Sapphire heard a black-haired Bird Keeper say.

“All righty! I'm going to bring another fantastic Trainer into the wild world of contesting! Eenie…meenie…miney…” Sapphire had a feeling she was going to be chosen – this always seemed to happen to her! She was born lucky, her mother said.

“You there! Watching me with that baffled expression on your face! Hi! Have you never joined in a contest?” Sapphire nodded. “That's just what I want to hear! Then let's get this show on the road! This is the Trainer I'm gonna scout today! And her name is…” Lisia looked at Sapphire expectantly, joy bubbling away in those big blue eyes. “Sapphire! When I took a good look, I could easily see that Sapphire is a powerful Trainer, with several Badges of her own already!

“How can you see that?” Sapphire asked, quirking an eyebrow. “My badges are in my bag.” The idol didn’t seem to hear, however.

“Sapphire! You can enjoy Contest Spectaculars at the Pokémon Contest Hall right here. Now listen up, because I don't just want to see you making your Pokémon strong. I want to see you bringing out a whole new brilliant side of them to show off! So here you go! Take these! This is a Contest Pass, which is the first thing that anyone needs to take part in a Contest Spectacular! And this one is a Pokéblock Kit, which will let you make Pokéblocks for your Pokémon out of Berries!”

“Cool, is it good for making berry paste as well?” Sapphire asked, but her question was again ignored. There seemed to be some kind of etiquette pandemic in Hoenn – people never expected you to ask questions!

“Sapphire's story begins today! Yep! And this chapter should be titled…” Lisie and her Altaria struck a dramatic pose. “A Sudden Encounter! Miraculous Contest Scouting! That's what I'd call it! Now, everybody out there watching… You'd better expect great things from Sapphire, because I do! That's it for today's Lisia's Miraculous Contest Scouting! See you all next time!” She gave Sapphire a big, bright smile. “If you feel up for it, try your hand in a contest for me, OK? Tee-hee!”

As she struck a pose and the cameras finished shooting, Sapphire walked up the starlet.

“You know… why not? I’ll give it a try.” Sapphire smiled.

“Are you really going to try a contest for me?! Oooh! I'm happier than a Gloom with a Sun Stone!”

“Why not a Leaf Stone? Vileplumes are cool!” Lisia wasn’t listening, though, her face in deep concentration.

“Ah! I know! This chapter of your story should definitely be called… My Big Beginning! A Heart-Pounding Contest Debut! I really hope you win! I'll be cheering for you!”

And Sapphire found she had more fun in the contest than she thought she would. Machop loved to pose and show off his adorable toughness, and the judges seemed to enjoy it, too.

When she was award a ribbon for winning, Lisia was waiting right outside, clapping and smiling. “Sapphire! Wow! Gratz! I watched it all! You were great!”

“Thanks, Lisia…”

“Please call me Lissi!”

 “But you were really amazing! I Really Did It! A Star Is Born! That's what I'm calling it! Sapphire! You've gotta keep up this pace and just go as far as you can go! Become a real contest star! If you could have as much fun with Contest Spectaculars as me, I'd be happy as Slugma on a Sunny Day! You could become a massive star! I've got a good feeling about you!” As Lisia strolled away, a guy quite purposefully walked up to Sapphire.

“Well, congratulations,” a frowning Bird Keeper said, in a tone of voice that was from congratulatory. Sapphire recognised him as the same one who had been admiring Lisia from the distance.

“Um, thanks?”

“A Star is Born, huh? Wow… you aren’t very humble, are you?”

“I-it was Lissi’s idea.”

“Don’t call her that!” the Bird Keeper snapped. “You have no right! You didn’t even know who she was before today!”

‘Uh, okay? I’m gonna go…”

“Yeah, you better go,” he muttered, darkly. “You’d better retire. I heard you screaming your head off at the beach. I know all about your weakness.” He stalked off, not knowing he had said the magical words that meant there was no way Sapphire was about to quit her Pokemon Contest career, now.

There was no way Sapphire could end it without finding out what he was planning to do! The suspense was just way too much! So Sapphire continued to join contests, Lisie continued to shower her with accolades, and the Bird Keeper continued to stew with jealous Rage.

It was during the next contest that Sapphire finally discovered what his grand strategy was. Sapphire was up on the stage, watching the Pokemon perform, when she suddenly felt a curious tingle on her left foot. She stared down at red sneakers and wiggled her feet, wondering if something had somehow gotten in. She shifted her weight from foot to foot. She felt the unmistakable Lick of a feather up her sole. She tried to press down her on it, to crush the cheeky feather that must have somehow slipped inside, but no amount of wiggling or scrunching seemed to have any effect. This didn’t make any sense… and she was becoming aware that some of the other contestants were starting to shoot her funny looks.

She looked out to the audience and caught the Bird Keeper sneering at her. He was sitting in the front row, his Xatu by his side. The Psychic-type bird Pokemon’s eyes were glowing, and Sapphire put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Ahhh, so that was his strategy – embarrass her while she stood up there by using Xatu's Psychic powers. That explained why Sapphire had been unable to Detect anything in her shoes. It was all her mind!

But Saphire had to give him credit for his scheme. Ooh, it ticked so very terribly, and having to keep it in, too? That was the delicious cherry on top of this sweet challenge the Bird Keeper had baked up for her. There was no denying the utter thrill Sapphire experienced of having her buttons pushed like this. She made eye contact with the Bird Keeper in the crowd and gave him a grin, hoping to goad him on. What other tricks did he have in his bag? He leaned over and said something to his Xatu, and Sapphire soon found out.

Her eyelids fluttered and somehow the image of her feet getting tickled appeared before her eyes! She could very clearly see a pair of creamy, slender feet, surrounded by a glimmering, glowing purple aura. Somehow, the thought of having to watch her feet get teased like this and being helpless to do anything about it made it worse.

Sapphire marvelled at how cute her feet were. She knew it was a bit vain, but she never got to appreciate them from this angle! No wonder no one could resist tickling them! They were positively mouth-watering! Faintly illuminated by the purple glow of Psychic energy, the alabaster soles with hints of pink looked enticingly soft and sensitive. The pink was most pronounced across the sloping arches and soft heels. When Sapphire scrunched her socked feet in her shoes, she saw the flickering mental image of her bare feet also scrunch, emphasising the visible softness in every delectable wrinkle that lined the from the heels to the tops of those inviting, high arches. The slender, longish toes were in perfect proportion to the rest of the sole – not too plump nor too tall and monkeyish. The toenails shone with a fresh coat of hot summer-red nail polish, as Sapphire had been in a rather summery mood after her time at the beach.

Her breath catching in her throat, Sapphire watched as the purple psychic feather flittered closer and closer to her sole, preparing to make contact again. Her stomach was all a jumble of anticipation and tension and excitement. When the feather finally gave a casual swipe up the arch of her right foot, Sapphire’s whole leg jerked, her response in utter disproportion to the touch. Yet she just couldn’t look away, her eyes were glued to the feather as it began tracing another path, moving up, up, up to those prettily pedicured toes. Sapphire swallowed a squeal as she felt the feather tenderly begin pushing through the gap between the big toe and the second toe on her right foot. Sapphire scrunched her feet up tightly, yet the feather managed to weave its way through, regardless. Sapphire sucked in a big breath, her legs starting to shake as the feather took its sweet time sawing back and forth and back and forth, the teeny tiny bristles of the feather teasing every inch of skin along the undersides of those pretty little toes.

Sapphire tried to playfully grab at the feather, but she only succeeded in having her toes tickled. Once, when Sapphire had managed to get a firm grip on it, the feather simply disappeared and re-materialised at the other foot, launching a new offensive at the ball of the foot. The glowing purple feather was arguably much better than a ‘real’ one, as it could not deform, it could not get trapped, and it could not be stripped between wiggling toes.

She was so preoccupied with watching the feather that Sapphire didn’t realise all eyes were on her, as it was her turn to give Machop an order for what move to perform next.

“Ummm,” she said, blushing, having no clue what was happening. “Karate Chop?” She glanced over at the judges, who frowned. The Bird Keeper, on the other hand, was grinning. Sapphire, her cheeks burning, wanted to frown at him, but the mental image of her bare feet suddenly flashed in her mind again, and she saw the feather suddenly split in two!

The feather on her left foot nestled around the squirming, twitching crimson toes while the feather for the right foot turned around and used the firm, scratchy quill end to slowly slide up and down the soft arch, throwing in faster swipes every now and then to throw her off.  From the way the feathers were located, it became clear that he somehow knew all her worst spots! Sure, it wasn't exactly a secret, but she hadn't expected it be quite so common knowledge, either! Biting her lip, Sapphire didn’t know where to look, her eyes darting from the feather insistently spinning and sawing between the little and fourth toes on the right foot or the feather scratching steady circles in the arch of her left foot.

Keeping an eye on both those spots just seemed to be the only way she could keep herself from bursting into giggles, yet watching her feet being brushed by those purple, magical feathers seemed to make it tickle even more! Every time she concentrated on her toes, the insistent stroking of her arch made her leg shake so wildly it must have seemed like Sapphire was having a muscle spasm. Yet whenever she tried to focus on her arch, the toe teasing made her feet wiggle so much that she was bouncing from foot to foot, looking to all the world like a toddler who desperately needed the bathroom.

And he wasn't done. There were more feathers that started appear, and he didn't give the luxury of seeing them coming. They were hit-and-runners, appearing for a few strokes, and then disappearing before Sapphire could get used to them. It was these stealthy strikes, a few twirls in the navel here, a few trips around an armpit there, a squiggle across the inner thighs right when she thought it was over… that made Sapphire really start to lose her composure. A feather even appeared on her bum, fluttering between her buns, which made her jiggle from side to side, as if she was some dancer in a lewd video. She knew was starting to get flushed, b
reathing heavily as she stood there, madly twiddling her thumbs in front of her and shaking slightly. Once or twice, she had to cover up a ticklish snort with a feigned cough.

Oh, it was just deviously diabolical, being teased like this on stage, with all the bright lights on her! She had to hand it to him. She wanted to fall on the floor, spread her arms and just laugh, letting her ticklishness wash over her body like a warm, giggly halo. Gosh, it just tickled so terribly much. Her eyes were starting to bleary, her face flushed.  She wondered if she looked like she was having a serious case of stage nerves – that would certainly explain the giggling. She looked down at the Bird Keeper – he looked so serious! He thought he was really torturing her! The look was so sanctimonious and ridiculous that it made Sapphire smile… but just like that, the dam was broken. The smile turned into a big, ticklish grin, and then giggles, and then full-blown laughter, as the pent-up mirth just exploded out of her.

“Awww, are you okay?” the Bird Keeper mocked, smirking. “That must really suck, hotshot… haha, getting disqualified for poor etiquette… Just what happened to you in there?”

Clearly, he wanted her to stutter out some kind of excuse, blush, and walk off in some great range. But Sapphire had never been big on doing what other people expected of her. Sapphire gave him a lascivious at him. “I’ll be joining the Master Rank contests next week. Lissi said she might be joining, too… Which one of us do you think is more ticklish?”

His jaw was practically on the floor as she walked away, mind-blown.

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Pokemon: Sapphire, the Ticklee (and Occasional Tickler), Part VII


It was a beautiful day when Sapphire arrived at the beach near Slateport City. The weather was flawless, sunny but not hot, and with a pleasant sea breeze. And as soon as she stepped onto the beach, she saw a very welcoming sight.

There was a dirty-blonde Delinquent with blue lipstick frowning under an umbrella, who has been buried up to her neck in the sandy ground.  Lying on her back, the only other part of her body visible besides her head was her two bare feet, which peeked out of the sandy ground from the ankles up. A pair of black flip flops lay next to her feet, which were flushed pink, with long electric-blue toes that wiggled as she caught Sapphire staring at them. Above her head was a sign written in felt-marker. ‘Very ticklish feet!!! I’m always grumpy. Make me smile J” it read, in a large, childish script. Besides the sign were a pair of white feathers planted into the sand, like flags. They appeared to be from a Wingfull.

“Don’t suppose you want to let me out of here?” the Delinquent said, in a monotone voice, like she was bored by her current situation.

“That depends,” Sapphire said, a little taken aback by the girl’s gloomy appearance. “How do you end up here?”

“Beats me,” the Delinquent shrugged or attempted to shrug, anyway, making the mould of sand along her shoulder shuffle slightly. “I was chilling in the Seashore House. I guess I drank a bit too much. When I woke up, here I was.

“Do you know what that sign above your head says?”

“Probably something rude.”

“It says you have very ticklish feet,” Sapphire said, picking up one of the Wingfull feathers and twirling it through her fingers. “It also says you’re a little grumpy and you should cheer up.”

The Delinquent sucked in a big breath, pressed her blue lips together, and wiggled her long toes, which just emphasised that shimmering lightning-blue toenail polish of hers. “I think you’ve made up your mind in what you want to do, huh?”

“You know, I’m glad you’re so accepting of your situation,” Sapphire said, giggling. “If it’s any consolation, I fully expect to be buried in the sand at some point and tickled silly by you at some point.”

That made her laugh – and not just because Sapphire had begun dragging the stiff feather up and down her flushed feet.

“Y-y-y-ohohohoh’re strahahahange!” the Delinquent spluttered, her toes clutched protectively as the wispy feather danced along the wrinkled soles, fluttering up, tracing along the ridges of the tightly tensed toes, then fluttering back down.

“That’s not a very nice thing to say,” Sapphire said, pouting, as she continued to dust the feather up, down, and across both pale soles. Sapphire knew from extensive experience that the tops of her feet, along the insteps, was especially sensitive to light tickly teasing, and when she attempted to feather that same area on the Delinquent’s pedicured bare sole, she was over the moon to discover that the tops seemed to be as fun as spot for the grouchy older girl, too. And it was so cute to watch the foot flex and those sharp-blue toes point as if doing so could allow it to avoid the feather’s gentle kiss!

 “Gahahahaha!” the Delinquent groaned, through gritted teeth, but Sapphire just found such a ‘tough girl’ display adorable. She was trying so hard to keep a stern frown on her face, but whenever Sapphire’s fingers would brush across a particularly sweet spot, the light-brown-haired girl couldn’t stop her face from temporarily twisting into a ticklish grin.

“You’ve got a pretty smile,” Sapphire said, after sawing the feather between the Delinquent’s big toe and second toe, forcing a wide smile to Flash across her face.

“Dohohohoho nahahat!” she denied, flexing her feet to kick Sapphire’s feather away.

“Oh? Let’s see if I can see it again…” Sapphire used her free hand and pried apart the Delinquent twitching blue-painted toes, two at a time. Then, Sapphire would take her sweet time twirling the feather around, under, and between those tender digits. After a thorough feathering, and Sapphire had done between all of the grumpy Delinquent's toes at least five times, the wide, ticklish smile seemed permanently fixed to the Delinquent’s face, Sapphire was pleased to observe.

“You really do have a pretty smile,” Sapphire said, giggling. She put down the feather and placed her nails on the tops of both feet. She spidered her fingers up, from along the ankle all the way to those painted toenails, eliciting low, rumbling, snorting laughter from the girl.

“Wouldn’t you say you should smile more?” Sapphire said, winking to the Delinquent as she placed her nails back at the same spot near the ankles again.


The next day, in roughly the same area, Sapphire was delighted to observe the same phenomena.

This time, buried in the sand was a Swimmer with shoulder-length chestnut-brown hair, big brown eyes, fashionable black sunglasses on her head, and a pair of little feet sticking out of the sand. The feet were pale and petite, with unpainted toes and a beaded light-blue anklet on the right foot. Besides the wiggling feet were some pointy shells.

The sign near here stated, ‘Super super super ticklish feet!!! Try her little toe :D

“How do you end up here?” Sapphire asked, taking a seat beside the Swimmer.

“Oh, you know…” The Swimmer said, in a distant, faraway voice, as if she was daydreaming. “These two kids wanted to play bury in the sand. They were so cute… I wonder where they went?”

“Two kids, huh?”

“Yeah, a boy and girl, so cute…” the Swimmer said, airily, smiling. “They were a little cheeky, too. They tickled my feet, ahahaha. They’re pretty ticklish...” She scrunched her feet for effect, wrinkling up her small, pale sole. Sapphire wondered if this Swimmer was a bit like her – this conversation felt oddly reminiscent of the way she had baited Ruby into tickling her. 

“So you’ve got some ticklish feet, huh?” Sapphire said, knowing the script of this conversation.

“Oh, yes,” the Swimmer said, sounding rather ditzy. “Especially under the toes. Those kids used those little shells there. They were, like, so mischievous…”

“And the little toe?”

“Ohhhh, that’s my worst spot…” The Swimmer let loose a little giggle. “Oops, why did I tell you… How did you know that’s my spot?”

“It’s written on the sign next to your head,” Sapphire explained as she took a finger and little stroked the little toe of the anklet-clad right foot, trying to press her fingernails on the small joint between base and pad.

“Ohohohoho! Hahahahow meheheeeheean!” She had a light, bubbly, giggly laughter, that was so gentle and melodious it almost felt like it caressed the ears. It was the kind of laughter you could listen to for hours.

“Oh, yes. Very.” Sapphire’s fingers darted to the other foot, and the Swimmer obligingly spread her toes to make it easier for Sapphire to tease that tiny, vulnerable spot along the stem of that little toe or along those Bubble-like pads.

After a few more moments of toe-teasing, Sapphire pulled her fingers away.

“You… you’ve stopped,” the Swimmer said, sounding disappointed.

“Don’t you want me to get you out?” Sapphire asked, knowing full well the answer was no.

“Well… I feel like I should wait for those kids. I did promise I would play with them.” The Swimmer giggled, splaying and wiggling her tiny toes. “Besides,” the Swimmer said, giving a lazy tilt of her head. “It feels, like, kinda nice in the sand. It feels warm and toasty, hehe. And there’s that nice sea breeze…” The breeze in question ruffled her long brown hair, so a stray brown lock landed in front of the Swimmer’s face, but she blew it away.

“Want me to keep tickling you?”

“Mhhhm, if you want to,” the Swimmer said, a giddy smile already blossoming on her face. “I mean, I wouldn’t mind…”

“Let’s make a deal,” Sapphire said, pinching and wiggling the Swimmer’s little toes, eliciting a steady stream of light giggles from the buried girl. “I have… a feeling that I’ll end up where you are, pretty soon.”

“You dohohohoho?”

“Yeah, it just seems to be the law of things,” Sapphire said, shrugging. “When that happens… you’ll come visit me, won’t you?” Sapphire’s scritching under the Swimmer’s sensitive toes made it quite clear what this ‘visit’ would entail.

“Nohohohoho problehehem!”

“Good!” Sapphire said, closing her eyes and grinning. She picked up the shell and gave it a few experimental runs up the Swimmer’s pale arches. “Now let’s see try this out, shall we? I wonder if I should run this through your toes a few times…”



One day later, Sapphire walked along the beach to see yet another lady was up to her neck in sand, with her bare feet sticking out. This lady looked a lot angrier than the other two.  The strikingly beautiful blonde woman had the look of a Beauty, based on the flawless makeup and the haughty frown on her face. The fashionable, knee-high black gladiator sandals that lay next to the Beauty’s pale feet confirmed this. Sapphire glanced at the feet, which protruded from the sandy prison by the ankles, just like the others. They certainly looked rather pampered, with showy purple nail polish and an arrogant golden toe ring on the second toe of the right foot. A purple hairbrush lay in the sand besides the shoes. Based on how the Beauty’s whitish soles seemed somewhat reddened, it was fair to hypothesise that the hairbrush had seen prior use.

“You, girly!” the Beauty shouted, by way of greeting. “Come Dig me out of this, right now! And don’t you dare look at that sign!”

The sign read, “I don’t pay when I drink at the Seashore House L Make my ticklish feet pay!!!”

Well, then… It was no surprise why she wouldn’t want people reading that… it seemed to have marked her out as one of dine and dash people, a person who left an establishment without paying. It was the kind of person who deserved a bit of ticklish punishment every day of the week, in Sapphire’s book.

“So, you had some trouble at the Seashore House, eh?” Sapphire said, sitting down and eyeing the feet.

The Beauty curled up her feet as soon as she noticed Sapphire staring at them, emphasising the glossy dark purple nail polish toes that contrast so nicely with the light tone of those slender, immaculately-proportioned feet.

“N-no, not at all!” the Beauty insisted, fixing Sapphire with a fierce stare, emphasised by the dark eyeliner. “Let me out! Now!” She squirmed hard, trying to loosen the sand weighing her down, but she only succeeded in shifting the upper layer of sand ever so slightly.

“Hey, you got some sand on your feet,” Sapphire said, reaching towards the Beauty’s bare feet. “Hold still, I’ll help you get it off.”

“What? No! Nohoho thanks!” The Beauty’s pre-tickle giggling made it clear those feet were every bit as sensitive as they looked. Sapphire’s fingers gently stroked at the pale, slender feet, Knocking Off several stray grains of sand. The Beauty closed her eyes, her jaw locked as Sapphire, only using the pads of her fingers,  gently pawed at the buttery-soft feet to dislodge more sand. Sifting away the sand near the toe ring (with much incidental but not accidental tickling involved) caused the Beauty to squeal and then Glare angrily as if she was incensed at herself for reacting. After dusting the sand away, Sapphire slapped her fingers together and smiled. She had a feeling this would be very fun.

“Is this hairbrush yours?” Sapphire asked, picking up the purple hairbrush had been lying there in the sand. It was from a famous brand, and it is rather elegant-looking. It was nicer than the one Sapphire owned.

“Y-yes! “ yelled the Beauty, still trying to re-compose herself from the light tickling from earlier. “Give that back, right now! I demand you get me out of this sand!”

“Hmm, it seems to me that you’re in no position to make demands,” Sapphire said, stroking the plastic-tipped tines of the hairbrush with her fingers and wiping away a bit of sand from it. The stiff, heavily bristled brush certainly felt very tickly against the palm of her hand. Sapphire could only imagine how it would feel against someone with ticklish feet.

Staring at the Beauty’s rosy, high, flawless arches, Sapphire promptly decided that those exquisite curves would make a lovely valley for the bristly brush to journey through.

“Gahahahaha! Nohohoho, nohohohoho!” the Beauty yelled, spluttering with grunting, groaning laughter as the hairbrush forced ticklish laughter from her pretty, pink lips, which intermingling with the gentle crash of the waves and the scraping sound of the bristles against bare soles.

Sapphire moved the brush along the plump toes and the tops, but she found that no spot drew such energetic reactions as those high, immaculate arches. That was fine with her. Gosh, wasn’t she lucky that all three of the girls she had tickled had such different hot spots! Talk about good fortune! Sapphire returned to those receptive arches, whisking the hairbrush along in slow circles, simply revisiting the same areas over and over again, only occasionally switching feet to make the Beauty squeak in surprise. Why vary when it was clear those high, soft arches were such a goldmine of ticklishness?

“It sure seems like someone here has ticklish arches! And not just me, hehe.” Sapphire giggled at her own joke. The Beauty must have found it funny, too, as high-pitched, screechy laughter Gusted out of her mouth with very swipe of the hairbrush.

Soon afterwards, more furious words started coming from the Beauty’s mouth, threats and promises to get back at her, which just made Sapphire shake her head.

“Awww, are you angry?” Sapphire asked, grabbing the right foot by those arrogant purple-painted toes and pulling them back till the whole sole was taut, which emphasised those high arches even more.  Then, in a casual, utterly unhurried motion, Sapphire slowly raked the hairbrush from the base of the heels to under the glinting golden toe ring on the second toe, slowly going up and down and up and down and up and down. The Howl of furious laughter seemed to indicate that was a yes. “Don’t be. This is justice. And hey, if you ever come across me buried in the sand one of these, I fully expect you to get revenge.”

“I wihihihihill!”

“That’s the spirit,” Sapphire said, giggling. “Now, I need to do a little experiment…” She slapped the hairbrush against the palm of her hands. “Is your right foot more ticklish or your left?”

The Beauty shot her a scathing look, but Sapphire just tittered, stretching her own feet out as she got into a more comfortable position. “FYI, my toes are more ticklish on my right foot, but my arch is more ticklish on my left,” Sapphire said, fully expecting such information to be used against her in the very near future. “Isn’t that weird? I’m just curious if you’re the same…” Sapphire tittered and grabbed the Beauty’s deep purple-painted big toe on her left foot and held it back. “Let’s find out…”


“Hi! Want to play bury in the sand?” It was a boy and girl, holding buckets and spades in their hands and big smiles. There was something tingling in the back of Sapphire’s mind as they spoke in excited unison. Sapphire thought it would perhaps be apt to call it her tickling sense. It went off whenever there seemed to be a high likelihood for ticklish hijinks, which Sapphire was always keen to experience, naturally. She knew that these must have been the kids who had been behind the beach burying mischief. Smiling warmly at the kids and thinking how cute they were, Sapphire nodded.

“I better take my shoes off, Sapphire said, winking. “Wouldn’t want to get sand in them.” Sapphire saw the boy and the girl exchanged a grin (though they probably imagined they were being subtle) and compliment her for being so clever. They led her to a hole under an umbrella they had already Dug. She pulled off her shoes and socks, rolled the socks up and slipped them into her shoes, and climbed into the hole and allowed herself to be buried.

“You’re planning on tickling me, are you?”

“Ummm, uhhh, no, what on Earth gave you that idea?” the boy lied unconvincingly as he began piling the sand on top of her even faster.

“Oh, you know,” Sapphire said as a gentle sea breeze rustled her hair. “Just a feeling.”

“You, uh, you ticklish?” the little girl asked, trying so hard to sound casual. It was so cute!

“Oh, yes, very.” The kids exchanged another grin.

“Really?” the boy said as he finished packing the sand around Sapphire’s ankles. Her bare feet flexed wriggling the unpainted toes (it wasn’t healthy for your skin to always use nail polish, so Sapphire would go ‘au naturale’, every now and then). They were rather firmly packed in.


“Then, cootchie cootchie coo!” the girl said, and the two chibis immediately dug their little fingers into her soft soles. Sapphire immediately burst into giggles. The kids weren’t bad ticklers, clearly having ‘practised’ regularly on this very beach. As they started tickling with more gusto, Sapphire began to flip her head around wildly, becoming well acquainted with an unforeseen fact. Due to being tightly packed in the sand, there was nowhere for my excess energy to go, as she couldn’t wiggle or even strain across her bonds.

Oh, well. It couldn’t be helped. She sat back and closed her eyes as steady giggles spilled out from her lips. The sun and breeze felt so nice… She tried not to shiver as the kids starting finding more and more of her worst spots. The boy was playing with the toes on her right foot as the girl (who had longer nails than her companion) tried to really press deep into the soft arch of the left foot. 

And the kids tickled her, Sapphire glimpsed three figure figures approach her. In a light blue bikini, it was the brown-haired Swimmer, smiling benignly. In black tracksuit trousers and top, was the dirty- blonde Delinquent, looking bored. In the purple hot pants and crop top, was the blonde-haired Beauty, grinning cruelly. The Swimmer held a feather, the Delinquent held rope (presumably for tying Sapphire’s squirming toes together), and the Beauty held that purple, plastic-tipped hairbrush.

Sapphire closed her eyes, imagined a stiff feather sawing through the toes of her right foot while a merciless hairbrush hammered at the arch of her left foot. The thought alone seemed to make her more ticklish. Oh, this was going to be fun… And it was such a beautiful day…


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